NITs Or IIITs : A Dilemma Of Choice - by Archishman Satpathy

NITs vs IIITs by Archishman Satpathy

It has been years and still, we, aspiring Engineers, have a lot of confusion choosing between NITs or IIITs. Sometimes, a wrong decision can totally change the career path or we can even turn out this particular statement as the vice-versa too.

Par kya aapne kabhi socha hai ki humara najariya depend karta hai, hamari choice of particular aspects depend karte hain, hamari chhoti chhoti root causes of selecting the agenda depend karta hai

Yeah, of course, there are various aspects of a choice which everyone does and conscience is the one playing a very important and key role in our selection rather than a peer observed determination. Each and every time we have to be obsessed by the fact that IITs are best, then comes to the NITs followed by the IIITs.

Kya iss point pe hum kabhi question raise karte hain apne mind mein ki hum jo kuch bhi soch rhe hain, jo kuch bhi decide kar rhe hain….kahin na kahin hum kuch important aspects ko miss kar bass duniya ki bani banayi gyi raste pe chalne ko kosis karte hain

So as to remove your confusion, we have arrived at a conclusion of providing you with various subparts, one has to look after before choosing any of these premier colleges. At present, India is blessed to have 31 NITs (National Institute of Technology) and 25 IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology along with some International Institute of Information Technology).

Ab hum focus karne waale hain kuch aise points pe, jo aage se aapki najariya badal degi aur aapko sahi galat ki ek proper ya thodi aur behtar foundation de degi. Ummed hai niche likhe ye chhoti chhoti points aapko kuch hadd tak aur madad karegi sahi aur galat ke beech ek chhote dhage sa faasla banane mein

So let's check out some key factors or even we can say various aspects of choosing our institute-


The first point I took is the faculty profiles because it's the most ignored perspective so as the choices are concerned. According to students and parents, the faculty profile is never an important topic to put forth the focus on before choosing.

Saare NITs ko central importance diya gya hai aur IIITs ko dekha jaaye to unko generally do groups mein divide kar diya gya hai - Fully Central Government Recognised aur dusre hote hain Public Private Partnership (PPP). Naam se hi pata chal rha hoga ki kuch IIITs fully government ya fully private nhi hote.

Coming back to the profile of faculties in these institutes, the faculties being nominated for the NITs are government recognized while for the IIITs, they are being chosen by their management team.

So, no doubt NITs are a bit more preferable if Faculty Profile is kept a point of determination


A very simple and crystal clear perspective which one can easily have a comparison of both sides. One need not worry much about this particular agenda to be kept in mind. We will understand this very simply in a much easier and more influencing manner. Although we have a rough knowledge already about this, we will do a bit of separation-type stuff on these issues so that this can be even easier to choose.

IIIT naam se hi pata chalta hai ki ye institutes mainly IT department pe focus karte hain. Engineering ki iss field mein computer related kisi bhi hardware ya software field ko kuch hadd tak jyada importance diya jaata hai pure duniya mein aur yahi wajah rehta hai ki unn branches (khaskar CSE, CE, IT, ECE, EEE) ko packages bhi achhe milne lagte hain aur IIITs bass inhi premier branches ko leke banaya jaata hai

On the other hand, someone interested in studying the core branches like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical prefers NITs and the packages there are generally a bit lower with respect to the Computer-related branches.

So, it's very clear now that IIITs are way ahead if Placements is an option for you to turn in into the institutes but with the terms and conditions of branches. We shall also keep branches as one of our perspectives now.


This is another such point where the interest of the aspiring Engineer vanishes in front of the packages offered. The dream made years before or at least for the zeal and happiness generally faded away due to lack of conscience at that time which normally suggests an ignorance to the interest, rather than preferring to the college with a high package.

Computer mein agar hume interest hai to bina kuch soche hume wisely aur thoda selective way mein koi achha IIIT choose karna chahiye kyunki wo institutes bane hi hote hain isi field ke liye par jinn students ko kahin na kahin core branches mein kisi field ka interest hota hai, unko bina kisi soch ke NIT ke liye jaana chahiye kyunki koi bhi Engineering Branch B.Tech mein chhota bada nhi hota. Koi chahega to wo Biomedical Branch se wahi package phod sakta hai jo ek Computer Science waala kar paata ho. Bass jaroorat hai sahi soch, sahi decision, sahi hardwork aur ek strongest determination ki.

So, in conclusion, we arrived at a point that for branches related to IT and computer studies, one can choose some top IIITs whereas for Core branches, one must choose NITs as IIITs don't have those branches.


This is an important feature and we should be well aware of some important facts related to it. There are some false myths and blindly we arrive at some conclusions which are never a correct way for judging.

Hum ab tak ye maanke chalte hain ki NITs jo fully Central Government recognised hain, kahin na kahin unke infrastructure ka IIIT ke comparison mein jameen aasmaan ka farak aata hoga par….nhi! Ye ek jhoothi myth hai. Hum kabhi ye sochne ko kosis nhi karte ki agar hume fees jyada dena padta hai IIIT mein to uska kuch strong reason bhi hai. IIIT ka infrastructure mein humara ye extra fees use kiya jaata hai. Aur kabhi hum jaake dekhte bhi nhi hain ki hum sahi bol rhe hain ya galat

So, coming to the conclusion, blind beliefs or traditional myths shouldn't be made for the conclusion of whether the institute we are looking at and keeping in mind is good in infrastructure or not. At least, we should search for the photos without being lazy in doing so and if possible, we should also have a visit the institute before confirming anything very blindly that in future we have to repent.


A simple and most important point for a huge mass of students pursuing this field is the Fees Structure. Every time we think of this, there is a question in our mind, "Can we afford it?…. Is the Institute fees affordable by our parents?" And this question is a bit genuine also.

Kuch IIITs completely Central Government recognised nhi hote jiske wajah se unko aadha hi funding government se ho paata hai aur as a result students ka admission fees high rehta hai aur agar hum baat NITs ki karein to unka fees generally kam aur kabhi kabhi bahut rehta hai as compared to IIITs. Ye saari baatein dhyan mein rakhna hamare liye bahut jaroori ho jaata hai.

So, the conclusion here is IIITs are generally a bit harder to afford if the Fee structure is taken into consideration.

Okay, so keeping all these points in mind, we generally can have a strong agenda list ready in our hand to get into the privileged premiere institutes of Indian Engineering Wings.

Ab hum soch ke badlenge, najare ko badlenge, badalne waale hamare sapne nhi!

Kastiyan bhi dastur ban pad jaaye , apne sapno ko sach karne se rokne waala ab koi nhi! 

About The Author:

Archishman Satpathy: Often called "The Enthusiast Writer", he is a young dynamic guy from Deogarh, Odisha, who is a young lad of 19. He is the co-author of 300+ Anthologies and the Author of the book "LAKEEREIN ZINDAGI KE". He is the founder of Peaceful Writers International. In 2021, he won the REX Karamveer Global Youth Icon Award associated with Karamveer Chakra Awards and UN, and also won the "Youngest Writer to 200 Anthologies" award by IPA, GOI. He has also worked on a research project conducted jointly by ISRO and UNSPIDER.

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