Be The Way You Are - By Riya Richard

Why do you have to Change?

Why do you have to Adjust?

Why do you have to Modify?

Why do you have to Pretend?

How many Days you'll Cry

On your Own, without

Revealing your Pain 

Concealing all times,

How long you'll Bear,

The Agony on your Own,

Never sharing with anyone 

And smiling falsely,

How long you'll Hide,

You can't, it makes

You depressed and doomed,

You are completely lost,

How many days, you'll adjust

And change for others,

You're Banishing your Desires

Each day, Enough, all is Enough

Don't pretend, be the way you are

Don't Delete your Uniqueness,

Don't Hide your Talents,

Bring them Up, don't Shy,

Don't be Scared or Afraid,

Just take a Breath and live

The Life you have Dreamed,

The Life you longed for,

Be the Way you are,

Be the One you wish,

Be the One you Adore,

Be the One you Admire,


The World won’t let you,

Always Complaining and

Keep on Accusing you,

For even little things,

Your Parents will Obstruct

Your Good wishes, you

May be saddened, so don't 

Give up your Wish 

Prove them it is Worthy,

You can and You will,

You relinquish before

Proving them, do prove

Your friends may Criticise

The way you are, your

Fashion and Manners

Don't be Upset by it,

Don't change like them,

Don't Follow them or their ways,

If you do so, you'll forget

Who you are, you'll 

Lose your own Identity,

You may think it's Better

Obviously No, you're Unique

Retain your style and fashion

Be the Way you are,

You are not created like them,

You are different from them,

So be it and don't Alter Your Nature,

Your Society may also

Taunt against you because’ of

Jealousy, it's hundred percent True

They can't bear, if you're Happy,


If you give ear to them,

Then you can’t survive

In this World; it’s better

To leave it behind,


Don’t worry, what others

Will say or think

You aren’t under their

Control or their Slave,

They didn't Sponsor you

Or responsible for you,

They don't even care about you,

All they want is you to be Sad,


You are an Independent,

Who deserves to live

The Life of your Own,

You don’t Owe anyone,

You have lost a lot

By Altering and modifying

Yourself for others,

You have lost everything,

The True sense of Rejoice,

The True sense of Fun,

The True sense of Love

And the True sense of Life,

You don't need to do it anymore,

That Time is gone now,

It's your Time to Shine

Like a Dazzling Star,

So, put away all of it,

Revive and fresh up

And live Your Life, like

You have Desired,

Just See the World 

Each and everyday,

As expected, the Summer comes

With the Blazing Sun,

Almost drying up the land,

Making us Sweat a lot,

The whole atmosphere is Hot,

So hard to sustain the Summer,

Then, the Rain comes

With it's Thunder and Lightning

And bring it's Cirrus clouds

And pour out the Shower,

Making the World cool,

Nurturing the Greens,

Pouring Happiness and Delight,

With its amazing Raindrops,

Then, comes the Spring

Blooming lots of Flowers,

Spreading fragrance and

Sweet scent everywhere,

Then, comes the Autumn,

Giving the most delicious

Treats of the seasons

And brings up Senescence,

Then, at last comes the Winter

Freezing everything by its 

Snow blanket and causing 

Living ones To Hibernate. 


In all these changes, you

May think the World is altering 

But in fact, no; the World

Remains constant, it remains

As is it, it copes up with 

The seasons, and not changed,

It remains as the Globe

And continues to rotate 

Without any change,

In the same way, you may

Also face many scenarios 

Cope with them but don't

Change yourself for them,

Be the one you are,

From the beginning to

The end, don't forget this,

Also, enjoy your Time,

Time is fast and furious,

You can't Hold it,

You have to strive along with it,

You have to use every

Millisecond like you Wish,

Microsecond like you Desired,

Nanosecond like you Planned,

Don’t waste even a second,

The World appears to be Huge

But it has less time for everyone,

No one knows when the  End will come,

No one can Predict Death,

All the Astrological studies are Vain

They are Seductive and luring 

But of no use, always 

Keep in Mind; Fate and Death

Are unpredictable forever,

No one has the Ability to do it,

So be prepared for anything,

Whatever comes, face it

Bravely, don't run away

If you do so, fear will 

Chase you, continuously,

Boldly face it and solve it,

Turn the situations in

Favourable for you and for

Your life, like you've Sketched,

Life is small and short,

You can't take anything

From the World with you,

Not even a Speck,

The one thing you can have is

Satisfaction, that you lived

The Way you are, with

Immense Happiness and Joy,

So, until the End,

Admire Yourself,

Adore Yourself,

Appreciate Yourself,

Until the End, love yourself,

Cherish yourself and

Be proud of Yourself

Cause’ you are Unique,


Enjoy your time wholly,

Welcome the Good and

Bid Goodbye to the Bad,

Celebrate your Entire life.

Don't Turn to Evil paths,

Remove all those in

The World of your Own,

Live with Enthusiasm,

Live with Determination,

Live with Hope and Faith,

Live with full of Energy,

Live with Pride and Honour,

Last but not Least,

Be the way you are,

Stop pretending and enjoy

The Life given to You!

About The Poet:
Riya Richard R. L is a young, burgeoning writer in English. She has adored writing since her girlhood. She has a unique style and distinct modus operandi in her writings- poems, quotes, short stories, novels, etc... She has worked as a Co-author in 400+ anthologies. She is involved in Compiling and has Compiled three anthologies. Her first anthology published is ‘Courage to Continue’.She is from the Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. She is now an undergraduate in Chemistry. Besides writing, she also loves reading books, drawing, arts and crafts, and learning. She is a lover of Nature.

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