The Lost Bharat by Saswat Kumar Sahu


What is Bharatvarsh?

If I spell the word, “INDIA”, by what thoughts you are flooded with? What image you created in your mind? Well, I can guess most of you would think about huge population, vast diversities, largest Constitution, complex democracy, major problems etc. It’s the harsh reality that we Indians have to accept. Some of you must have heard that India is a developing nation in the current times. What if I will tell you that India is a highly developed nation in this world! India is that Golden bird which is still chirping although it lost its golden colour. 
The world only knows India as the giver of ZERO (0), Decimals, Vedic Maths and Geometry from its ancient text, but the reality is far ahead than these facts. Most of the greatest known laws in Science and Mathematics were already devised in India. But I am sad to say that the achievements of India are lesser-known to the world. In Bharat also if you do a public survey and ask the youths who is Maharishi Baudhaayan, who is Maharishi Kanad, who is Bhaskaracharya? I am pretty sure none of them could answer. These great names are veiled behind Tad leaves instead of praising them for their unmatchable works towards science and mathematics. Everyone remembered Sir Issac Newton for his work in physics but never try to know about Maharishi Kanad. India was the wealthiest territory, both in knowledge and asset. But due to the gradual invasion of outsiders (not belonging to India), massive loots, colonisation etc we lost our real diamond.
One of the major degradation of its culture and glamour over time could be the delocalisation of the Sanskrit language. Almost every ancient book was written in Sanskrit, so for this generation, it is difficult to understand those texts. Another reason is that the native’s minds were diverted from their culture by the colonial power to show the supremacy of their own religion. People got alienated from their own culture. Invaders left no effort to destroy the symbols of our culture. Particularly many wealthy temples were destroyed, manuscripts were burnt, scholars were slaughtered, many texts were stolen or copied over time, etc. Overall, we can say that our faith and beliefs were broken from time to time. More accurately if you turn the pages of our history you can find that this territory’s original name is not what we call it today. In our scriptures, there is no name like “INDIA”. This name was given by the Europeans who sailed here. The Mughals termed it as “HINDUSTAN”. The actual name of this land is “BHARAT”. The originality of the nation is harassed. 


If we go through the pages of the past, India lost above 90% of its wealth since the Mongols came to India. If invasion would not occur in India, then it must be the king of all countries of the world at the present date. From the destruction and looting of Somnath Temple, 17 times to burning and smashing the Nalanda University gives the example of brutal behaviour of invaders. During the reign of Mughals and Britishers, many temples and religious places are turned to dust, just for showing their power. Many of them learned Sanskrit in order to extract the knowledge and copy it to become famous. Mahmud of Ghazni who attacked Somnath temple took away all the wealth worth about 30 million dinars (about 7,28,53,20,096 INR). His main targets were temples as he knew that these are the storehouse of wealth. Another heart-wrenching incident was with Nalanda University. It is the first university on earth. Many students from outside also came there. When Bakhtiyar Khilji attacked it, he set the university on fire, as a result, many students and teachers were burnt alive. When the fire catches the library it took 3 months to extinguish. You can imagine how much knowledge was turned to ashes. Not only during the Mughals Bharat had to bear the loss of wealth but also during the British colonisation one can find great devastation of resources. The indiscriminate exports from Indian raw materials to their infant manufacturing capital, England, led to both biological and economical crises. Moreover, the war expenses and demands were supplied from India. Tonnes of timber, iron ore, cotton, tea leaves, gold, diamonds and other precious stones were sent to their capital city. There are no records of how many soldiers were martyred in the Second World War. Some of their viceroys even attempted to break down the idols of our deities. This list will stretch long if I consider everything. 


Now you say, what has India given to the world? The answer is everything that we study, use and know today. If you ask what are those, then you will be shocked by the list that I have. Well! The following things are listed which were first in Bharat:-

∆ The first-ever university in the world. The Nalanda and Taxasila University.

∆ The buttons that we use today was first made by Harappan Civilisation.

∆ The shampoo and flush based toilets were invented by Harappan Civilisation.

∆ The chess and snake and ladders and Ludo were first invented in India.

∆ India gave the concept of Astanga Yoga Sutra by Maharshi Patanjali.

∆ The concept of atoms, molecules and laws of motion (Newton’s laws of motion) was earlier formulated by Maharshi Kanad in his book, Vaisesika Sutra.

Maharshi Shushruta was the first to perform plastic surgery, removing cataracts, giving the whole anatomy of the human body at that time when medical science was yet to develop in the rest of the world.

Maharshi Bhaskaracharya had given the law of Gravitation much before Sir Isaac Newton.

Rishi Baudhayan had already given the Sulbhasutra which is now known as Pythagoras theorem and also extended his work in Geometry.

∆ Bharat is first to give the concept of Vimana or the aircraft and also the knowledge of nuclear weapons and the power of those weapons. The most significant contribution was of Maharshi Bharadwaj.

∆ It has given the most accurate, scientific, complete and fully developed language, i.e., Sanskrit.

Aryabhatt had not only given the numerical zero (0), but also contributed on Astrophysics, Astronomy and gifted the most precise value of Pi (π).

∆ Bharat had given the knowledge of Ayurveda.

∆ Martial Art was originated in South India or the Dravidian region

∆ Bharat has very rich knowledge in the field of Architecture and Engineering, the temples that were not only meant for devotion and faith but also for serenity in mind and body.

Ancient blacksmiths had a good knowledge of metallurgy. So bells are made with a perfect mixture that can produce vibrations that can sharpen the mind and are able to produce 9D sound effects.  

∆ The oldest and developed civilisation, the Harappan Civilisation, and the oldest religion, the Sanatan Dharma, are from Bharat.

There are more scientific contributions of Bharat which are yet to discover. In our religion, we chant Mantras, Stotrams and Namavallis which are proved to be very fruitful for our mental, physical and spiritual health. According to James Hartzell, a neuroscientist stated that memorising Sanskrit Shlokas enhances the cognitive part of the brain. This particular phenomenon is called the Sanskrit Effect. Sanskrit is said to be the mother of all languages, including foreign languages also. The country has gifted Shrimad Bhagwat Gita to the world which is proving as best from time to time. Imagine for a while, think that all the above-cited things were not invented then what will happen. That’s why, in the beginning, I said that it is a highly developed nation.
I am saying with great pain that today’s generation is privileged from knowing how glorious their culture is!
The pain of hearing insults of India from its own natives hurts more than the torture from the foreigners. My intention of writing on this topic is meant for awareness towards our land, actual past and cultures. It’s a work based on true facts and research. 

About The Author:
Saswat Kumar Sahu
Saswat Kumar Sahu is a young writer from Deogarh, Odisha having an elderly experience in writing. He has started his writing journey at the age of 16 years. Since then he had participated in more than 150 anthologies.

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  2. Very informative and beautifully penned.

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