October Quotes Diary - Week 1

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Peaceful Writers International has come up with a new series "QUOTES DIARY" where we'll be featuring the quotes collection penned by the enthusiastic writers of PWI MIraquill Club. Scroll & Read to find some amazing themes & related quotes.


Though she is a cat but she knows how to help me when I am crying.

How to help me when I am giving up my life and how to help me to cheer up again. Though she is a cat.

-Anamta khan

The ones who make us smile when we have lost all our hopes to do so in the face of adversity, the ray of light that shows us there is much more to life than our own turmoil and because of them we end up coming in contact with the child inside our souls and realizing to find the joy of enjoying the little things in life. The most reliable companion we have in the form of a gift by the almighty, the animals our lifelong therapists.
The only one who always listened to the unsaid words, never judged, full of kindness, love, and compassion, and left no stone unturned in awakening every part of our souls and giving us a forever with unlimited days. What would life be without animals? just a deserted land full of despair so be kind to them who provide us with immeasurable satisfaction.
- Kirti Giridhar

We have pet animals, namely dog, cats  that are very loyal to their boss. 
At times wild animals are far better than the six sense humans. 
The king of the forest never has any ego, prestige etc. We have to learn it from the same. 
Animals never have the habit of stocking or preserving foods for the next time. They hunt it when they are hungry. 
Animals smell it before humans for any Tsunami or earthquake warn us at free of cost.
Animals only safeguard the forest otherwise man sell it as a plot or start a real estate business.
Animals never purchase any property in their name and live a simple life set a role model for humans
Animals are independent from day one whereas humans depend on their son and daughter till the last breath.
Animals don't have any emotions. They never accumulate property for their cubs. 
Animals are not selfish. That is the reason. Why even God hired domestic animals, wild animals as vehicles instead of humans. Humans are more dangerous than animals from the God point of view.
Animals talk less, does miracles silently without any reciprocation  from humans. whereas human does  any small one good thing, ensure to earn name and fame from fellow human.
- K.S.Ramakrishnan

जानवर से डर लगता है 
चाहें छिपकलि हो या शेर 
पता है कुछ नहीं करेंगे 
जब तक हम कुछ न करें 
है तो वो भी इंसान ही ना....
इतिहास को देखे तो हम भी बंदर की रूप से ऐसे हुए हैं....
प्यार नहीं उनसे 
तो कम से कम हानि तो मत पहुंच चाहो उन्हें।
We can't understand their sayings 
But without saying and understanding 
We can feel their intimacy 
That's humanity...
The speciality of them

- Anuradha



The little room feels much smaller than usual,like there is something outside pressing from out of the windows willing  come in. All of a sudden, a loud thrushing sound of water like a thousand million taps  opened together at once,came from outside.The tap- tap sound coming from the roof made my heart throb at the highest beat.
           The pink lilies and xanthic crocus in my garden looked as pulchritudinous as a woman. The blue berries and jamuns that hung from the tree were looking sweet.The scent  from the pine trees rose from the wet earth and reached my nose which really made me still.A flock of green parrots took shelter in a deodar tree, which made me cry as a girl being alone.Then I came out and I had my feet planted on the cool and wet soil, and my face pointed towards the sky. The sky was getting darker and all the birds were returning to their nests.The clouds were getting blacker and blacker and suddenly a thunderstorm -- which really made me cry out of fright.. I was getting drenched and feeling cold and the wind was chilling through my heart. There was again a thunderstorm which nearly scared me, but if my father were here, I would have been not crying with fright. He was a wall of trust and security to me, the source of encouragement and the one to spend time with me as well as  he was loving and a caring person.
       The rain was getting heavier and I rushed back to my house. I ventured through my past memories spent with my father , which  pinched my heart to come out as true...My father treated me not only as a daughter but like queen.. I ran upstairs and hugged my father's photo tightly to my bosom and started crying as I was really helpless.
       I and my father played,jumped, skipped together in the rain till we drenched and whenever a great thunderstorm occurred , my father hugged me to his chest and gave me shelter in his heart.
But when he died I was the first one to realise. 
The rain has now stopped, the gloomy weather was now clearing and I went down and stood near the window.
The rain had made everything smell fresh and good. The leaves of the pine trees have been washed and looked silver. The birds looked cheerful and high spirited and started making a  terrific noise,but tears rolled down from my eyes and the memories made me cry and pale.
I zoomed into my  heart ..and l remember the poem once taught by my father, which pushed the doors of my sweet little heart to come out----

       " On the roof I heard a sound,
The drops of rain were hitting the ground,
The gentle pitter- patter sound continued their round,
Like group of bullets in a battle ground.."

Yes l really miss him, my favourite person, who is not with me now..

- I miss my father a lot.
- Sattwika Chatterjee

जब भी उसकी याद आती हैं
मिलता हैं बस तेरा ही सहारा 
बाकी सब तो धोखा हैं
तू साथ दे , दे मेरा 
बस यही मौका है।।
 जब कभी बातों को पहुचायी जाए प्रियतम तक 
तुम्हारी मदद के बिन ये असंभव नही,
चाहें हो प्रेम भाव हो या मतभेद।।
- Akhilesh Yadav "Akki"

The Pangram Poem

He was a man of wealth,
Yet never showed off,
He had a heart of gold,
Which never deprived him of!

He was a devotee of Krishna,
Despite being a Jain,
As he had equal respect for all,
And also he had a name too familiar, and that's Zain.

Honest as a gentleman,
Also clever as a fox,
Despite respecting his traditional values,
He was never an orthodox!
- Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

ये फर्द मात्र  फर्द नहीं
हमारे ज़ुबान का,, अभिमान है।।
हमारे  बोली की बुनियाद भी
और हिन्दुत्व की,, पहचान है।।

जय हिन्द जय हिन्दी !!
- Aashiya Suman


With utmost trust and respect, I placed my heart in your palms,
You were my entire universe and quitting the world I did not feel qualm,
I believed that you would be the last person in this world to harm,
In your presence, all my senses and tensions remained calm.

I walked every day with extra zeal to meet you,
I regarded you as my king and crazily loved you,
My heart would be restless, like a fish taken out of the water, without you,
And nights would sting me like a serpent, without you,

The very thought of leading life without you was my nightmare,
The entire body had goosebumps, and eyes rained blood if you didn’t care,
You were my pride, and a single word against you, I could not bear,
A little bit of you becoming oblivious towards me could slit my heart and tear.

But I forgot that chameleons keep changing colour,
Expecting them, to be honest, was my foolishness and imprudence to fear,
But your love started stinking and in the air spread a peculiar odour,
You broke my heart without a second thought and moved on.

Today I look at my broken heart and smashed dreams,
I joke at my absurdity and sometimes scream,
I was as fragile as glass and as soft as cream,
And you were that stone that insensitively broke me, and now you laugh as a clown.
- Noor Tabassum

Land of Library

Library is the place where one gets knowledge under one roof. It reflects to understand the situation in a better way, to handle it.

Knowledge is an imported one to a human which can be enriched through various types of books, magazines, etc. 

One can not buy all books by his own for reference or study. For this  library extends its hand to an aspirant well. 

One can not express the sweetness of sweets by word. But it can be realised by taste. Similarly, the types of books available in a library can be realised by a person only on his visiting to a library. 

As our country India, has a great value of history, heritage and monuments, it is necessary for every youngster to visit the nearest library at least one day in a week,and enrich their external knowledge by utilizing the facilities  available in the library.

It is a big scope and an opportunity for one to take short notes instantly, in case of doubts any get it clarified from the teachers. 

The future of India is in the hands of children only, parents, Teachers shall encourage the children to visit the library frequently and impart the benefits which children have to obtain.

The so-called 21st century modern  parents should initiate by accompanying them as they take them to the keyboard, starting or in door games. 

It is the responsibility of each and every parent to enroll their children's name in the library along with their friends. Here academics plays a limited role only, to acquire the knowledge habit of go to the library essential.

We have to make them understand that they go to Library Bank to increase their knowledge as a credit, to make use of the same when the situation demands.
- K.S.Ramakrishnan


Firstly Accept self as you are 
Don't change for the chaotic world
Do change for self happiness 
Because sometimes .....
Somethings that matters is you "THYSELF"
X-ray self by looking at the mirror 
Look at the joyous YOU 
Zip out that queen 
& vanish the miserable calmness around you...


Arteries sliced in grief, letting all corpuscles die abuzz,
Brain tilted to eternity; sulci and gyri pierced for beauty,
Cachexic eyes replaced, to never hibernate in climax,
Dungaree stitched with love, covering phalanges I did draw,
Ears melted forever, for transporting outside the eruv,
Fuschia tint added, to the majestic lingua inflicted with flu,
Glaciers to taste, and volcano to freeze with new gadget,
Herniating memories, from alphabets dipped in my haikus,
Iris of hope as jewellery, embedded like fallen chinar,
Just to breathe sane, when Anhedonia constructs its Umiaq,
Kalopsia swirling infront, and floating startdust I keep,
Loitering along the veins, with cups of cappuccino,
Monitoring emotions profound, to architecture brain,
Naming my new cavern as- 'ANGARIKA'S BLOSSOMING REALM',
Opened with miracles, as heart gets shifted at the tail,
Pantaloon hung from nape, and windows made hard like rock,
Quarantining negative weeds, to establish 'Swaraj',
Ricocheting bullets aimed, with my hard dermis on safari,
Solemn cells to breathe, from enchanted forest with ambush,
To learn and revise, whenever situations seem alarming,
Unfurnish my foundation, and break into coral reef,
Vandalized doors I've added; because I still want to believe,
Waves of 'Rass' when hit, paralyzing my bricks all dead,
X boson I'd generate, and propel from my layers antic,
Youthful vibes on face, protecting me from catacomb,
Zephyr kiss my zenith, as I die in serenity at last! Eunoia! 
- Angarika

21st Century


ये दौर हैं परिवर्तन का,
संचार का , विकास का ......
इस दौर में कुछ असंभव नही,
यहाँ होड़ हैं चाँद से आगे जाने की,
इस 21 मे सबकुछ संभव यहा,
यहाँ रोज -रोज अविष्कारों की आँधी चलती ।।
- Akhilesh Yadav "Akki"

वक़्त ये नया है पर
किस्से वही ,,, पुराने है
मोहब्बत के जमाने थे
मोहब्बत के जमाने हैं
होती नहीं मोहब्बत
महज़ जिस्म छू लेने से
हुज़ूर इश्क़ तोह वो जज़्बा है
जिसे इबादत कहते हैं,,!
- Aashiya Suman

Though we have reached the 21st century, certain beliefs in our society are as old as the 10th century. Don’t just modernize the technology; modernize your thoughts too.
- Noor Tabassum

Ham aj bhi ayse samaj meh jee rahe hai jaha ladkiyo ki aawaz daba kr unko saman bana ke istemal kr k feka jata hai
Aur 21 sadi meh bhi hm sabka balatkar kr hme insaf nhi diyala jata hai
- Anamta Khan

Modern era is a humanless society. There is no space for emotions, feelings, sentiments  etc.
Everyone wants to fly, irrespective of their background and least bother others.
Paying due attention only for self enjoyment, rest of the things throw it into the dustbin.
Husband wife staying together is a joint family. Living together has started to invite a big disaster.
Regarding marriages, a girl or boy takes an interview like Corporate company. Shortlist the groom or bride kept pending. They won't take any decisions.
Modern girls or boys have an attitude that we know everything, are not ready to listen to any parental advice.
Paying more attention to materialistic things and ignoring spiritual paths.
Modern generation wants everything like two minutes noodles. And not having patience to listen and act.
All 21st century modern people are addicted to social media and unable to come from that.
They buy anything against EMI to show society that they are also rich.This  way they trap into the debt.
- K.S.Ramakrishnan

Lives have changed a lot

Their world is limited to the games of Free fire,
Everyday after playing for hours,they never get tired,
Their dreams are as boring and clumsy as the old scarecrows,
As they have abundant and sufficient, and nothing to dream  and grow,
Their minds are just animated with the world of internet,
That's why they never know the joy and actual merriment,
Their knowledge is finite in the books , given by schools,
As they have taken education as a bloody fool,
Their circle of friends is based on cast and religion,
No matter how is the heart of that person,
Their pleasure and joy is not the greenery of nature,
As they love the artificial world of developments  and its features,
Their lives are captive in the houses they reside,
As the 21st century chose this life , not the playgrounds and parks outside...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

सदी चाहें कोई भी हो 
अगर बदलाव के साथ लोग आगे बढ़ें 
तो हर सदी में कुछ नया सीखने को मिलेगा 
और आने वाली पीढ़ी को प्रेरणा मिलेगी 
कुछ नया करने के दिखाने को...
बीते जा रहे समय के साथ 
हम इंसानों की दुनिया बदलती जा रही हैं 
देखते ही देखते इक्कीसवी सदी में पहुंच गए हैं 
सदी के खामियों को गिनाना छोड़ दो
पीछे मूड के इतिहास खोल के तो देखो 
आज हम कहा तक पहुंच गए हैं। ।
क्या आप सब को पता वो एक चीज ???
आज 21 वी सदी में भी नहीं बदली ???
उसका एहसास आज भी एकदम वही है.....
वो दिल है...जो आज भी नहीं बदला 
उसकी मुहब्बत करने की आदत आज भी नहीं  बदली....
21 वी सदी 
मानो तो सदियों का राजा है 
माना कई प्राकृतिक आपदाएं आयी 
पर प्रौद्योगिकी ने अपना कमाल दिखाया 
इंसानो ने अपनी तीव्रता दिखाई 
विज्ञान और तकनीक ने मिलकर खूब नाम कमाया 
और एक कुशल और सरल जीवन प्रदान करने की कोशिश में है 
साथ ही साथ ये जीवन मेहनत इमानदारी भी मांगता है।
21st century 
The century of selfmade kings & Queens
Not a theoretical century 
But the practical one 
Do reel to real 
So you can achieve realistic goals 
In this fairy-tale world 
- R. Muskan Bothra Jain


Our living place is a universe. Here Gods creatures living non-living things exist.
Now the entire universe is a racing danger of corona.
The entire universe is getting scared as the rate is varying day by day.
The universe is partially closed for temporary repair and maintenance.
Universal cooperation of the universe is an essential action required today to eradicate corona.
The entire universe is expected to concentrate to protect especially children from the attack of the corona.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

My parents are my entire universe.
- Noor Tabassum

PWI Miraquill is in the universe,  that is why we all are well connected.
- K.S.Ramakrishnan

ब्रह्मांड सी,, गहरी उनकी आंखों मे ,,मैंने देखा है संसार अपना,,
बेवजूद जब भी छोङा था गमों ने उनकी बाहों में,, मैंने अस्तित्व पाया है,, हरबार अपना,,!!
- Aashiya Suman

He is my galaxy,
he is my planet,
he is my sun,
he is my moon,
he is my entire cosmos and filled my life with millions of stars in the form of unconditional love.
- Anamta Khan

Kitno ki zindagi bass is brahmaand mein samayi hai,
aur pura brahmaand mere kanha ke mu mein samaya hai...

Universe is our home, heaven and harmony alike..
Universe gives us the reason to live and believe that there is some supreme authority, above us, who is the creator , protector and soul sojourner of this world...!!
-Poetry Khakholia Mundra

As if, the life of human's hearts are Connected through these lazy cosmic rays somewhere in a conspiration with this silent but chaotic universe.
- Amit Ghosh

ब्रह्मांड ही ईश्वर की उत्पति है
सृष्टि का रचियता है, मानव 
और हर जन जाति, पशु पक्षी का सृजन हार है,
स्त्रोत है, आदि है अंत है।
ब्रह्मांड की काया, माया, छाया
सब विकट है, अविस्मरणीय है।
हमसे अछूती है, जटिल है, 
अंतहीन है, विहीन है
हमारी समझ से परे है, 
फिर भी हम
इस रहस्य में जीने को आतुर है।
- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

My family is my world and my universe.
We all are living in a unique universe where people are mainly justified by their looks.
- Sattwika Chatterjee

My wife is Mrs Universe to me than any other woman.
- K.S.Ramakrishnan

कभी सोचा है कि 
इतना खूबसूरत कोई कैसे हो सकता है 
सच बोलू तो जादू है 
ये कभी इतराता भी नहीं अपनी खूबसूरती पर 
बस सभी को बड़े प्यार से इस ब्रहमांड ने सब को समाये रखा है।।
मुझ में ही खगोल है 
में ही इतिहास हूँ 
मानो या न मानो 
में ब्रहमांड हूँ। 
रहस्यमय हूँ 
गहराई में भरा ब्रह्माण्ड हूँ 
खोज करोगे तो घूम हो जाओगे 
मेरे बनाए इस आशियाने में हस्ते रहो 
खुश रहो, खुशियाँ बांटते रहो, खुशियो की खोज करते रहो 
रहस्य अपने आप सुलझ जायेगे....
ब्रहमांड : मुझसे कभी पूछा है , कि क्या में खुश हूँ??? नहीं ना...मुझ में ही समाये मेरे अंश ने कितना दर्द दिया है,...............पर मैने कभी उनसे बिछुड़ने की नहीं सोची....
फिर क्यूँ आप सब छोटी छोटी बातों पर बिछुड़ने का कैसे सोच लेते हो???
- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

I wish a dot could define everything; but the vastness is indefinable. 
Hence I've restricted my silence and answers in the 'full stop' I jot down in my diary. 
My universe is indistinctly definite. 
- Angarika

Your eyes are like searchlights, longing for the universe to see your wounds and aged scars.
Among the stars that shines in this universe, your eyes twinkle beautifully the most.
She was the word that you could have said proudly in this universe.
Natural law that creates harmony in this cosmos— and yet, she wants to break all of that just to go back in time where she shouldn’t have let him go.
A universe that is only known to her, a safe haven where she doesn’t let anyone in until she saw his pure love for her.
No one has explained ‘love’ to me in this indefinite universe. I didn’t know what it was until your name showed up in my life.
We all have an invisible red thread in our pinky finger, connecting us to our destined person in this universe.
This heart of hers is shattered and abused for too long. Only if she could show these pieces to the universe and throw it up above into the night sky, it would’ve twinkled and light up this dull night.
There’s no one to trust in this universe but herself.
Vastness of unconfessed words are all that she has. She will let it free one by one before the cosmos says her life’s hourglass from within is up.
The universe gave her a second name— ‘Forgiveness’.
There are times when I feel that my wings of freedom are broken. I yearn for it to be fixed once again, and fly in the blue skies. Would the universe let me fight for my way?
Am I exaggerating
when I tell you 
that my love for you
is much bigger
than this universe?
I bet the cosmos would’ve slapped me for my foolishness when it comes to love.
The universe and what’s in it protected my blazing passion as if it knew from the start that the humans in it might kill the fire that resides within me.

- C.K. Caguioa

Sunrise to Sunset

Though it was dawn, she held back dusk with her for the one who told her that he will return before dawn...

- Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay


We have been walking, hand-in-hand,
Right from the beginning, right since dawn.
Legs are weary, yes, throat clinched with thirst,
Why not have some rest back in my lawn?
You have been pretty as ever,
Cheerful as ever, close to me;
Hearty as ever, benevolent as ever,
Sweet as ever, Oh! Dear beauty.
See that? There, that scrabbled road?
The pavement to delightful Heaven afar!
And that right there, strewn with myrtles?
An esplanade to Hell that is- quite bizarre!
Plod to Hell, or traverse to Heaven:
What you crave is but your choice;
But be sure- in either instance,
I'm there with you as one voice!
Be it the obnoxious-most desert,
Be it the ghoulish-most abyss,
I'm there in company
With absolute pleasure, with ultimate bliss!
It’s your day- make it large!
Let trumpets cry out your existence!
Let showers exhibit your passion,
Let your fight showcase your insistence!
It’s your day- make it large!
Let trumpets cry out your existence!
Let showers exhibit your passion,
Let your fight showcase your insistence!
What's thirst? I don't remember!
What's hunger? I don't know!
What's tiredness? All ebbed out!
And my lawn- now a paradise with your glow!
We have been walking, hand-in-hand,
Right since inception; yet no relieve.
But taking rest is just a myth-
We are to walk even further, I believe!

Arkaprava Mukherjee

 हर लम्हा आपके बिना

यह शाम जब ,उतरती है
 इस दिल पर क्या गुजरती है; कोशिशें लाख हम ,कर ले क्यों ना ये आंसुए आंखों में नहीं ठहरती है ;!
हर रोज जीते हैं तड़प तड़प कर हम घुट घुट कर हर पल मरते हैं; क्या अंदाजा जरा भी है ये आपको;
हम इंतजार किस सिदद्त से आपका करते हैं !
शाम ये ,गुज़र भी जाए किसी तरह पर कटती नहीं ये रात है ;
आपके बगैर ही सावन, गुजारा हमने ;
पर आगे, बाकी सारी बरसात है!
यह दूरी और सही नहीं जाती और कितना हमें तड़पाएंगे ;
इंतजार नहीं ,और होता हमसे भला कब तक यूं ख्वाबों में; मिलने आएंगे !
ना ही नींद आई किसी रात हमें
ना हमने सुकून किसी दिन पाया; है
कैसे बताएं ना रहने पर आपके; हमें किस-किस ने सताया है!
कट जाए यह रात अगर
फिर ये दिन ठहर से जाते हैं ;
हो शायद ही पल, कोई गुजरा ऐसा;
जब आप ,याद हमें नहीं आते हैं!
दिल की हर धड़कन पर आपका नाम लिखा है ;
मेरी हर सांस के हकदार हैं आप; जिन्हें की मोहब्बत हमने खुद से ज्यादा;
हां, हमारा पहला प्यार है आप!
आपके बगैर जिंदगी से भली है मौत;
हमारे कहते हैं जज्बात यह आपके बिना नहीं हमें कुबूल जिंदगी ;
है सौ बात की एक बात ये,,!

- Aashiya Suman

From sunrise to sunset, the sun undergoes a lot of changes,
In the dawn, it is cool and drives away the darkness,
In the midday, it is scorching hot and exhausts the creatures,
In the evening, it sets hiding away from the world.
This is life. When we are born, we are needy; when we are youth, we become haughty, but we become venerable and die at old age.
So never be proud. Every phase is just momentary. It will pass off.

- Noor Tabassum

In our earth a day begins with sunrise and ends with sunset.
All our activities effectively started after sunrise and mostly ended before the sun set.
Hindus worship sun god in the sunrise time, noon time, sun set time to thank him.
Even hindu marriages happen after sunrise in south, whereas in North after sunset only.
After seeing the sun rise the body gets more energy and enthusiasm with great gun challenges can be met.
All birds come out of the nest hunting for food and at the time of sunset go back to the nest.
School, college starts in the morning at sunrise and closes before sunset. 
All our inner organs' external, internal organs start functioning more during this period.
There is no holiday for sunrise and sunset. They work throughout the year.

- K. S. Ramakrishnan

Dance when the sun comes up
Fill up the enthu for a beautiful day 
Add up a satisfying smile 
To rejoice in the peaceful sunset ... 
Sunrise and sunset 
The best example , that 
Beginning can be interesting 
Endings can also be amazing
A journey of 2 friends 
Different name but one soul
One ray up the path for a new start,
Another One take to the memory lane with a hope for a new day...
Sunrise & Sunset are the traveler
Of this beautiful safari...

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

Like snowflakes, no two sunrises are alike.
Rising to the occasion.
I want to soak up the sun.
Rise before the sun does.
Rise and shine: it’s sunrise time.
The sun will rise and so will I.
Even the darkest night ends and the sun rises again. 
Watch sunrises, not Netflix.
Slow down and watch the sunset.
Let the sun rise in front of you and in you.
Sunsets are instants of intimate and private contemplation. It's a time when we look at each other without mirrors.
A sunset tells us what we are and where we should head to. It's a spiritual guide powered by Mother Nature and one that we should never neglect.
Dusk teaches us to be a better person and choose.
Sunset is one of the most photographed natural events in the world.
Even the darkest night ends and the sun rises again. 
The golden hour can be simultaneously shared with the ones we love and care about and lived as a very personal and spiritual occasion.
Take a look at some of the most poetic, romantic, motivational, and inspiring quotes about the sunset that have ever been written.
Sunset is the opening music of the night.

- Sheril Mustalee

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