Take Me For Granted

take me for granted

My love,

Happiest Birthday to the man, who is the reason I smile every day. Words aren’t enough to express my feelings for you, but here is a small gift to my sweetest heart from her darling.

I believe no one is perfect in this world, but you proved me wrong. Every parent deserve a son like you, every sister needs a brother like you, every guy desires a friend like you and every girl dreams of a life partner like you. And see I’m ultra lucky to have you in my life. What I love the most about our relationship is we aren’t the shona baby jaan janu nibba nibbi types rather we are monkey, donkey, pumpkin, fatty, panda types. The word Trust was just a word for me until you came into my life. In your smile I see something more beautiful than the glittering stars, we are friends first and lovers second, you make my dopamine levels go all silly, you put a twinkle in my eyes, butterflies in my stomach. We surely have a spark in our relationship that makes it special. It’s rare when you get a life partner who cares for your career more than intimacy, and there’s a saying behind every successful man there is a woman but for me behind every success of mine, you’re there.


That night the moon was playing hide and seek, and clouds were playing with the sky. Holding his hand, being the witness of the most beautiful night and the most memorable day of my life. He had decorated the terrace with balloons and my favourite orchids. And unfortunately, the rain did a disaster but it was one of my fantasies to kiss in the rain, like in Aashiqui 2. I’m a movie type girl having a long list for both of us. The drop of the rain touched my face sliding from my forehead to my lips. The way he looked at me took my breath away, he pushed me towards himself, I wasn’t able to move my heartbeat was clearly audible, he bites my lips to taste the rain through my skin. He put his hands on my shoulder, thumb brushing along my collarbone, I lost my control when he touched me with all the passion. We both were standing on the terrace and the rain was playing its role perfectly. The air between us grew heavy with the most primal kind of desire, the sound of his voice increased the sensual fire burning through my veins. I was in the arms of the love of my life, I closed my eyes, he brushed his hands over my cheek, pushing back my lustrous hair and whispered in my ear You are my girl and nobody can take you away from me, Happy birthday my love and kissed my forehead. I realized I’m blessed to have him in my life when he said I’ll not do anything till you are not ready, I’ll not do anything until unless you don’t give me the permission, I’ll not do anything that will bring a tear in your eyes. I hugged him tightly saying I like you more than Pizza, I trust you more than Mahadev and I love you as much as a human heart can. We watched Doraemon, danced like mad in the rain, ordered lots of food and ate like monsters and we ate the whole cake, sang songs, played the guitar (though we don’t know how to play) damn we did insane things and that was my best birthday.


Well, it’s your birthday and I am narrating my birthday story. Did you remember I celebrated your birthday for 18 days and proposed you getting down on one knee on the main road (though I proposed you giving marigold instead of rose)? See you got a precious gem, angel, beautiful, cute, hot, sweet, understanding, caring, supporting, wife material, universal one-piece girlfriend. So what else do you need, You have me.


Apart from the jokes, Happiest birthday my love, I wish you all the happiness and success in your life. May God give me your part of the pain. Thank you for handling my mood swings, my tantrums, the way I irritate you. Thank you for fulfilling my every little wish, for supporting me and showing me the right path, making me realize my worth. Keep showering your love more and more, keep singing songs for me and keep writing letters for me. You are a blessing for which I have thanked God a million times over, you are the most precious thing that has ever been mine, I treasure you and I love you more than you will ever know. As long as I live I want to live for you and love you. You are one in a million, my most special one. Your radiant smile is as bright as the sun, you are smart and caring. I am happy that you chose me from all of the rest and I am proud because I know I got the best. There is a saying that never takes anyone for granted, but I am saying you today take me for granted, am all yours. In the 21 years of my life, the only precious thing I earned is YOU. The only real person of my life in the world of fake people. I love you because it is impossible for me not to love you, I love you without questions, without calculations, without reason. You are my today and all of my tomorrow. I love you Momo.


With lots of love and hugs,

Your Panda (Puchhu)

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