Inner Beauty is The Purest Form of Beauty

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Writeups on Inner Beauty - subheading - inner beauty is the purest form of beauty by Peaceful Writers International


Looking at her beautiful clothes and cute face,

And falling in Love became a hobby for this young generation.

Instead looking at her beautiful attire and blush,

This young generation should fill up the Love by watching her inner beauty.

The good deeds and quantity of a girl's kindness states the real beauty of her.

The way she reacts to every situation matters alot in sensing her inner beauty.

Evacuating the laziness and attaining stability for her growing angry,

Discloses her inner beauty.

Being peaceful even though a hurdle comes and healing the wound of the hit hurdle,

Exposes the real beauty of her.

Looking after her parents and helping them in their works,

Reveals the inner beauty of her.

The sweet words of her is not one should care of.

Instead, she should shower the Love in her words.

Inner Beauty is a recognition, for the mankind.

The external beauty is just for making the unstoppable young generation blush.

- ©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


You are the poetry

Incarnated in a flesh with a breath

An aroma of your presence makes this existence happy 

And here you flow without knowing your depth

I am influenced by the connect

And eyes which speaks in silence

This is how I nurtured to respect

You are the universe within with your own fragrance

An acceptance by the only emotion can be a threshold

What we all are seeking for

In your heart, hold me beyond all threshold

Sometimes in my solitude you love to adore

And the pattern of being in solitude

A lost of the only self with an influenced attitude

What is your heart

So emphatic and so vulnerable

Vaster than the sky

Seeing a beauty in every situation is what makes you adorable

And I am so touched through your eyes

Perhaps, I am just a traveller of the time who felt your inner beauty

- ©️Amit Ghosh


The person who added colour to my fading colours of life.

As a teenager, grew conscious about my looks,
Cried secretly for having undesirable features, hidden in books,
Never mingled with friends as my mind was filled with inferiority,
Life seemed colourless, and my mind was filled with complexity.

With no one as friend, life appeared colourless,
Thought what was the use of occupancy when life was aimless,
Would await eagerly to visit my granny in a faraway countryside,
She was the only friend whom I loved and with whom my secrets hide.

Dressed in a gorgeous gown of blue,
Painted my face in vibrant hue,
Went to visit my ancient wrinkled granny in true,
To listen to her fable and to argue.

As I reached the dusty road,
Saw people greeting me in delightful mode,
Felt as though green lusts fields nod and bowed,
Welcoming me wholeheartedly to their horde.

Briskly I ran to my place,
Watching my feeble granny at the entrance,
A broad smile shone on her face,
Wide arms she spread as I rushed to embrace.

Stared at her for long without knowing how
She managed to be so beautiful, and how she glows,
Without a hint of makeup on her skin, 
She looked like a beauty queen.

I asked her,' granny, what makes you so unique, '
So attractive, beautiful, and sleek.
She smiled with a naughty look,
And said, ' This is the secret you need to seek.'

I wear a smile on my lips,
I wear truth to my tongue, 
I apply compassion to my skin,
And love and mercy to my eyes.

My kid apply this to your routine,
And you will be the most alluring, charming, and dazzling girl in existence. 
Her lesson taught me in abundance,
That internal beauty enhances the external appearance. 

That day I knew the essence of life,
Beauty mattered nothing after that moment,
Love ruled my heart and dignity rule my character,
Life was filled with different shades of happiness and emotions.

- ©️Noor Tabassum


There are two kinds of beauty named as inner and outer beauty. Inner beauty is more necessary than outer beauty. As inner beauty simply refers to the personality of an individual which includes their mind and character. Outer beauty generally means the appearance of an individual. Outer beauty fades with time, but inner beauty does not. Through beauty, one finds the path to inner peace. 
Creative minds have always appreciated beauty through their imagination. Mind’s eye has always considered beauty as a part of human enchantment for life. Beauty always lies in its creation and the way for satisfying the craving of it. This beauty is not related to outer appearance but the inner beauty and its magnificence.
Inner beauty is the real beauty of a person. Inner beauty is classified into physical and mental.
Inner beauty abolishes racial discrimination. This beauty within a person gives immense satisfaction to the mind of the other person. Inner beauty is inborn within an individual. Helping someone beyond expectation shows the inner beauty of a person. Inner beauty has the ability to touch the soul and have a deep impact on the other individual. For a woman to be strong enough to face any situation, inner beauty lies in her thoughts, confidence and character and in a manner, she reacts to everything. Inner beauty helps to receive the warmth and love from another individual. It's important for an individual to have it and cultivate it.
Inner beauty helps to get rid of all the negativity from the inside and make us a better person. A person needs to remain beautiful from inside rather than outside irrespective of all the difficulties you face in life. 
Inner beauty helps a person to know its strengths and live with it his or her whole life. Inner beauty is like a gift to a person. The inner strength granted by inner beauty comes from unconditional faith in God, the courage of conviction, positive attitude and a spirit of a person which refuses to give up from the ups and downs of life. Inner beauty reflects how a person behaves with his or her family members or any other outsider. It also reflects the care, concern for the people, understanding and sensitivity of the feelings. Inner beauty is considered to be the purest form of beauty of the soul a person has and offers. Outer beauty can be used for the wrong means to gain temporary sympathy and gratification.
- ©️Drishti 


आंतरिक सुंदरता
प्रिय आंतरिक सुंदरता,
 मैं तुमसे बहुत ही प्रभावित हूॅं और हर इंसान को उसकी आंतरिक सुंदरता से ही पहचानती हूॅं। तुम व्यक्ति को अंदर से इतना सुंदर बनाती हो, जिससे उसका बाहरी व्यक्तित्व भी चमक उठता है। दुर्गुणों के दलदल से बचाकर आत्मा की शुद्धता की ओर ले जाने का तुम्हारा कार्य वाकई में प्रशंसनीय है। ऐसे ही सबके जीवन में अपना स्थान बनाए रखना, ताकि गुणों और मूल्यों की कद्र हमेशा होती रहे।
तुम्हारी प्रशंसक,
- ©️बीना


आंतरिक सुंदरता
आंतरिक सुंदरता वह होती है, जो व्यवहार से छलकती है ।कभी ऑंखों से करुणा बनके तो कभी शब्दों की मिठास से, या अपने कार्यों की खुशबू से वह आसपास के वातावरण को भी महकाती है। आंतरिक सुंदरता पाने वाले व्यक्ति विपरीत परिस्थिति में भी अपना धैर्य नहीं खोते। अपने सिद्धांतों से कभी भी पीछे नहीं हटते। हमें आंतरिक सुंदरता वाले व्यक्तियों की प्रशंसा करनी चाहिए, एवं उनसे प्रेरणा भी जरूर लेनी चाहिए।
- ©️Beena shah


In the world of beauty standard...
I intend to find souls that is kinder...

Apart from the world of two faced people...
I want to be the part of that soft pure smiles...

 In the crowd where everything seems lost...
 I found the reason that made me trust and feel lively again...

A world where the face beauty value...
The value of inner beauty is more than those of faces online.
- ©️Prerna Sinha



A cocoon we all hide inside, not letting anyone peep in,
It's the beauty of our soul, which reflects when we see,
Whatever anomalies we have, whatever traits we own,
External might be corroded, but inner beauty remains pure.

It's the serenity in thoughts, which refracts through eyes,
A person who cannot see, still paints canvas inside,
For a handicapped person, the world might call him ugly,
But his heart knows the truth, which's been juggling.

Even though a person might be shell hard, inside is soft,
The jewels and petals within, bloom with each cough,
Scarred skin or burned dermis, don't let it rule you,
Beauty resides in soul, and not in body tools.

The mirror might show you overweight, or you might be lean,
Still you can do wonders, and climb mountains and hills,
Had it made a difference, if you were the opposite of what you are are?
No! Right? As the spirit had been the same, taking you afar.

Beauty sees no religions, no clothes, no customs, no countries,
All it defines is a person, who's beautiful out from within,
Whatever extra you do, might add to your exterior wall,
But the inner shell is protected, to peep from when you're down!

- ©Angarika


जब वो मुस्कुराता है ना,

तो लगता है की जीत ली ये दुनिया मैने,
वो इतना खुश है ऐसा क्या किया मैने?

मैं तो उसकी तस्वीर देख के मुस्कुराती हूँ,
उसे मुस्कुराने का क्या कारण दिया मैंने?

वो लाखों की मुस्कान तो ऐसे ही देख ली,
नही खर्च किया कहीं एक भी रुपिया मैंने।

बस उसे कुछ पल मुस्कुराता देखना था,
क्यो न रोका दिया समय का पहिया मैंने?

उस मुस्कान की एक तस्वीर न ले पाई,
जिसके इंतज़ार में बिता दी सदियां मैने।

लेकिन ये तस्वीरें तो निर्जीव है 'मनीषी',
मुझे खुशी है कि उस पल को जिया मैंने।

- ©️साक्षी श्रीवास्तव 'मनीषी'


Inner beauty

We all always talk about outside beauty. The outside beauty is an artificial one using cosmetics makeup kits. There is no space for inner beauty.
In our commercial life we pay due attention to external beauty.  We are all attracted towards this paying more attention. The entire world longs for the same irrespective of genders. The ultra modern generation especially attracts this.
Outside beauty lasts only a short term, the artificial world pays much attention to this is fascinated.
Inner beauty means our knowledge, the way of expression, how we analyse skills, body expressions comes into the picture.
It has come through a positive mindset. God fear, yoga, meditation are our inner gyms, Even what food we take also matters.
We have to do inner gym exercise on a daily basis but over the period it becomes a habit.
Those having the habit of reading books, periodicals on a daily basis which reflects in our communication, problem-solving etc
Inner Beauty does not lie on physical attraction,  it lies only in our actions.

- ©️K.S.Ramakrishnan


The other day I looked in the mirror
And I didn't feel very pretty,
So I said,
"God, I need a reminder,
What do you see
When you look at me?
So he said,
You are my beloved,
My perfect creation,
So I said,
"Yeah, but what do others see
When they look at me? "
So he said
"They see me"
And I suddenly felt beautiful.
- ©️Vraddhi Jain


As hard as rock, he looked up straight in my eyes 
Telling me to just leave him alone 
Tears rolled down my eyes, 
I couldn't believe these ten digits in my phone have changed into a thousand words left unspoken, 
I didn't knew if it was a loss or an unwanted win 
I gathered my courage to just hear that voice one last time this summer evening, 
I heard nothing from the other side, 
But the sound of tear rolling down and telling me to wrap him around with my arms 
That shell waw just for me to not love him more than I love myself 
That day I found he was the sunshine on my darkest days, 
And how he melted me everytime he looked into my eyes.
- ©️Simran Singh


Someone asked him " Why did you paint your mom's face with words rather than colours ?"

He replied " Colours may fade on its own but my words for her will never fade away "



अब तो जीतने का मजा तभी आएगा,
जब मेरे हार के बारे में सोचने वाले ज्यादा रहेंगे
और जीत के बारे में सोचने वाले कम,
तभी तो जश्न मनाने में असली मजा आएगा।

©Surekha's quotes


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