Poetry Collection About Motivation by Peaceful Writers International

Looking for some motivation, we asked our writers to pen down some stuff about motivation. Hence, we came up with this poetry collection about motivation. With motivation, comes a zeal to achieve and succeed. Let's read these poems about motivation with Peaceful Writers International...

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Poetry Collection About Motivation


🥇1st Position - Beena Shah🥇

सफलता का झरना

सोचा समझा काम करो,

विचार बनाओ सकारात्मक।

 गलतियों से दूर रहो,

 हिम्मत करेगी तुम्हें आश्वस्त।

 हार जीत लगी रहेगी,

 जीवन की दौड़ चलती रहेगी।

 हार कर बैठना भूल जाओ,

 लगातार प्रयास से जीवन आगे बढ़ाओ।

 अंतर्मन पर विश्वास रखो,

 लक्ष्य पर अपने ध्यान रखो।

 शिष्टाचार को ना भूलना,

 हर समय तुम खुश रहना।

 काम से अपने लगाव रखना,

 अच्छी संगत में ही उठना बैठना। 

जब मानते रहोगे अपनों का कहना,

 बहेगा तुम्हारे जीवन में भी सफलता का झरना...!!!

🥈2nd Position - Archishman Satpathy🥈

करवा देंगे आस्तित्व का दर्शन

आज चुप्पी में साहस थी,

कुछ पल की मजबूती थी ।

इसको कायरता मत समझना 


कुछ मिनटों की ये पूरी बुनियाद थी ।

वक्त का कदर करना सीखो

और अगर वक्त की चिंता हो तो

वक्त के साथ आगे बढ़ा भी करो ।

ना तो ये वक्त कभी रुकेगा

ना ही कभी कुछ कर दिखाने से रोकेगा ।

तुम बस अपनी मर्यादा बच्चा के रखो,

वक्त आने पर दुनिया का हर दीवार कांपेगा ।

सहस्र योजन पर अपने विचार रखो,

कभी सरलता भी अपना लिया करो ।

और जिस कदर तुम्हे लगे सही वक्त है

चिंता छोड़ मुश्किलों का चिता बना दो ।

ए जिंदगी तू सीखाते जा

चुनौतियों को हरगिज़ देते जा,

जब सही समय आएगा सबको बताऊंगा

दुनिया को अपना अस्तित्व जरूर दिखाऊंगा ।

-©® Archishman Satpathy

🥉3rd Position - साक्षी श्रीवास्तव 'मनीषी'🥉

अंधेरे कमरे में रो कर खुद चुप हो जाते है कुछ लड़के,

नौकरी खोजते खोजते गुम हो जाते है कुछ लड़के,

क्या कहते हो कहाँ मिलते है ऐसे लड़के?

ध्यान से देखो सब लड़कों में नज़र आते है ये कुछ लड़के।

- ©️साक्षी श्रीवास्तव 'मनीषी'


🥇1st Position - Angarika🥇


You call me weak, you call me a low living butterfly,

Someone who's born with fragile being of skies,

You see me clumsy and I'm full of cons in your eyes,

But you are unaware of the wings I adorn to fly high.

But the waves of oceans cradle and wrap me safe,

I walk on the forest fire in my apparels of strength,

Black flowers slither up my spine as I stiffen my soul,

There's courage in my eyes that keeps me on the track of goal.

My stiletto won't fumble in the deserts or hight hills,

Strap keeping me abreeze with the knock of my gills,

I'll plunge into the darkness to emerge as a Phoenix,

Kindling my eyes with tears that won't ever remix.

I'm strong and I'll knock off the wrongs and fight,

My wedges flutter make me more strong, and still, I rise,

I am my own inspiration!

- ©Angarika

🥇1st Position: Noor Tabassum🥇


A burglar may steal wealth and peace of mind from us,

He may leave us broken and in rags,

But whatever he takes, he can never steal the destiny we rule,

The talent which we possess and develop with utmost interest and love.

Talent is that gift from the Almighty, which changes the destiny,

A talented person never fears any failures as it is not his worry,

He knows he will stand because his talent will give him wings,

To see that he reaches heights though he may face few hurdles.

The talent we inherit is from our ancestors,

They are the ones who are our distributors,

This is such a gift that runs in our veins and acts as elevators,

But to bring it out, we need to be good investigators.

Develop your talents; it will take you to places,

Your profession may be different, but your talent makes you win races,

Even if you are a non-dancer, the moves you do may make you exceed in dances,

You can win hearts by becoming a motivational speaker and win glances.

🥈2nd Position: Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay🥈

The Motivation Of My Life

I sat on the bench, heartbroken, tensed about how to tell my parents that I was fired from my job, I hated all these 5 years! But still I managed under them, because of the high salary they paid for my post, so I continued with the work I never did!

 I know they won't believe me, as they've seen me from childhood, how obedient and faithful I was. 

But how could I tell them I was fired just because I don't wear short skirts! I don't show off my skin as other female employees do!

I was immersed in my thoughts, when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned back and saw my mother standing behind. She came front and sat beside me. “ Are you not getting an idea to tell us that you're fired?! ” I began with hesitation, “ Mom, how do you know about it? ”

She repeated her old dialogue, “ A mother can understand her child more than anyone else. ” I continued, “ I had a small argument with my boss today about my clothes, he asked me to wear shorter dress, but I came dressed as usual! So, he fired me... I know I should've followed his order, but mom I'm so sorry...! ”

I thought she would think that I'm wrong and would ask me to rejoin...but all of a sudden, she hugged me and said, “ Don't think so much, dear. I and your dad care about you, not your job or salary. We atleast have enough money to give you a luxurious life...so never think like that. ”

I didn't expected this. Soon, my father came and as usual he taunted, “ Again you two started gossiping, nobody cares about this old man in this house! ” he told with a dramatic expression. I got up and hugged my dad, “ I got fired, papa. I'm so sorry. ”

He put his hand on my head, “ That boss should be fired instead! Making our daughter sad, how dare him! ” he told with a hilarious face.

I realised how wrong I was in understanding them! I thought they would blame me, but instead they didn't had a single complaint against me!

Now, with this great motivation, I was determined to try again in other jobs, and soon got one. It was a post of a junior designer. Don't worry about my salary, it was enough for me in a month. And this time, I wasn't discriminated for my clothes, as an artist is defined by her works, not her clothes.

Within a very short time, I was promoted to the post of supervisor of designers, and moreover I was happy with my work.

And all this, was possible because of the great motivations of my life, my loving parents...

-  ©® Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay 

🥈2nd Position: Clarisse Kyra Caguioa🥈

Phoenix’s Flame

It is there inside her but in some days it’s missing,

Unwilling to present itself no matter how hard you keep on looking,

Leaving without any trace as if it wasn’t there at all,

Anxiety builds up as she wondered if she’s already going to fall.

Before, motivation was alive and blazing deep in her soul,

Where is it now when she desperately needed it to reach her goal?

More unanswered questions kept on coming,

Yet there’s one that stood out, “Am I losing?”

Should she push herself or just go with the life’s flow?

This is tough for her, wanting to feel the enthusiasm’s glow

But it is not there, where did it go?

Frustration embraced her, she is feeling low.

Despite the numbness, she continued to believe,

Trusting that, soon, her dreams would be achieved,

For now, she will let this feeling to linger,

Yet she’ll not lose for she is a believer.

As time passes by, she is getting closer to the light,

Perhaps that is the phoenix’s flame, it is shining bright!

It’s growing steadily, slowly lifting her sorrows,

‘You’re here,’ she cried as motivation covered her hollows.

The motivation’s flame resurrected her, it’s time to move ahead

For she does not want to feel once again being cold and dead.

- C.K. Caguioa

🥉3rd Position: Kirti Giridhar🥉

When my journey began on this universe who thought what I will actually become?

Being a bundle of joy to my family while being an immortal soul to my body. 

My journey began when I entered the gateway of sorrows and happiness. 

As I started observing, walking, learning, yearning for happiness, satisfaction, creating a mirage of expectations and focusing on the end results. 

God had already blessed me with an angel my biggest source of motivation my mother,  my everything, the sole reason behind my creativity and the only best friend I have. 

On one fine day when I was sitting in my room in despair,  feeling am I even good enough, when striked by adversity, wondering do I even deserve this pain?

A voice whispered in my ears "Kirti, you are not responsible for what happens in your life, the circumstances you face you have no power over them. But what you can do is to make a decision whether to remain the way you are right now the one who gets so happy when something good happens and the one who gets sad and anxious when something bad has happened or to be a soul who remains the same irrespective of the external environment. Then she quoted what Lord Krishna said to Arjun "Do your Karma it is your responsibility rather than focusing on the fruit you will receive for it. Just keep doing it for the pleasure of God. You have no control over the result but you can exercise full control over the everyday actions you take."

Moreover, then she told me about the "Buddhi Yog" the soul, the intellect and the mind. How we crib always that we are the slaves of the wishes of our mind. It is not at all difficult to control your mind. It's the soul 's decision that makes the difference at the end of the day. It was as if I felt more at ease and the change that I was more devoted towards my goals than ever before. 

My life changed after listening to her. I realised how often am I actually aware of what I want. The circle of my life not revolves around others it revolves around me and God. 

The immeasurable emotion of satisfaction resides in me.

It was from that day onwards whenever I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is to express my gratitude to the almighty for everything he has blessed me. 

The moral of the story is:-

We are already possessed with the things that we actually search for in others and all we need to do is to wake up and through the unwavering focus do our best by being unaffected by the events of our life and just keep moving forward as the creators of our own universe.

- Kirti Giridhar

🥉3rd Position: Sheril Mustalee🥉


Some love and some hurt,

And others play their games.

They pretend to be your friend,

While behind your back are lighting flames.

These people are all around,

Some we know and some we don't.

But eventually, they are seen,

And are dismantled off their throne.

The only thing I can manage to say is,

About people just like this,

If they are very unhappy people,

And hurting others to them is bliss.

When it is that they are found,

You have a choice or two.

Remove them from your life,

Or play the game they play with you.

Playing the game with them,

Can bring you down to their level.

You'll often feel fake and sometimes feel played,

But we sometimes have to entertain the devil.

If turning away is an option,

And sometimes this isn't so.

Choose to live your life around people,

Who wants you to be happy and grow.

Sometimes we can't choose the people,

That fills our every day.

But we will always have the option,

Of how often certain people can stay.

So decide on which people make you happy,

And choose people that want to see you grow.

Being around positive, strong people,

Will make you feel happier so.

🎖️Special Mention: K S Ramakrishnan🎖️


Motivation gives thrust, energy towards our work.

When we know the roles and responsibility, why do we expect motivation from others?  Motivation required for the mentally weak person.

Motivation lies on ourselves. I used to maintain a dairy at my end. I schedule myself for the day. What I have to do from the early morning till I go to bed. 

I tried to avoid negative thoughts, not possible attitude people, not to spend a single minute which did not fetch my knowledge or earnings.

If I am disturbed any particular day, I used to watch my all-time favourite singer Dr SPB Sir songs, which gives mental relaxation.

We can't expect motivation from any other human being. The only thing I can do to get rid of my stress is to do my passion. I am having multiple passions at my end. 

In between work I used to do it which gives self-motivation. I know my strength, weakness and opportunity threats.

If I find time, I write anything on my own to refresh myself. I am getting relaxed also.

Attending seminar training sessions increases knowledge, not motivation. 

I have a leadership quality on many occasions, which gives me motivation.

Everyone has to explore new things then you can see it gives goosebumps. 

As far as I am concerned, self-discipline is motivation.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

🎖️Special Mention: Drishti Sethi🎖️

Need of motivation

Everyone needs some motivation or inspiration in life. It helps to achieve your dreams. It provides encouragement to do better in life. If you want to do something new in life, then motivation is required. 

Motivation helps us to improve our well being. It reflects something different about each one of us. It develops a sense of purpose in life for us. Motivation is what changes our thinking, feelings and behaviour.  

Motivation is what helps to provide clarity to achieve our goals. It is important to keep moving ahead in life. It helps us to manage our time and be productive and efficient in our work. Motivation helps us to be creative, to set goals, make plans and grow interests. 

So, have some motivation in life and move ahead. 

- Drishti 


Yes you are beautiful the way you are

Just trying to forget what happened,

And move forwards in the way you are!

Life will be repeating those moments

For which we are guilt feeling them!

Yes, you only have to move forward,

Beyond the excellence, thinking outward.

For that I cared today and felt happy

That you are self-loving and focussed,

I had thought something foolish and

You turned out to be that lucky nightmare.

Varying the conscience and focus

The attendance of mind with soul is,

Just spellbound to acknowledge now!

For the last meet be in the focus of cast

It will be definitely your zeal booster,

And trust me we all have bright faith.

That you can surely achieve


-©® Archishman Satpathy


I'm impatient, 

I'm a lover, 

I'm anxious,

To spoil with love, 

But your words are a mountain on my back,

Maybe it's because everyone sees his burden as the heaviest.

I wish to be true,

I wish to be honest,

I wish to be romantic,

I wish to be the best,

And I wish to have a chance,

To do that with you.

I may look hilarious,

But the truth is I am desperate,

I am impecunious,

You are priceless,

But unlike forces attract,

Please understand me.

- Kelvin Muzira (the curve)

Sometimes, you don't know HOW but you know YOU WILL & that spirit take you to path of HOW YOU WILL. 

- ©Shreya Gupta 


Life is like a closed  elevator, it keeps trying to close us from all sides 

But all of us can hope to break those walls only from ourselves & if you have the courage to have this hope then be it life or lift, nothing can confine you.

Life will continue getting harder every day the moment you refuse to let go of the past 

Everyone's fear is hidden in his/her past & fear keeps pulling you back into the past. Once you get trapped in your past, you will never be able to get out of it.

Never be so confident in life that you don't know what failure is because till you're afraid of the failure, you will be confident.

Struggles in life are endless, you have to face all situations 

be it depression be it whatever it might be, just have to be You,  because

Its you who saw & know what happened in the past

Its you who see & understand what's happening right now And its you who will see & face what will happen in the future.

So, whatever decision you make today is the lead to your destiny/future.                          

- ©Joyce


It's journey...

No one is head and nobody is behind...

Everyone is there on at right place wherever square measure ...

It is not competition...

Life continuously provides you lesson...

We all square measure teacher and that we all square measure students at same time...

I want to mention cash isn't everything...

In life you'll be able to purchase automotive thereupon cash however not happiness...

With the cash you cannot purchase love,care, emotions and folks...

Money is temporary happiness...

When it's there life you'll be happy and once it's is gone you'll cry in your Lamborghini...

Dream with none coming up with it's like automotive while not gas ...

It's not concerning cash everytime...

Because cash is like water,

Water ne'er stop flow ...

Successful folks create cash it is not that money create folks eminent...

Successful folks attract cash and that they bring success to what they do...

The one that brings a automotive from his earning and cash is a lot of eminent than he brings for showing off...

- Semina Himani


Many times I felt inferior and was judged harshly.

But my motivation to achieve my goal get stronger with their every humiliation.

I thought to expand my knowledge and 

Knowledge become my secret weapon to

Retaliate their actions.

- Dr. Sulekha Yadav 

The more you walk forward in life?

The more life is going to take you to wierd paths.

Make sure.

Your has tough has your journey and keep walking.

- @abhii_mac

Break your silence 

Raise voice against violence 

Stop seeing wrong

But stand strong 

Be own 

Becoming dependent 

Fight for your independence 

Make your future bright 

Make the dreams light 

Change the society eyesight 

Let's other stop 

But remember for own 

You gave to fight 

Yourself,  you will define 

Become an inspiration 

Let's do motivation 

Start a new creation

Create a new nation 

Now begin your journey.

- Anwesha Rath

This was a quick dose of motivation by the writers of Peaceful Writers International. Motivation is like sugar in a cup of tea of hustle that is added to enhance the flavour. 

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By Mr. Archishman Satpathy and Miss Shanaya Stephens

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