If Robots Were A Part of Our Daily Lives...by Noor Tabassum

If robots were part our daily lives with neon elemts and the logo of PWI by Noor Tabassum

Life is such an incredible experience. From the evolution of life to date, every era has its discoveries and mind-blowing inventions to make life easier and more exciting. This century has reached the peak of invention because of digital media and information technology. Another significant gift of human invention in this era is the innovative invention of ROBOTS. They have made life simpler and more accessible. Robots can achieve things that we intend to do more efficiently. The chances of the mistakes committed by them are almost 0.001 %. They need no rest or food, and they do not get tired, unlike a human. They can be working day and night when charged well.

Many international countries use them for all the chores; it may be domestic help to the official use. They are used to achieve every work competently. But one thing which aches my heart is that they have cut down the work of human beings. Because of them, unemployment is increasing. Every company has started depending on these machines to achieve their targets. They need no sick leaves nor any break, and so they can work day and night tirelessly. They don’t get tired and bored like we humans. The efficiency showed by the machines is excellent. After all, they don’t get hurt. We, humans, are too much emotional, and our emotions rule over us. We get moody and mentally upset with small things. That is not the thing with machines. They are neither mentally disturbed nor tired. We need constant boosting to perform excellently. Machines need no boosting. They do not get jealous, and their performance is not affected if anyone is praised or not.

Recently, I read of robots that do every household chore at their assigned time. They do clean houses and vessels, to cooking, to play the role of a nanny. But I wonder how they understand the emotions of a child. How do they understand what the child needs to do? Are they that intelligent to understand human emotions. Machines are machines, after all. We have invented them to make our work easy. They are not here to take our role. They are not here to rule over us.

 I wonder what would happen if something went wrong with them. After all, they are machines, and we can’t trust them to remember when the memory is deleted. What would happen if they get infected by any virus, and the entire system comes to a stop still. I came across a robot, which opens the door only when it processes our voice. It was a documentary. Once the person had a cold, and his voice changed. The door was not opened. He was not able to enter his house at any cost. Isn’t pathetic? Such robots, won’t it be a massive loss to the companies and projects?

The other most damaging effect of depending on robots is that they are causing many job losses. People are losing their jobs and becoming unemployed. Not all in this world are equally intelligent, but we all need jobs to survive and prosper. If the less intelligent are neglected instead of them if machines are installed, then where will they go? It will call for unwanted crimes. The unemployed and desperate people will opt for robbery and cheating. Aren’t we inviting all that?

I somehow feel that depending on machines somehow makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. There will be a lot of wealth gap. 

Instead, there should be certain assigned places to employ the machine. The machine should be the preference for more strenuous and challenging works. They should be used when specific work is too challenging for humankind. Even when human energy is exploited, it can be used. After all, even vehicles, computers, and electronic gadgets are the same. As we know the use of them and their limitations, we should know about the robots also.

One of the best things of the robots is it has no heart and brain of its own. Otherwise, cheating, deception, and all negativities would reach their peak. It would destroy the human race and rule by itself. Imagine a robot falling in love with a human race? It would be pathetic. Imagine, in today’s era, when the young generation does not fall into the complexities of love and childbirth, they would be the best option, I hope. We would lose our identity as humans. Our creation would be questioned. 

Ultimately, machines are machines. They can never compete with the human brain. We, human beings, may be cranky, moody, and emotional, but we understand our responsibilities at the end of the day. We work hard to meet our ends. We work for our families, and we do not give up. We need a break, we may need a day off, but we never will leave our work halfway.   After all, to develop these robots too, the human brain is needed.

- Noor Tabassum

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