Dear Social Media...by Noor Tabassum

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I am flabbergasted about how something can take such a prominent place in our lives right from infant age. You have become such an inevitable part of our life that we depend on you as dependent on oxygen. The network nowadays is essential to us as oxygen is crucial to keep us working. There is no doubt that you are an indispensable part of life. Today the entire world has infolded into our mobile phones. We can know about anything, meet anyone on video phones, and communicate with anybody without obstacles. Who could contemplate all these a few years back?

Today, we are so dependent on social media that even a baby weeping cools and calms down watching videos on YouTube. The music and carton keep the kids affianced. As kids grow and start schooling, entire projects necessitate your presence. And as and how the days and years progress, the dependency on you increases to the scope that a person can live without food and water but cannot live without you. Though life has become enormously easy because of you, your presence has also created a lot of chaos in our lives. Right from the time a person gets up till he goes to bed, he needs you. You are an addiction that is more unembellished than any other obsession.

Because of your relentless use, the social meeting has come to a culmination. People have started making virtual friends, and meeting real friends has abridged. There are so many cases where people have forgotten how to interact with each other because of the use of virtual media. Their attitudes have changed. I have read an article which states that people have become restless and developed complexities to interact with each other. Egos, superior complexes, and attitudes have increased. People are running away from each other in an absolute sense.

 The continuous use of social media has condensed our memory and harms the fragile brains of kids. Many kids have developed strange phobias because of the continuous use of social media. I happened to see a documentary in which the kid was admitted to the hospital, continuously shivering, and hands kept tapping even in sleep. When carefully examined, it was concluded that the continuous use of the phone had excited the neurons of the brain so much that it kept working even at night, making the kid hyperactive. He had to be given high dose sleeping injections to put him to sleep. Is this our smartness? Are not we destroying our kids in the name of smartness? What a pity?

 Our outdoor activities have decreased, resulting in abundant health issues. Today’s kids are obese. They have blood pressure and diabetes at a very young age. These diseases were usually considered old age diseases. But now, a small innocent kid is also suffering. Kids of the 80s and 90s had abundant outdoor activities. They played all the time and were active on their feet as climbing trees, mountains, bicycling, running around was no big deal for them. Summertime was the best time because they spent it doing all these activities. But today, kids only enjoy games on their phones and laptops. They are drowned in their phones playing video games. If we ask them to go out, they do so reluctantly. If they go out, they come as quick as possible, again to be drowned in phones. The result is obvious. They are becoming obese. Junk food and hardly any activity have made them parasites. They lack all essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They have lost the taste of delicious and nutritious home food and are attached to Pizza Huts and kKFCs. Not only are they losing money, but they are also spoiling health by paying for it. It is ok to eat them once in a blue moon. But every day is no.

Today we scarcely interact with our parents and relatives. I have come across so many parents who keep complaining that their kids hardly listen to them. They hardly talk to them. They are always drowned in phones. But who has made them like that? It is we. Had we made it a point to sit with them and talk to them without any disturbance, they would have learned it. As a result of this annoyance, they prefer their independence, and once of age, they prefer to send parents to old age homes. What a pity. Parents looked after us, brought us up, and made sure we stood on our feet; now, when they need us, we are sorry. We cannot afford to look after them. Why do we forget karma? What we do, comes back to us in some form.

The phone has become our best friend. But are they our true friends? I have come across cases where constantly staring at smartphones, kids have lost their eyesight. Their brains have become hyperactive, and they cannot sleep at night. Parents think that their kids are brilliant as they know how to use smartphones. It isn’t like that. The organs, especially the eyes, of kids are too tender. They cannot tolerate the highly radiant rays, and the neurons fail to process it in the long run. What is the use of such smartness where your existence is at stake?

Cybercrimes have amplified and ruined many lives. I have come across so many cases where people have misused this unique boon. They have robbed people of money, cheated with girls, forced girls into prostitution, and whatnot. My head rotates with giddiness when I come across such cases. I fail to comprehend, whom to believe and whom not? Is the human race going to finish each other with such cheap stunts?

So dear social media, as much help you are, equally reprimanded you are. One should know how to use you, and we should learn the art of using you for our benefit. Then, life will become easy and meaningful. Use wisely and be safe. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

- Noor Tabassum

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