Poetry Collection About Jewel

Poetry Collection About Jewel is a compilation of some stunning poetry written by the writers of the international writing community - Jewel Skupina. Each poet has a different definition of the word "Jewel". Let's scroll down to read how different people think about the term "Jewel" in their own creative ways...

Poetry collection about Jewel - Peaceful Writers International

Why treat yourself like you don't matter?

Why think that there is someone better?

Why lower your self-esteem for that matter?

You are a precious gem so don't let down your guard.

A great poet you are

And they say a great poet is the most precious jealous of a nation

So glow, shine and reflect all good things in the world

A remarkable and talented singer you are

Take that rage, put it on page, take the page to the stage and blow the roof off the place

Because the only better thing to do than singing is more singing

A promising actor/ actress you are

They say actors are agents of change

So bring out that real animal in you

And make a difference in the world

For you are a precious jewel

In any sector you are 

Making a difference to the society

Treat yourself with high regard

And do more, do better

You are a jewel

You are indispensable 

- ©Olunga Yvonne

A beautiful woman,

They accord respect every man,

Her intelligence has no man to entertain,

Beauty of melanin,

One in a million.

Her smiles hide behind the sorrow,

Knows for today not tommorow,

Failures are lessons to borrow,

We're sorry we can't bow,

We can't go down,

Pick up yourself and wait for dawn.

A woman with a career,

No beards can tear,

Full of courage no fear,

Chest high we yield,

Can work in any field,

And will never get tired,

It's every years trend.

An all round jewel.

- ©Marygorett Mang'eni

My lost treasure

Without you, I’m lost

Naked and forever sad

My life is not worth living

I once had happiness

A person to cry with

A person to fool and tell the truth

But all that has vanished

I’m now alone

With no one to share my misery with

No one to give me a shoulder to lean on

No one  to hold and hug

Now I know not a kiss

Because I lost my kisser

The one who would kiss my worries away

And it is all my fault

I caused each and every inch of it

I failed to see true love in front of me

I was blindfolded by deceit

I even tried and failed to cheat

Because cheaters never succeed

Without you, it’s like religion without faith

The moon without the night

The sun without the day

My lost treasure

Without you I’m a desert

Just barren with no water

I’ll forever weep for you my beloved

- ©Nkosilamandla Kunene

I want to be remembered

Like a precious jewel, 

Like a variant warrior,

 Of my tales of valour

With my name  written in the book of writers, 

 The memories of me unceasing, the chronicles unforgotten.

I want to be remembered,

 Like a  loyal jewel, 

Like a sagacious king 

Who ruled in truth and justice, 

 Guided his people in rightly, 

 And prioritized parity.

A king who put his people interests first.

Granting utmost satisfaction to them.

 I want to be remembered, 

 As a black jewel, 

 Of black origin.

 Proud of his  skin colour and kind, 

 The beauty and uniqueness that many adored.

Strong and impeccable in rise,

 Stood to defend his people's future.

 Till the last breath of his mouth.

 I want to be remembered, 

 Like a jewel writer.

 Like a wildly experienced writer, 

 Excellence at creativity.

 With colourless imaginations 

 That expresses positivity.

 His name travelled ages through worlds,  

 I want to be remembered as the best jewel of the time...

- © Vikram

We all are the jewels on the throne of this world,

Everyone emitting our lustre and brightness to hold,

Some gems may take time to shine,

And some may shine early in time,

Never underestimate yourself when success doesn’t embrace early,

Remember that a diamond also needs a lot of polishing before it gleams slowly,

Everything happens at its appointed time, and hurrying can be detrimental,

So, always, allow things to happen at their time pleasurable,

Allow the diamond in you to undergo the sharp cuttings called failures,

Allow it to undertake the heat tests before shining and glowing,

And then they will see you as the Kohinoor of this world, unique, brilliant, and radiant,

But for that, develop the habit of remaining patient and persistent in hard work.

- © Noor Tabassum

How wonderful! The Jewels of this world. Her smile heals all the sores in my wounded heart, her love to me is unending, how can I describe everything? I only appreciate her romance...because she is my Jewel.

On her lap I sat, feeding on her powerful delicious milk, grew into a strong and powerful man, her love, her selfless personality, show me any other place to find it. Mother, you are a jewel to me.

All the great names, passed through the powerful hands of these jewels, from King David to Jesus Christ, Ishmael to prophet Muhammad, generation after generation and beauties and richness of this world are behind their great efforts. They are the jewels of this world.

Where do you get the courage to enslave this jewel? Because of its weakness! Will a man be a man if it abandons its weakness. And what will happen if this jewel refuses to shine. Let's appreciate their effort, embrace their ability, give them back their rights because they are the jewel of the world.

- © Kennedy Barasa

You let me dwell, grow & nurture in your womb,

My dear Mum, I am sorry for those scratches, kicks and wounds.

You starved to feed us in the days of poverty,

My dear dad, you raised us girls with so much dignity.

Those tiny little fairies sent to me to love, care and play,

My dear sisters, may this 'Bond of blood' never fade away.


When I have so much to say and no one to listen,

My dear friend, you are always there so that my spirits get strengthen.

The glowing beauty and the charm on my face,

My dear husband, you are the reason for all my grace.

With your babbling tongue when you called me "mum",

My dear children, the moment turned me emotionally numb.

When you look at me with those innocent radiant eyes,

My dear cats, it gives me the feeling of paradise.

My Almighty has over blessed me for sure,

My jewels of life are priceless and pure.

- ©Reshma Kausar Mohideen

Precious  ring and bracelet

All time strongest hold 

Precious Human around me

Sunrise and sunset never forgotten

Can't live without precious ring

Pillow around me  no one can use 

Every morning just need you

Seeing you by my side all through

Can't  live  without the jewel 

Unfading story of love around me

 Shoulder to lean on each moment

Guide my way and my pathway

Tell me what you want me to do

Listening to you is my priority

Need to make you happy anytime

Let's enter more deeply into this waters

Let's dive at more first way 

Hold me more tighter need not to submerge

The water is warm for both of us

Indeed it's so sweet being around you

You are too important to be forgotten

You are too beautiful to be left alone

I promise you forever you deserve

Smiling being and crown given to me

I love the way I feel about you

- ©Millicent Kipkemei

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