Things To Be Kept In Mind If You Want Your Dream To Come True...

Things To Be Kept In Mind If You Want Your Dream To Come True...by Aditi Singh of Peaceful Writers International

 1. No points, no grades, no statements can witness your talent, can prove, depict or judge your talent or ability.

•Your grades can't decide what you are going to be in your future life. The world can change in a month, thoughts in a day, possibilities in a minute, time in a sec and a person, anytime. So, your grades today, can't describe your time tomorrow.

•It's just you and your determination that matter.

2. Not even the most perfect person in the world can judge you.

•Every person has his own quality. And as same, you have your own. Even the most intelligent person can't say whether you are intelligent or not. Even the most beautiful person can't say whether you are beautiful or not. Even the most capable person can't describe what things you are capable to do. But why can't they? Because you are unique. You are different. You are special. You have your own merits and demerits. You have your own pros and cons. No one can describe what you are, unless or until you show them what you really are. You aren't the copy of the best people at the world; hence, they can't judge you on the basis of what they know.

3. Make your own identity special.

•Once, Joker said, "Don't be easy to define. Let them wonder who you are." and that touched me hard! You can't be so easy that people can justify you just after talking or meeting you. Confuse them. Be wondrous. Let them guess hard what your real self is! Don't let others describe you in just some words. Be the one, whose identity needs infinity number words to be described perfectly. Be the one, for whom words aren't enough to describe. Words are hard to match your identity. Be like every time someone meets you, he finds a new YOU. He finds a stranger even after meeting for the thousandth time.

4. Always think of yourself as a superhero.

•A superhero is a very hard person to be unless you want to be!

•A superhero does what he thinks is right. If he had cared about what people will think, he wouldn't have been a SUPERHERO. He would have been just a normal man like others.

•This society leaves no way to bring you down. "They try to beat, whom they can't defeat.” Ever heard? This line perfectly defines what the world does with the people who are brighter than it. Everyone taunts a superhero but only a few appreciate him. People try to bring the person down who goes higher than them. So, whenever you feel that the world is hating you or opposing your ideas and you, just know that you are doing something greater than anyone. Because people love to be with the people who are down than them.

5. Have Patience.

•"Great things take time." When you are planning something big, it will take many steps and much time to be accomplished. Many of the times you'll see the ones around you, succeeding faster than you and you may get frustrated but that doesn't need you to quit. Later when you'll be at the point where you wanted to be for so long, you'll find the very people who succeeded faster than you, just down at your toes' tip or maybe more down than that. And at that time you'll realise why you needed to be patient and calm. Those who were laughing at you would be the ones you would be laughing at.

When time sees you, truly dedicated and patient in a world where people don't even wait for their paid food, time wants to test your capability, patience and devotion because the goal for which you are preparing is not so easy to be achieved. It wants to see whether you are worthy of it or not, whether you are capable of it or not. It tests you and your potential and it will test you unless or until you give up like others! But your goal wants you to be dedicated and stick to it and when the time loses from you, the destiny that said, "You are not worth it.", loses too. The people who said, "You can't.", lose too! They all lose, and You end up being the new star of the world, being the new successful name of the world.

6. Learn how to delete negativity.

● Not always people are there to encourage or help. Sometimes they come into your life to criticize you, your work and your ambitions. They’ll divert you from your destination. They’ll try to brainwash you. They’ll misguide you, bring up your insecurities and show you how weak you are. Doesn’t matter how good your condition is, they’ll never stop to bring mistakes in you, make a joke of you. And it may be possible that they are someone you are really fond of. At that time you might believe what they say and try to change yourself according to them, try to change your path and even aim for them. But later you’ll find that you are just where they are. You might have been somewhere better but due to your priorities, you got stuck at their level and they are no longer with you. They’ll leave you anytime they find someone better. So, for these kinds of people, the step you can take is to cut them off your life. They'll not only take you down but also bring negativity to your life. And cutting negativity from just its stem won’t end it.

7. Have yourself with you.

 ● Many times, you need someone to hold you up, support you and tell you what to do. And it's totally okay to hope so. But don’t make it your weakness. It's great if you find someone you wanted but if you haven’t, be that person. The only opinion that matters should be your own.

● Remember one thing- ‘The world has enough to be against you. Have yourself with you.

~Keep in Mind~ 

Writer’s Bio

Aditi Singh is a student of 16 from Jharsuguda, Odisha. She is studying in standard 11th in DAV Public School. She has been writing since she was 13. She wants to pursue writing as her passion and career. You can contact her in Instagram @unspoken4583

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