Poetry Collection About Birds

Peaceful Writers International is blessed with amazing scribblers who pen down their inner voice on paper and bring out a good feast for the readers' hearts. Today, we are up with a poetry collection about birds. 

Poems about birds

I just wanna fly like a bird,

Feel like a star,

Go above high,

Leave the world,

And lie on skies. 

-©® Jagriti Mandal


Let her fly 

Leave the wings 

Open the gates 

Have some faith 

Let her fly 

Let the beauty seen in sky

Leave her 

Leave her 

Give her opportunity 

To fly high 

And say the sky hii 

Leave her 

Leaver her 

Let her say the land good bye..

-©® Anwesha Rath


हमसे जलते हैं तो जलने दो इश्क़ करने वाले,

बाबू को खिलाने वाले, बेबी पर मरने वाले।

एक दिन आएगा जब गुलशन-ए-बहार होगी,

देखते रहेगें हमको लैला मजनू करने वाले।

-©® ऋषभ


Birds are the beautiful creature created by God

Let them fly high

Let them free

They are beautiful

They are amazing

Don't keep them in cage

Let them fly high

Let them free

Birds need to be preserved 

Birds need to be taken care

But preserving them

Caring them

Doesn't include caging 

Doesn't include hunting

Yes there are many monsters in the sky

Yes they would face problems

But this should not be the reason for caging them

This should not be the reason for broking their wings

Let them fly high

Let them free

-©® Ayushi Goyal


Pari bolte hai sab per udne ki izazat nhi hai...

Bhut ucha udna chahti thi per pankh kaat diye gye mere...

Sapne sare ristedaro me batt diye gye mere...

Mai kitaab pdna chahti thi per chuki belan hath me thama diye gye mere...

 Pari bolte hai per uddne ki izazzat nhi hai...

Akh me asuu dekh kar khush  hote hai per asuuo ko akho se nikalu mai kiske liye...

Baatein to lambi lambi krte hai apne to peat bhar k khate ho kuch le atte ho mere liye...

Per agar mai kuch bol du to galat ho jati hu sabke liye...

 Pari bolte hai per uddne ki izazzat nhi

-©® Pari Srivastava


My dear God, I seek you the following through this write up.

Providing good eyes, -  I fly like an eagle.  

Giving melting voice, -  I am a crow

Bless as a speaker  - I am a Parrot

Grace as a singer - I  am a Sparrow 

-©® K.S.Ramakrishnan



Do I hear some sound?

At the first foot step of the day

Or a message I just found

Which build my way?

A message encrypted in a sweet voice

in the form of integrated melodies

Life gave me a single choice

To decrypt those melodies

Oh, look at these different birds

Who are constructing their nests?

In the meanwhile they spell their words

According to the place their home are the best

For protecting their family

From snow, rain & heats

They put their efforts simply

By resourcing hey, grass & seeds

They are the messenger

Sent by the ever green nature

Sometimes they sound as strangers

Oh, this stress free lively creature.

-©® Amit Ghosh


As I look up in the sky, I see several birds flying,

I see them flattering their wings happily and moving,

My heart burns with envy as I keep gazing,

The freedom you enjoy leaves me resenting and wondering.

No restrictions and can fly everywhere,

No borders and visas needed to go anywhere,

No traffic problems to delay reaching anywhere,

Nobody to shot saying that you have trespassed the area we hire.

I wish I were a bird to soar high up in the air,

Far from the small thinking of human beings who bear,

Hatred, jealousy, and greed to each other,

Who has divided this earth into boundaries according to their desires.

Birds may see us from the top and feel we are free,

But we are the slaves and caged animals, you see,

We are caged with our desires, which corrupts our souls and make us spree,

We are stranded even to go the places we like liberally.

By being a bird, I would explore the world,

With colourful wings, I would reside in the place I loved,

I would sing at my interest and have no more extensive needs,

I would see the congestion and pollution down and never wish to descend. 

-©® Noor Tabassum


उन्मुक्त आकाश में उड़ते हुए इन पंछियों को देखो।

नभ में स्वच्छंद विचरते इन नभचरों को देखो।।

नित अपने कलरव से सबके मन को हर्षित करते इन खग-वृन्दों को देखो।

तिनका-तिनका जोड़ कर अपना आशियां बनाती इन चिड़ियों को देखो।।

सूरज की पहली किरण से भी पहले उठ जानेवाले इन परिंदों को देखो।

हर पल, हर दिन, एक नई दिशा में भ्रमण करते इन  मनचलों को देखो।।

कभी अपने अंतर  को क़रीब से टटोलकर तो देखो।

प्रकाश की गति से भी तेज उड़नेवाले, उस मन- रूपी पक्षी को देखो।।

जहाँ है वो प्रति पल विचरता, उम्मीदों का वो आसमान देखो।

जो जल्द ही होने को है, आओ मिलकर सपनों का वो स्वर्णिम विहान देखो।।

-©® मुस्कान सत्यम्


सपनों का चोर

बरसों से उड रही थी जो ऑंगन में,

अपनी मीठी आवाज से  चहकती थी जो दिल में...

आज वह चिड़िया उड़ चली है कहीं ओर,

 उदास हुआ मेरे मन का मोर ।

 अब किसके सहारे कटेगी यह जीवन की डोर,

 ले जो गया मेरी चिड़िया को

 उसके सपनों का चोर...!

-©® Beena shah


Living in treeborne nest,

Chirping with my heart and soul without rest.

Flying with my beautiful wings,

Searching for new foods.

I am described as free spirited and beautiful,

Living in nature and breathing natural air bountiful.

I am in variegated shapes and appearence,

I am colourful species with best ecological balance.

But lately we have suffered massive natural miscarriage,

It's by deforestation,human exploitation in phrases.

There is concrete jungle instead of my beautiful forest,

We are treated like an outsider and dying by chinese thread.

We all choking for oxygen and shelter,

We are becoming extict fast that can lead to ecological balance shatter.

If you human can do anything for us,

Please return our trees and forest,we can regenerate and balance ourselves.

-©® Dr. Sulekha Yadav 


"I'm not a bird but still you gave me wings to fly at your destination & deliver your love letter to your crush..." 

-©® Anuradha Gupta


The world once used admire my charm, called me a 'Golden bird', the most precious breed, 

My feathers were closely knit, bearing multiple hues of language, religions, caste & creed, 

I soared like an eagle above the clouds of invasion when my flight was obstructed, 

I emerged from my own ashes like a Phoenix, even when I was thoroughly destructed. 

But now, even though I have wings to fly, I cease to scale the sky and succeed, 

My wings have been weighed down with the stones of inhumane practices & greed, 

Dark shades of betrayal and lust that have darkened my bright sky, 

I cease to fly against the storms of corruption and crimes, flowing by. 

My feet have tied with the strings of mob lynching and  blood - shed, 

I lie wounded, targeted by the bullets of inequality and religious wars, selfishly led, 

I am sinking in the swamp of filthy politics, erodes me the parasites of hypocriticism, 

My throat is being choked with the toxic grains of bribe and barbarism. 

My wings have been burnt with the acidic rains of unemployment and poverty, 

Has clipped off my pinions with pollution, my own people, my own society, 

I wish to flutter my golden wings of independence, soar high in the global skies with great bride, 

That would only be possible when each and every Indian citizen, to the Constitution, sincerely abide. 

-©® Reshma kausar Mohideen


हर रोज़ दिन के बाद एक नई रात आती है,

कई सारे उलझे सवाल आपने साथ लाती है।

दिन भर तो बस ज़िन्दगी काटते रहते है हम,

ये बेचैन रात हमे ज़िन्दगी जीना सिखाती है।

ज़िन्दगी रंगीन है पर इसका एक और रंग है,

वो है काला रंग जो हमे सिर्फ रात दिखाती है।

फिर भी हम तो नींद के पीछे भागते रहते है,

नींद हमे अपने पीछे और दूर तक भागती है।

भाग कर हम थक जाते है और सोना चाहते है,

पर तब तक ये नींद कहीं दूर निकल जाती है।

एक बार मिट्टी में भी सो के देखते है 'मनीषी'

लोग कहते है वहाँ सुकून की नींद आती है।

-©® साक्षी श्रीवास्तव 'मनीषी'


Amidst the cage lies my dreams of the future,

Its wings tethered against the prison of thorns,

Nowhere to lead or take a step in the blue skies,

The thoughts are nourished within the walls of hopes.

An amber top of roses I wear with birds in my mind singing,

The prison encaptures my emotions and feelings,

But the doors are locked where nature is at peak,

All because of the wrath of inhumanity singing.

When you think something right to happen, the wrongs take leash,

And spines on the way stiffen to break your spine with ease,

I still think of a better society ahead with flourishing flora and fauna,

But my hopes are shattered as the ill nature has its own persona.

No, I cannot fly and cannot kiss the fluffy clouds of sky,

Because the ruthless dictatorship would break me,

Henceforth the birds that I see in my imagination,

They peek at me through the confinement where I breathe.

I want go off the ropes that tie me down to Earth,

I want to explore the vast cosmos existing in the suburb,

Unentangle the chains of my mind that fluctuate in this grief,

Let me live for once in the plethora of my happiness with wings.

-©® Angarika



 मैं भी एक चिड़िया होती ,

तो मेरे लिए दूर नील गगन में

कोई सीमा नहीं होती 

काश मैं भी एक चिड़िया होती,

ताकि इन चिड़ियां  की तरह 

आज़ाद होती

काश मैं भी एक चिड़िया होती

जो मेरे मन ने चिड़िया होने की

कल्पना लाती

काश मैं भी एक चिड़िया होती,

तो अपने होसले बुलंदकर

आसमान में बेखौफ उड़


-©® Vraddhi Jain


"A cage is all a bird needs, at times

To realise how privileged it is"

-©® Shree Basu


The bowl of grains

And the water you offer,

Just calm my thirst

And satisfy my hunger.

This little pretty cage

With bars golden & silver,

Grabs away my freedom

And weakens my feather.

Precious is your baby's smile

My life seems to be cheaper,

Your heart shall weep to death

If your tot gets treated in a way, similar.

What kind of love is this,oh man!

Disabling my wings makes you happier.

Suffice it would be if you do this bit

Offer me water bowls in the days of summer.

I wish to breathe in the open sky

Dont cage me please, punish my breeder.

Behold my charm when I merrily fly.

Huge flights of mine can spark up your leisure.

-©® Reshma kausar Mohideen


"Udti hui chidiya hu mai, patthar se nishane na laga mujhpe...

Choti si hu toh kya huaa, 

Meri ehmiyat ka andaza na laga tu..."

-©® Anuradha Gupta

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