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Robots, the name itself drive us to an adventurous imagination with parts and parcel of happiness and fear too in parallel. The amazing writers of Peaceful Minds, a long content writing club of Peaceful Writers International, have jot down their views on this pulchritudinous topic with crystal views on how exactly their imaginary world will be with this new companion for mankind!

So, let's read their beautiful Writeups on this amazing topic -


If Robots were a part of the daily life, don't dare thinking about the technological development here please. Once think of them, who were replaced because of the robots. The robots don't need money as they have their caretakers but what about all those persons who lost their job just because the robots are more technically developed and can be fruitful!

With a heart so wise, we will obviously try to be or try pretending to be happier than before getting a new companion of some new taste? Maybe something new within but why are we not thinking about those loopholes which is really necessary than anything else! Wherever the manpower fails and robots are the only option left out with the gusty question of nature, please do consider the robots so as to save mankind. But who will think of those, who aren't getting a single penny out of their hardwork. 

In a house, there will be a father who will be thinking about the future, how to earn livelihood as he lost the job somewhere in the battle of robots and humans. And at the same time, his kids would have been happily playing with those robots. Can you please imagine this situation?

The need of the hour is to change our mindsets! Although it's slow, don't replace humans. Although there will be some human errors (reducing), don't replace them with technical errors (increasing)!

We may be thinking a way and those Entrepreneurs thinking the other way round, stick to the mankind and save those lives, save those smile, save those lights who not only remove the darkness of the foggy world but also took the humanity to a lively phase which was once lost in the trap of artificial uselessness!

-©® Archishman Satpathy


No wonder being lazy the first thought came to my mind of sleeping all day and giving my chores to the robots. But not always your first thoughts define what you really see. The endless possibilities of living with robots make me wonder and at the same time encourage me to skill up to match my 'to be coworkers'.I would love to see counselling sessions provided by a robot or a listening robot who listens to all your vent. Wouldn't it be wonderful talking to a robot who is all nice and humble and yet can give you serious advices when needed? Wouldn't it be comfortable sharing your secrets with a humanoid who can only listen but can't spill?

Along came the concerns, what if they started penning amazing stories, who would read mine? what if they become conscious? What if they made us their slaves literally? (Well, we're fully fledged slaves of technology now)

-©® Chanchal Yadav


Why do you think machines can't be superior to humans?

Just because they don't have skin or original vocal cords?

Just because they won't be hungry or thirsty?

Think it otherwise, as it's not a disadvantage for them at all!

Elsewhere, they can work more efficiently without hunger or thirst!

And about emotions,

If you feel machines don't have emotions,

Then why does any machines heats off when it's overused? Why does a phone starts hanging when we use it for a long time?

And about vocal cords, the technology till date is atleast this much updated, to make it feel like a real voice!

And what do you mean know about their perfection?!

They can even do the same work for innumerable times, whereas we get tired doing it twice!

So what do you think now, who's more superior?

The machines or humans?

-©® Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay


Life is such an incredible experience. From the evolution of life to date, every era has its discoveries and mind-blowing inventions to make life easier and more exciting. This century has reached the peak of invention because of digital media and information technology. Another significant gift of human invention in this era is the innovative invention of ROBOTS. They have made life simpler and more accessible. Robots can achieve things that we intend to do more efficiently. The chances of the mistakes committed by them are almost 0.001 %. They need no rest or food, and they do not get tired, unlike a human. They can be working day and night when charged well.

Many international countries use them for all the chores; it may be domestic help to the official use. They are used to achieve every work competently. But one thing which aches my heart is that they have cut down the work of human beings. Because of them, unemployment is increasing. Every company has started depending on these machines to achieve their targets. I wonder what would happen if something went wrong with them. After all, they are machines, and we can’t trust them to remember when the memory is deleted. Won't it be a massive loss to the companies and projects?

Ultimately, machines are machines. They can never compete with the human brain. After all, to develop these robots too, the human brain is needed.

-©® Noor Tabassum


I would have seriously forgotten what is lonliness. Yes !!! you heard it right... Now there will be a question in your mind that inspite of being a member of such a populated country how can I be so lonely that instead of humans I'm trying to expect true relation with a machine which is so called human. BUT I would still say that humans of this era don't fit in my category Because eithere I'm not like them or they're not like me. No Doubt "What humans can do, machines can never..." but robots are too invention of humans only and I MUST say that "Humans expect machines to be like humans but they themselves has forgotten that first humans have to be like humans before they make a machine to be like humans. 

Once when I was a kid, saw a powerful deep meaning movie popularly known as ROBOT. Wherein the robot fell in love with the girl & tried his best to get her. No matter it was just a movie but the message given there was Robots are yet to be developed so that they will work according to humans instead of using their own mind or powers given to them by humans itself. That's the problem of this world, they want others to work according to them & they themselves forget or fail to follow nature rules. Slowly how they captured forest & now blaming/punishing animals for their attacks on humans without understanding the reason behind their behaviour like this. Another example if I talk apart from all these then humans are lacking much back even after surving in 21st Century because I can see still people being unhappy inspite of having plenty whatever they want, just because they are not the one who is owing complety. Such a wrong perception still there's in some blind minds. People force their kids to stay away from danger & when they grow up, they themselves expect them to be strong enough to face every situation. I seriously wanna ask them, Is it a kind of joke !? How can anyone think even like this inspite of knowing that they are the only reason when Childers aren't open with their parents to speak freely about their personal stuffs. 

If robots were the part of daily life then it's easily forecasted that humans will treat them like their property & if robots even try to seek freedom of their ownself, humans would destroy them without thinking twice about their precious investments like monetary, love, values, skills, intelligence etc ignoring the truth that humans must not bring any living thing in this world if they can't allow them live like there own life according to their own wish. 


From- A useless Robot (The Anuradha- Ms. Fool)

-©® Anuradha Gupta


Robots as a part of our daily life ..... I can't help but imagine if a robot vendor come and say " सब्जी ले लो... भिन्दी २० Rs/kg... ताज़ा ताजे फल... ले लो" and that too in a breaking voice k....k...kiran... Voice.

Imagine them as our classmates. But wait they have AI. They can cheat. NO NO NO... They will top then so let's imagine them as teachers and think what punishment will they give, or will they show us emotions while explaining to us "melancholic mood of Antonio from Merchant of Venice".

Imagine the nanny Robot ...woah... Good, they wouldn't feel disgusted but how will they calm a crying baby !!! So many instances and so many thoughts... I for once am very excited to make them a part of our life I mean maybe they will become What Doremon was to Nobita !!!

-©® Bhumika Arora


A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. We are sleepwalking into disaster. Those machines are running much faster. Surveillance will come unbound, Leaking surveys all around. Privacy will be no more, As machines will take over that chore. Emphasized on people

Wrongly accused of a crime

It is not just a camera n our streets. It's technology monitoring our movements. More and more information collected, We are leaving an electronic footprint. It Can be seen as a broader exploration. Beware! ...

Machines will take over civilization...

And soon! ...

It'll be a good thing if robots were a part of day-to-day life as we are not so different. 

Its wiree dont stretch so far

Like it kept on a leash

-©® Sheril Mustalee

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