Few Days More... by Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

Few Days More... by Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay - Peaceful Writers International

 Suresh, it’s your daughter”, informed the soldier. Without any delay, he received the call. Hello—so my little princess is angry with me?” After a few seconds’ pause, a voice answered, “Papa, your tactics won't work anymore! I am very angry today–” exclaimed his daughter. “ Yes I know, I’ve applied for a leave, I think they’ll grant it”, “No, today I won’t hear anything, you had been giving the same excuse for nearly a year!"

“Darling, I’m really very engaged with my works here, but I’ll be there soon, I promise you! He added some more lines to his excuses. “ I am asking you for the last time when will you be back! ” asked his daughter angrily. “A few days more, dear!” he said sadly. “ Exact date? ” she inquired. “ Hello– oh gosh, dad hanged the call again! ”

Suresh knew he had been doing the same for more than a year, but he had his reasons! “ How can I tell her that she will never be able to see me again! ” exclaimed tear-eyed Suresh “ But you can take a few days' holidays and visit your family?! ”  his friend advised.

“I know it can be done but you know I am a very emotional person, I won’t be able to come back once I go there! ” Suresh can do nothing but to wait for his daughter to call again.


It was striking 12 in the night when his daughter called him. “ Again the same question, when will you come back? ” she hurled this as soon as he received the call. “ I know, Happy Birthday Sweetheart, you are 12 years old now, congrats on your new journey as a teenager! ” wished her father trying to calm her down. “ I won’t say thanks unless you answer my question. ”

“ Just a few days more and I will be back soon. But for this, you won’t even thank me?” said Suresh in a depressed tone. “ Papa, I am so sorry for being rude! ” she exclaimed. “ Anything wrong, beta? ”, “ Actually, yesterday I met my friend. When we were chit-chatting, she told me that soldiers’ job is very easy but get a high salary for nothing! I got angry and replied back that the soldiers are the most important factor of a country– she took a breath. “ That's like my daughter, I am proud of you! Anyways, how’s your birthday celebration? ”

“ Yep, it was nice. It all ended a few moments back. As after 12, no one is allowed to switch on a light in the locality– ” before she could continue, his father barged, “ And your friends, all gone? ”

“ Papa, please hear me out first! ” she said sadly, “ Okay, all yours! ” Suresh said in a cute way. “ When I tried to make her understand soldiers’ importance, she told me that if your job is so important for the country then why don't you people come on television just as every famous and important personality gets cast on TV. If soldiers are so important, then why haven't you people got cast at least once? I didn’t know the answer to her question so I remained quiet.”

“ Darling, the soldiers only want to serve their country, no matter if we are praised or not. We don’t care if anyone’s casting us or not,” exclaimed Suresh with a heavy heart. “ I know you are important as well as your job but I also want others to know it! ”

“ I am sure they will know it, but now it's late, so go to sleep, ” Suresh hanged the call.

Suresh was very happy that day after knowing how much her daughter respects his job but little did he knew that it was the last time he talked to her.

It was a dreadful cloudy evening. Suresh was overwhelmed as he got a week’s holiday. He was too excited to go back to his hometown. He quickly packed his bags and was ready to set out for his house. No sooner did he sat down to tie his shoelaces, there was a sudden bomb throw in his tent!

 Soon many more bombs starting exploding all through campus, blowing off every tent and safe house! Nobody understood what was happening, as it wasn’t expected. Many soldiers died, many were injured, luckily, Suresh managed to drag himself out of the burning tent! He hailed towards the main campus to inform everyone of this attack, and he, fortunately, reached there on time! Many lives were saved because of Suresh, who was called the Savior of one of the greatest attacks on the border!

 Meanwhile, Suresh's daughter had got the news of his arrival. She waited at the doorstep waiting for him to come until it was night. Her mom asked her to go to bed as she knew he won’t return!

In the morning, Suresh’s daughter woke up by a phone call. She knew it was her father. Determined to scold him, she received the call, “Papa, I won’t talk to you anymore! You were about to come yesterday, I waited for you till night!” She knew that now her father will try to calm her with his sweet words, but there came another heavy voice that almost afraid her, “Is it Mr Suresh Kumar’s house?” Her mom answered anxiously, “Yes, it’s! Why is there any problem? Where is Suresh?”

“Ma’am, we feel sorry to inform you that Mr Suresh is no more. He died yesterday, in the bomb throw at our camp arena. He died bravely serving our country! His body will be sent in his coffin to your house tomorrow. May God help you to overcome his death. Thank you and sorry.”

Suresh’s wife burst into tears not understanding what to do, his daughter sat silently with the hope that it’s a bad joke!

It was evening when Suresh’s coffin was sent to his house. Four soldiers carried the coffin to the courtyard, in which was inscribed “Mr Suresh Kumar” along with his other soldier labels, covered with a tricolour flag.

All his relatives, friends and well-wishers were standing outside his house to see him for the last time. Everyone blamed him to take up an inappropriate job. After few minutes, her daughter came up with her mother.

“Why did you left me like this? I asked you not to take up this ominous job, but you ignored me! ” cried his wife, embracing his coffin with his daughter standing beside him. His wife was never happy with his job!

Few women took her inside. Now, there stood only one person near his coffin, her daughter. For the first time, she kept quiet for so long! “ Papa, I know everyone’s angry with you as they are sad to see you like this. But you know why I’m not crying? As you told me that tears can never solve a problem, where hopes do! ”

Suddenly, a Soldier arrived at their house. “Is anyone here?” A lady came. “Suresh’s wife is inside. Any problem?” “Can you please bring her here, I’ve something important to tell.” His wife and daughter arrived. “I’m his wife. ”

The Soldiers continued, “Mr Suresh died while saving the camp from getting damaged and also saved many lives of the other soldiers. That’s why the Government has decided to reward him. As he’s no more, you’ll have to take the award on his behalf.

His daughter started walking silently towards his coffin, happy as well as sad, “ Why do you always listen to whatever I ask? But now everyone will know about your worth as well as the soldiers’ importance. Rest in Peace, Papa... ”

Suresh’s awarding ceremony was done with great honour and respect. Suresh’s wife and daughter were handed an amount by the Military Commander, and this time, it was broadcasted on TV...

No one should comment on any job’s importance, especially when it’s an army or soldier or even a policeman, as they are the ones why we can sit casually and browse Phone or laptop without the fear of being attacked!

Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

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