Time For People To Change Their Perspective

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” —Confucius

Time For People To Change Their Perspective an article by Peaceful Writers International

Quite true, isn’t it? The only planet where life exists, the nation with the most diverse culture, a loving family, loyal and honest friends, a better life, and what not…We might not realize this but we forget to appreciate how much we are fortunate and blessed, or shall I say we take it for granted? To begin with, let me bring forth the fact that we humans are the most intelligent beings on this whole planet and that’s why we are known superiorly to the rest of the beings. We bring honour to our motherland with our incredible intelligence, and we are even making our life king-sized now. When God created our universe, he aimed for the perfect place where every particle of his creation could spend its whole life peacefully. From those microscopic planktons to the blue whale could live pleasantly. But one of his creation i.e. HUMANS have forgotten about it all. Everything is just being itself. Even Humans are just humans, all dazzling on their own.  Now when we are talking about the thoughts and inventions of our minds we need to be appreciated for these mind-blowing scales with which we determine how much respect and opportunity a person is going to have in their entire lifetime.

We sure are the superior species, but with great minds come to a fact that often we forget that it’s us who have to control our thoughts, not the other way around. There should be no place for any kind of discrimination against languages, skin colours, religion, or anything else. Every individual matters. Everyone has the right to live. Then why in some places people are being forced to live a life they don't want to? Which is most of the time is done in the name of culture. With these matters covering the sunlight, leaving only shadows behind. Don't you think it’s time for people to clean their minds??

Today, Women sure are valued in our society but just as a rare jewel that is meant to be showcased behind the four walls. When a girl is born, she is considered as 'Paraya Dhan' who will be married off to someone else and when married, she is considered as an outsider. Then where does she belong to? Because of this mindset behind the so-called 'Paraya Dhan' many families don't spend money on their daughter's proper grooming, don't give them freedom don't let them study and in worst cases, the innocent newborn girl is murdered. Girls who want to pursue their dreams who want to create a life they want for themselves sometimes after reaching a certain age are forced to marry and to be a slave at someone's home. Marriage which used to be a pure word dedicating how two souls after falling in love become one is now just another definition of greedy settlement between two families, a burden which a man and a woman must carry on just to satisfy that greed. Even the men are sometimes seen to be forced to marry just to keep the cycle of a generation going.

We are living in a society where a girl's birth is still frowned upon. From birth to death, a female is expected to rely on someone, whether it is her brother or father when they are young, their husband when they are married, or their son when they are old. The entire house's respect and honour are assumed to be dependent on a female, and in order to safeguard their honour, they are imprisoned within the four walls. With the passage of time, girls have shown what they are worthy of, and if given wings to fly, they can soar high with beautiful colours, embracing not only themselves but also their family with honour and dignity.

Every story begins from Home.  However, it is also where one is first educated about gender conventions, attitudes, and prejudices. Home chores are one of the most common examples. Housework is traditionally reserved for women. From the time a baby is born, whether male or female, prevailing social norms in their culture begin to define how they should be treated, what privileges they should have, and how they should behave. Listening to "behave like a girl", "sit like a girl", "don't do that, only boys can do this", there should be an end to such hypocrisy. Girls and women are not just subjected to abuse and harassment, but they also struggle to receive equal wages and opportunities.  Their gender plays a major role in their skills or capabilities. Without a doubt, the home environment has the greatest impact on gender role development, with parents moulding and passing on their own gender ideas to their children.

There will always be a solution to a problem. If we look for a solution, we may come across words like "women empowerment," "gender equality," and other similar phrases. Gender equality is not just a basic human right, but also a prerequisite for a world that is happy, affluent, and healthy. Gender equality can create a competitive environment and lead to assertions that women are superior to males. This is not what gender equality should imply. It should be about having equal opportunities regardless of gender. Looking at the current situation, it is clear that, despite numerous initiatives to promote women empowerment and gender equality, many people continue to be denied basic humanitarian rights. Being a girl puts us in a lot of unfavourable situations in our daily lives. Having several rights and laws do not result in change. When people want to modify their perception, the transformation begins.

In our patriarchal society, being a man is a source of pride and respect, and living in such a society makes it extremely difficult for a girl to exist. In such a society, everything from her fundamental lifestyle to the passion or goal, she wants to pursue is squashed or objected to. So many females may be suppressed over the world just because they were born into a society where they have no room to breathe, live, or fly. We do not want to repress or abuse the rights of the other gender by demanding our rights. We are not asking the roles or rights of men to be replaced in society, but we do not want our rights to be jeopardized because of our gender or just because we are female. We want a society in which each gender is valued and given the opportunity to bloom. Gender prejudice and stereotyping of any kind are unacceptable and must be addressed in order to achieve a brighter future and a society in which we all can live in peace and harmony. After dawn, the sunrise gives a new ray of hope, and similarly, all we can want and dream for is a ray of hope that will transform our perspective.

About The Authors: 

Bhavya Keshari is a girl with lots of dreams and ambitions. She is a quick learner, so she always seeks knowledge and want to try something new and her Mamma has always supported her in this. Bhavya is too much into psychology and is always thirsty to know about herself. She is someone with a very kind heart and has a huge love and respect for plants and animals. She wants to be a person in her life who has contributed a lot in saving the environment and out MOTHER EARTH. She is quite an introvert and as an INFJ writing has always been a part of her life and also she has been appreciated so many times by her family and her have inspired her greatly in so many aspects of life. Insta: @bhavya_keshari

Manshi Sadade is from Nasik, a city situated on the bank of river Godavari in India. She is currently working as a Senior Content Writer in a Company. Manshi was also the co-writer in few Anthologies.  Many things happen around us and most of the time we feel a need of having someone besides us with whom we could share all our excitement and secrets and for her that someone is writing. Her biggest inspiration is her Mother. Manshi always wanted to connect with people, so she decided to continue her writing as she has knowledge of content. She thinks that with the help of the books and reading content she can share her feelings and can connect with people more easily.

Anuja Vijayan is from the city of joy, Kolkata, India. She isn’t a professional writer, but she has been a Co-Author in few anthologies. She has recently discovered her knack for writing and she wants to explore more opportunities where she can showcase her interest. She has worked as a content writer in few online websites. She enjoys writing because it allows her to convey unsaid words and feelings. She enjoys writing and listening to music. Music is something that keeps her going.

Meghana Jayaraj is a 22 years old girl from Kolkata.  She has written in few anthologies. She enjoys reading books. Books keep her engrossed, and it is a stress buster for her. She likes to explore various genres. Through writing she tries to express her mind.

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