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At Peaceful Writers International, we explore new themes daily. The writers explore the world and bring out the best in them with their words. Today, we decided to write about rainbow, the symbol of colours, the symbol of beauty, and the symbol of joy. With the monsoon season at its peak, let's read some poems about rainbow today. Yes, our talented writers penned down these pleasing poems about rainbow.

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Friendship is like a Rainbow of emotions,

The union of true friends is an angelic amalgamation.

It has certain charm and magical power,

Like the wild Violets which make the bees travel so far.

It calls for sincerity & dignity for comrades,

Like the supreme calibre of the rich Indigo shade.

It brings a sense of calmness and serenity,

Like the Blue sky which showers the Earth with affinity.

Buddies are like ladders of growth and prosperity,

Like those tiny seeds that help to raise tall Green trees.

It's woven with the thread of hope and happiness,

Like the Yellow rays of Sun that frees the Earth from Darkness.

It fills their heart with energy and positive change,

The way Autumn drizzles the tints of refreshing Orange.

They sail their boat of love in the deep oceans of sacrifice,

Like the Red rose which scents even better after it subsides.

- ©reshma_kausar_mohideen


A rainbow of love! What not is love than a beautiful bright explosion of colours? Red for the heart that cares...orange for the unique relationship...yellow for shinning happiness...green for luck and growth...blue for the trust and confidence...purple for the royal and magical moments!

- ©Jaunmarie Rheeder


When the sun reflect on the rain,

Spectrum of colours arch in the sky with beautiful scene.

VIBGYOR is the spectrum of colours with their wavelenth,

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red shining on drops of rain.

A rainbow is hope for everyone's to love and survive,

It endow us vibrance of colours to instill in our life.

The  rainbow is a great message by God,

To even shine under shades of cloud and tears of rain.

After thunder, lightening and drizzle of rain,

A sweet sight of rainbow dazzle our eyes.

One day I was sad and was wiping musky tears with rain,

Colours of rainbow in beautiful arc filled my heart with joy.

I felt rejuvenated and loved,

Got message to flourish and prosper uncurbed.

- ©Dr. Sulekha Yadav


Like an arch in the sky,

Popping up when the sun entered in the continuous rain.

VIBGYOR competing in the bow by being more attractive in the sky.

And entertaining the mankind.

- ©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


Looked for days to the sky which looked pale blue,

Nothing exciting to hold and nothing new,

Morning scorching hot and nights filled with stars few,

The infinite sky spread wide till where the eyes could see.

Then one day filled my heart with new zeal,

New excitement and my heart danced with a new feel,

At the sight of a rainbow which portrayed itself faraway to reach and peal,

As if it had come and all our problems would heal.

The dull sky was painted with red, yellow, green, orange, violet, indigo, and blue,

As for the colour and it was there to glow,

As if it filled the pale sky with colours of glee,

And the sky was flaunting its glory.

Similarly, friends, when life gets monotonous,

Nothing new or nothing splendid or mysterious,

Have patience and wait for the day when your sky will exhibit its rainbow glorious,

And your life will be filled with colours splendors’.

- ©️Noor Tabassum


A naked beauty swirls in my eyes, with absolutely no shade to cherish,

You heard me right, dear reader! I'm a blind human who'd perish,

I long for purple shades, and viridian grasslands and plateaus,

But I'm devoid of rods and cones, they don't keep me sane and sober.

After ages of waiting for someone, I finally found this beauty,

Who was ready to sacrifice herself, and donate me her iris,

She had met with an accident then, and was about to fade away,

And had decided to lend her vibes, to humans who needed her solace.

That's when I was astonished, as my eyes finally opened,

No more darkness surrounded, I was seeing white and vermilion,

As I went to my donor, she stayed lifeless on the wooden bed,

I carefully caressed her face, and a tear trailed down my chest.

Suddenly it landed on her eyes, and time stopped for a while,

She started shivering a bit, like cool zephyr had touched her vibes,

She yawned gently and smiled, then opened her beautiful eyes,

Had I been hallucinating? For was the prettiest girl this lifetime. 

Hours passed and I couldn't believe, no one bothered to notice,

I realized suddenly that I was transparent, who had been smiling and talking,

Then it happened to me, that we both had been in an accident,

I was approached for eyes then, but it never blended so well.

We gave up together on Earth, but met for eternity in heaven,

She was the Rainbow in my life, who came and perished in few seconds!

- ©Angarika


Kaisa gehra rishta hai, ye tera aur Chaand ka,

Jo sirf raat mein nazar aaye, kya kisi ne dhokha diya?

Hothon par muskan liye, thoda sa sharmati ho,

Kya taaron ne milkar tumhe, Chaand ka mukut pehna diya?

Jo odhni odhkar aati ho, aur sooraj ke saamne nahi aati,

Kya hua tha aisa, jo tumne raat hone ka faisla liya,

Andhere ki chandni mein, tum behad khubsurat lagti ho,

Zaroor nazar na lage isiliye, kala teekha lagaya hoga.

Indradhanush ki chandni, tumhari aankhein kar de deewana,

Shayad ek aashiq tumhare paas ho, lekin ek yahan bhi hai khada.

- ©Angarika



I walked around in black like a fan of the Raiders

I walk around trapped by the words of my haters

I’m bitter, and it shows

Broken and brittle to the bones

A week in the closet, I slept there alone

Jamie could hear me crying, and I turned off my phone

I felt like dying, I've never been so low

Seventy degrees, but I felt frozen in snow

My psychiatrist tried to help me, but couldn’t

My therapist wanted more sessions, I wouldn't

My family wanted me to admit myself

I knew God was the answer, I just didn't wanna admit myself

I used to be strong, man, I miss my health

I'm bipolar, and my guilt made it worse

Mania is a gift, these lows are a curse

I couldn’t take it anymore

I was laying there shaking on the bathroom floor

All I need is just you to add touch of rainbow colours in my life. Maybe then living won't be hell

- ©️Sheril Mustalee


Once I looked up feeling down the day was windy the clouds were coal black.

As I saw the black clouds...

the clouds of emotions inside me grew heavier...

The crowd around me was disappearing...

.so my happiness was...

Reality felt cold and wet its then I realised it was raining already...

It was stormy outside...

I dozed off as I was trying to calm the storm of things inside me...

The warm feeling and chirping of bird woke me up...

The sky was clear with a beautiful rainbow shining brightly...

The storm inside me calmed because 

I realised that..

Every beautiful rainbow Comes after harsh storms , thunders and rains.

- ©️Prerna Sinha


Whenever it rains,

I forget all my pains,

when it vanishes all my dirty stains... 

making clearly visible my all mains...

Relaxing with him, 

and the worrying me,

Allowing my love to extinguish over...

and welcome the sunrays everywhere...

All seven colours, 

in my defective eyes, 

blurs the vision except our favorites...

Blindness also got defeated by bow...

I wish I could touch, 

I wish I could clutch, 

how I like beauty as much as much...

the painting of mine in the sky as such...

 - ©️ åñüshâvāñü (The Anuradha)

"इंद्र तू और धनुष भी तुझे, ना जाने मुझे क्यों पुकारे फिर वो रंगो से भरे आसमान की रूप सुंदरी..."

 -åñüshâvāñü (The Anuradha)

Colours of Rainbow are smiles of nature,

Nature creates the movement of colours of Rainbow

And to make colours appear as rainbow,

We need both rain and sun.

Skirting your issues ,circling your core,

Leads to endless illusion.

We are so amazed to view Rainbow appeared Naturally 

Rainbow's are so much colourful in nature,

All colours of rainbow are arbitrary,

Live your life in full colour,

We live in a rainbow of chaos.

- ©️Maya Tungaria 


Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow

Filled with different colors, you glow and glow

Your colours so bright and beautiful, they brighten the morn

Your radiance surpasses beauty

Your warmth covers the world

Once I look at your appearance, I become enchanted

And my feelings become so lively and slightly enacted

Who am I to behold such great scenery?

I always question myself, while looking up and smiling so sillily

Oh and oh, I scream with great delight

Wishing I could get the chance to touch your beautiful light

Meanwhile admiring the impact of your magnificent sight

No matter what you are, looming high above in the sky

I will always admire the art of your arc and look up at you with a smile

- ©️Licia Jayla

"Indradhanush sa aaya tu meri berang zindagi mein rangon ka eshsaas laya tu..."

 -åñüshâvāñü (The Anuradha)

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