Poetry Collection About Breeze

Peaceful Writers International presents a new poetry collection about the breeze, which implies, a gentle wind. With the light evening breeze and a cup of coffee, let's read these amazing pieces by our wonderful writers...

Poems on Breeze - Peaceful Writers International Quote: The breeze touched her softly, for serenity be her wisdom for life
Poetry Collection About Breeze by Peaceful Writers International

As it blows East-West,

To me, it's my best,

All other things are at rest,

It's weekend all time for us.

As you blow kisses a million,

I tell you it's my time to shine,

In this love so true,

And maybe rare,

When you tickle,

And I smile,

I can't even pose,

To love and utter vibes so positive,

Or maybe narrate a verse,

To you my love,

As it salutes the breeze.

When we play and get bored,

It cheers up with new energy,

To remind us how we should love more and more,

How we should never give up,

How our love should never fade,

The breeze...

The cool breeze puts our flaws asunder,

It's in it we shower,

With it our love will never be over.

The cool breeze,

A reflection of our honeymoon,

When we're newly married and now you'll be all mine,

When it'll rekindle,

All the crazy things we did when young,

When I'll have you to chew,

And I mean raw,

Like a Luhya who chews chicken bones,

Ooh! I can't wait.

- ©Marygorett Mang'eni


As the evening knocks

And the sun sets

And darkness creeps

I know its time

To visit my favorite place

Where I enjoy the night breeze

Under the tree i sit

On my usual 'mti mbao' stool

As i give room for the night breeze

Which comes quietly and patiently

Swaying the leaves on the trees

Softly rapping on my ears

And as calm as the ocean

Am lost in pleasant thoughts

No matter the noise from the rest of the world

Nothing can interrupt the peace I have

For with it brings memories

The sweet lost memories

That makes me feel whole again

That makes me forget all the troubles that befalls and will follow me afterwards

The night breeze is all I need

I feel so good when it caresses my face and skin

And makes my bones feel strong and flexible

To make me fly around the world

I hear it touch my soul

And am reminded that am loved

Who can ask for more?

- ©Olunga Yvonne


Make thy life breezy and gentle,

Whirl across thy world fear no battle,

Face thy sorrows without tears,

Cheers to thy daily breathing that's fair.

O, humble soul! Chase thy dreams;

In calmness and boldness,

Be resentful not when angered,

Thou art peaceful like the night waves.

Though time is rocket,

Take thy seconds to reason clearly,

Let thy plans be a clear crystal,

And like the gentle breeze be calm.

Force not to be successful,

It's a process of long and short journey,

Blow not like the harmattan winds,

And thy calmness will dry not.

- ©Ⓜ️akaveli


That cool breeze kissing my dry skin which was hardened due the weather's act.

It directed my eyes to the very corner of the green garden,

Where lied a gorgeous soul dipped in a saree with ungigantic hem.

And opened the curtains of her smooth doughy navel.

The snow descending from the heaven and pecked her rosy lips.

The brisk weather aiding me to fill happiness by glaring at her beautiful physicality.

The trees commenced shedding their leaves.

A little unknown leaf reached her frame and stuck between the saree and skin right at her chest.

The melted snow flowed to her feet of divinity,

And splashed on her trinket held legs.

Her legs slipped due to the cold water and she bent along with her body balance.

The cold breeze pushed her back into her original position.

- ©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

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If the sun forgets to rise tomorrow,stand by the window sill in the stillness of cold darkness.

Face my graveyard and spread your arms to hug my surrealistic being.

Smile at the mayhem of flying curtains and flickering bulbs for that is how i enter.

Open your robe to the approaching breeze and feel my embrace.

 Do not flinch your nose to the ugly musk that emanates my decaying flesh.

Instead, let your sweet ambrosia baptise my corpse in the name of love.

May this odious odour be the prove of my love even in my death.

And when i melt in disappearance,keep the windows open...

...just for the breeze to wash away my presence.

- ©️Itchy Fingers


The hot and dry earth was burning eagerly,

Like a thirsty panting dog searching for water tiringly,

Motionless trees stood anxiously to move their haunting leaves,

Birds sat on the branches looking exhausted and worn.

All impatiently lingering for solace,

It appeared as if they perked up to God for remedy,

And finally, their patience gave up,

And we are on the verge of mortality, closing their eyes to meet their end.

Nature showed its mercy and blew a wave of a terrific gale,

As the wind touched the trees, they swayed with joy,

Moving from one side to another, spreading their fragrance,

Encouraged birds to sing melodious songs of delight.

The entire atmosphere changed in a while,

The heavy clouds carried with them storms in their wings,

Let loose of it, allowing water to add steps to the song of nature,

Sweet and earthly fragrance added insanity to the party.

That day left a profound impact on my mind,

Life at times becomes dry and pale,

Everywhere and everything appears ready to devour,

No relief is seen anywhere, and we give up thinking things would not change.

Have patience, my mates, bear it with a smile,

Things will undoubtedly change,

A gush of fast gale will certainly fill life with joy,

Life will become magical and delightful in no time.

Life comes with bitterness and sweetness,

If we give up, we will never taste the success,

It is just a step away from the verge we decide to quit,

And God is always merciful to a patient individual.

- ©️Noor Tabassum


In the toppest hilly  mountains of the Kashmir, that wooden house far away from the reach of people, snowfalls & soothing weather all were so perfect for us to Congratulate our presence in the bornfire singing for each other & relaxing in each other's arms reading our books with a cup of coffee & kissing after every page is completed... I still remember the silly laughs & games we played out in the snow, those photographs with snowmans & skiing competitions we had... Those warm clothes which gave us both to be in one & sleep peacefully entire night imagining earth as heaven. Winters give us extra peace & calmness of mind to be each other's forever, no matter the leaves become dry & fall but he'll be always evergreen plant of my forest... 

I love you so much my winter man...

- ©️åñüshâvāñü


A day was always in an adoration with the solely night

But this air kept them apart

Just to signify it's existence throughout all breaths

And a breeze appeared to connect the love of day for a night

And illussioned a zenith

What could be a true love beyond boundaries

Where identities are touched while running through a perception

And thoughts of desires writing in a perception

Sometimes  a look of you can make a sense

Being loved by you can be the only existence 

And we made a breeze 

- ©️Amit Ghosh


Up from the sea, the warm breeze arises.

Across the bare lands, she spins and compels.

Silently she sings,the soft melodies of fortune, 

Silently she gives life to the tender souls.

Come our long longing splendor and fragrance,

 The fishermen whispered, bending along the sea shores.

Come with the fat fish, we want a big catch.

Come our dearest, and set our spinning hearts ablaze.

Emerge like wishes, and dissolve in to the sky.

And condensing the clouds, being with you a fortune.

Across the bare open lands,  

diffuse slowly and slowly.

 Come our nomad , the bending farmers sung.

 When the sun sinks deep into Our flesh, bring with you cold memories.

 When the dry wind blows  hard from the west horizon, bring with you  the best fortune. 

 Bring the best, whispered the trader.

- © Vikram


I could feel her warmth, in the early morning sunbeams,

My Mother was no more with me, still I could feel her breeze,

Looking up at the stars, I joined every twinkling constellation,

Ultimately asking them to freeze, as I met my sweet Mother.

The cool breeze then wrapped me, and I felt her presence,

As if she was protecting me, from every evil and looming darkness,

I melted in her cozy lap, and she patted my tensed back,

Telling me to stay calm, as there was white even in black.

As she touched me gently, all the cells started blooming with grace,

Like they had got their part of nutrition, from a motherly embrace,

A tale of so many ages, drowned with the flowing breeze,

As my mother's kiss made me believe, that she was still standing by me.

- ©Angarika


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