A Terrible Nightmare by Sattwika Chatterjee

A Terrible Nightmare by Peaceful Writers International poster with a dark background with a horror theme

Before l was able to understand anything, I found myself standing under an old scary and terrifying tree, whose leaves were yellow and pale. I looked around here and there, the whole surrounding was pitch dark. l was unable to see anything. I couldn't understand where in the world l was doing there, in that dingy, desolate, dark place. 

The night was deep, the silver moon was gleaming in the dark blue sky. There was an awkward silence in nature. The leaves of the deodar tree were shimmering in the light of the full moon.

All of a sudden the sky was covered with dark and coppery clouds. There were sudden thunderstorms and on the spur of the moment, it started raining heavily. Winds were blowing faster than expected and l couldn't control me. The rain was getting worse and l was soaked to the bone. But to my utter dismay, there was not a single house to get help from. So I somehow managed to get into the forest which looked horrible and scary in the rain.

But suddenly l heard someone's voice from the back.l felt a little alarmed, so l turned back to see..but there was no one. I thought that it may be, l misheard someone. But the same voice repeated twice. Then again, all of a sudden, l heard some scary and frightening noises from the back. I felt agitated and nervous. This time,l feared to look back.

The same weird noise continued, and it was coming closer and closer. Being very frightened, l sprinted at my top speed and hid behind a bush. I felt a little comforted, as that mystifying, strange noise was not coming. Soon after l felt a little sleepy..and l fell asleep without wasting a minute.

But my sleep couldn't last long as l found myself choking and coughing. l felt out of my breath, l was unable to feel the air around me. I sprang up and to my utter dismay, l was in an old, broken house.

The rain was continuously showering. It was really dark in the forest. The house looked very old and ramshackle from outside. But l couldn't understand how l shifted from the forest to that shattered, haunted house.

The front yard of the house was tangled with overgrown weeds and vines and there was a  pathway lined with broken stones. But there was no one to help me so l ran here and there, pacified and scared. The doors of the house instantly closed. There were creaking and leaking sounds in the house. It was clear to me that the house was not cleaned for years

Then l saw a shadow at the back of the torn, shabby curtains hung down in front of the broken windows. A cold breeze was blowing, l felt it go through my bones.

My hands froze, my whole body shivered, my heart started beating too fast. I walked towards the shadow and soon as l moved it, a skeleton fell into my face. l screamed and cried at the top of my voice, fighting with the bones as they entangled my arms and legs! Finally, as l broke free, my leg slipped, and l fell down so hard, that l was unable to stand up.

Suddenly l heard a strange voice of a little girl. She appeared in front of my face, suddenly, and l got so scared that l nearly got a heart attack. She dragged me with her small rough dirty hands and made me stand near the window. l was nervous, tired, scared and l felt that my death was near. She counted three, and pushed me down.. l shrieked and yelped for help!!!!

But suddenly she vanished and l found myself on the ground floor again.

When l was about to check the whole house,l heard some strange and weird sounds from the upper floor. l was really taken aback for a moment, but l made myself strong to go upstairs and check. Then l saw a bed which was really old and broken and was covered by a torn, pink-coloured cloth, and underneath it there was someone.

I was shivering with fear, my heart throbbed at its highest beats, my hands had frozen, l was unable to move but the peculiar voice continued.

I closed my eyes tightly and moved the cloth which covered something..A foul, bad smell was coming from it..l opened my eyes, my head twirled for a moment and my whole body was cold, l didn't know what to do.

There was a  pale looking old man, lying dead on that old, tattered bed. His bones were coming out of his skin. It was in very poor and bad condition.

The rain was still showering heavily, which made me go chills through my bone. A cool wind was blowing which touched my bones.

For a minute l was spellbound, and l ran out of that dilapidated room, then all of a sudden l heard some weird footsteps of someone, wearing boots.

My heart was beating so fast that it seemed it was going to burst.l closed my eyes and waited for the man to come close...

Then at that sudden moment, a huge thunderstorm struck the house, and within few seconds fire spread out.

I dashed out of the house..but suddenly something didn't make me do this. Then l felt unconscious.

The next morning, the first rays of sunlight woke me up. The rain had just stopped, and everything smelled fresh and good. The early sun had made everything feel fresh.

The leaves of the oak trees had been washed dean. The sky was dotted with white fluffy clouds, that drifted lazily in the breeze. The sun was shining brightly, the maple trees in the forest were gleaming under the sun.

Then as l looked around,  the haunted house had disappeared, but the dead body was still there!!

But all of it didn't last longer...

Suddenly l woke up from my terrible and worst nightmare. For complete one minute, l was speechless and out of my mind. Even today if l think of it, it sends chills through my spine...But l feel happy that the nightmare ended at the worst part of it...


About the Author


She is Sattwika Chatterjee, reading in St. Xaviers Institution, class 8. She has a huge passion for writing poems and stories. She is a former table tennis player and a classical dancer as well and her world revolves around these. She is the co-author of more than twenty anthologies. She writes on paper whatever comes to her mind. She has other hobbies as well like solving cubes and reading storybooks. Other than these, she likes to study a lot.

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