Ways Of Completing A Book

We all have gone through this phase sometime in our lives...What? "Not being able to complete a book" This content not only talks about reading a book but also writing one. We often start working on a book and suddenly lose its flow for no reason. You may not be interested in reading it anymore, you may not get a good plot to continue writing, you may have other priorities to take care of, and we can list down hundreds of such reasons that might stop you from working on a book. 
But, it takes time to resume and finish the task, right? So, what to do to complete a book reading or writing? Today, the founder of Peaceful Writers International, Mr Archishman Satpathy, lists down some tips and tricks that can help you in completing a book. The below-stated points can bring wonders to your reading and writing patterns if you have lost the flow of the book. 

Making it simple for you to understand and implement, let's begin with a situation where you are left with 100-150 pages of the book. Undoubtedly, this is not a huge number. But, if you aren't getting a positive vibe from within, it can be difficult. But, don't worry, we have a quick solution for you.

Ways of completing a book of less number of pages (Around 100 to 150 pages)

- Try maintaining the flow as before.

- Try following a proper disciplined routine for completion.

- Don't leave any portion unread in the middle of a continuation.

- Try giving a free and genuine time to it.

If we talk about a novella, you need to understand that maintaining the flow is important. While writing a novella, there are a few points that you must take care of. Let's see what are they...

Ways of completing a Novella (Around 200-250 pages)

- Try giving a genuine free time for it regularly without any break and disturbance in the schedule.

- Try focussing on a smooth flow from the commencement onwards.

- Try reading a fixed number of pages on a daily basis.

- Try focussing step by step rather than mixing the starting and ending anywhere in the middle.

- If fixing out the number of pages to be read every day is difficult, try giving out a fixed time interval. A fixed time span can make the process disciplined.

- If facing writer's block, do inform or share it with your writer friends and fellow writers. Sometimes, we even have to borrow some ideas from our inner self according to our experience which you won't have thought about earlier too.

- Try not to focus on filling the pages more and more to make it thick. Sometimes, a thinner jewel is of much more importance than a thicker baseless cuboidal object.

Okay, after discussing the books with a lesser number of pages, we are now moving towards a novel with around 300-500 pages or even more. With the listed tips, we are sure that you will be able to resume the flow and maintain it till the end. 

Ways of completing a Novel (Around 300 to 500 pages and even more)

- Don't try messing the things in the middle. Like, don't start with a new chapter keeping the ongoing in a hold status.

- Try keeping the flow crystal clear so that characters won't be confusing the readers. 

- Try focussing on completing any start that you might have given at that time. 

- Don't try to fix a limited time because, in the case of a novel, you have to bring things together and keeping a time span might poise out the whole process.

- Always focus on keeping the characters according to your visions, not by your forced changes that may be required at any point of time.

- Try maintaining the flow from the very commencement of the novel so that the story won't mix up at any particular point.

- Whenever facing writer's block, please try to share it with fellow writers or writer friends. Sometimes it's okay not to be okay. But the main thing is that the whole novel shouldn't be damaged just because of unwanted and baseless writer's block.

- Just because you are tired, don't try continuing the content in anxiety because that may again lead to mixing up certain things that shouldn't be done that way.

- Try not to focus on filling the pages more and more to make it thick. Sometimes, a thinner jewel is of much more importance than a thicker baseless cuboidal object.

We hope that the above-stated tips will help you in completing your book soon. Never set deadlines when you sit to write a book. Give room to your creativity and stay calm and patient. Peaceful Writers International aims to build writers and create the best possible opportunities for all the budding writers out there. 
Peaceful Writers International - with you forever

©® Archishman Satpathy

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