21st Century Lives

Peaceful Writers International presents a poetry collection about 21st Century Lives. People born in the 21st century are way more different than those from the 20th century. The 21st century has witnessed infinite technological developments, urbanization, modernization and a lot of hustle and bustle around sustainability. 

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It's an era, where discrimination has reached its height,

People here don't see equality, rather judge on basis of vibes,

A poor kid holding a small bag would have absolutely no respect,

Just like this boy who was taunted, and was always spoken in bad.

And it isn't his voice which speaks; the words have been embedded,

From people around him, who think that they are superior humans,

Could be a parent, or even teachers who walk these kids to school,

Saying words time and again, doesn't really make them cool.

What if the grass was greener, not on their side but other?

Would they accept such muses, where tongue literally slaughters?

Anxiety and depression doesn't come from within, it is rather transmitted,

One who is curable gets suppressed, because of else's 'compliments'.

If only heart would beat incessantly, for everyone and every kind,

Not just for "our people", but creatures across the globe who thrive,

The world would have been a better place, for elders and for young,

Speaking words through else's mouth, isn't really a good effort.

- © Angarika

21st Century Life

The earth rotates, as usual, twelve hrs day time and twelve hrs night time put together 24 hrs in a day.

Nature on its own doing things. God's creations, except human rest, lead a happy, confined life.

Here comes to humans, expectation in the 21st century is beyond sky limits. . Everyone wants to fly and the wants are not unlimited, infinitive.

Everyone wants everything. It is very difficult for those who are 75 plus years. They are not in a position to come out from the old path, unable to adapt new one also. 

All of them have very unrealistic dreams. When the dreams do not come true, psychologically depressed, hyper behaviour, tension.

These are all uninvited friends for which we all pay a huge price for that. 

People want everything instantly like two minutes noodles. This starts from school admission to fag end of the life.

People are more comfortable to move their friends than blood relations and it is very sad that elderly advise them to put it in the dust bin.

The modern generation has the attitude that I know everything. When our elders are not in a position to operate android phones, the new generation jumps into the conclusion that our elders don't know anything and are good for nothing.

The attitude prevails everywhere. Elders are helpless because of age, ailments etc.

The so-called modern generation used to be addicted to social media and fail to build relations with others.

They forget to smile and send smileys in communication. 

If a new generation ignores the core value of a relationship, when they realise the same, wake up from the deep slumber. By that time, they might have crossed three-fourths of their lifetime.

My plea to the modern generation is to change yourself. The so-called technology usage is to a limited extent only beyond which human values are precious and important. 

Respect elders and set a role model to others who follow you.

- © K.S.Ramakrishnan 


Everything was there,

Still something was missing,

Except dogs, no voices could be heard,

There was an unusual absence of human being!

Roads were there,

Yet didn't felt like one,

With no crowds present,

And silence could only run.

People lived there,

Yet no one showed up,

Engaged in work from home,

Where are the group of gossip buff?

Afraid of virus,

All hold back their emotions,

Relatives didn't even visited once in two years,

Who would now even care for relations?

- ©Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

The life,

The pain,

We face,

Are all so cruel. 

We try,

We ace,

We happen to be the best. 

But we, can't do it alone,

Need your support,

What do you mean?

The phones,

The pcs,

They entertain me,

They grow,

They amaze,

But they can't make a friend.

The classes,

No talks,

Only meet,

And zoom,

Doesn't go on. 

The pain with ourselves,

Trouble us a lot.

- © Jagriti Mandal

Let it go with years

Let it go with motivations

Here I am alive with me

With a desire of self

Enjoying the legacy of being self

Living across centuries

It's about being with self while exploring the inner self

We have lost many opportunities to be in peace

And with a vision for a peace

In this timeless saga, still you the only through all these transactions

It's a story of love in recreation where we love with passion

- © Amit Ghosh

21 वीं शताब्दी का जीवन तो corona ने ले लिया.... उसी पर कुछ लिखा है......

बाहर ना जाओ

कोरोना फैला हुआ है,

बाहर ना जाओ।।

है शहर सब बंद, 

बाहर ना जाओ।

पड़ गए बीमार,

तो फिर ठीक होना है कठिन

बात लो ये मान, 

बाहर ना जाओ। 

वक़्त ये कैसे कटे,

उलझन ना पालो जहन मे,

कर लो घर के काम , 

बाहर ना जाओ ।

अभी तो श्मशान का 

हाल देख भयभीत है। 

हर दिशा मे है धुंआ

बाहर ना जाओ। 

बिक रहीं बाजर मे,

हर दवा महँगी मिया,

इनसे बचना है। 

तो रुको, 

बाहर ना जाओ ।

कर लो सेवा माँ बाप की, 

पुण्य थोड़ा तुम कमाओ 

माँ बाप को खुश रखो 

और तुम भी मुस्कराओ 

बाहर ना जाओ। 

बैटरी हो गयी ख़त्म , 

और बिजली है नहीं, 


घर के बर्तन माँज लो,

या पोछा लगाओ 

बाहर ना जाओ। 

आ रहीं हैं पंक मलने, 

शीश पर दूषित हवा 

य़ह प्रवादों का समय है 

बाहर ना जाओ ।

लगेगी वैक्सीन सबको 

सब ठीक हो जायगा, 

घर से बाहर निकलेगा, 

तू काम पर भी जाएगा 

शहर है लॉकडाउन, 

बाहर ना जाओ। 

ठहर कर पल भर सुनो, 

अनसुना करके ना जाओ ।

हाथ धों, मास्क पहनो 

बाहर ना जाओ। 

बस सब्र कर लो थोड़ा, 

वक़्त ये कट जाएगा, 

सुन के मेरी पंक्तियाँ 

तुम भी गुनगुनाओ। 

बाहर ना जाओ। 

बाहर ना जाओ ।।

- © Ayush Saxena

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