October Quotes Diary - Week 2

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Peaceful Writers International has come up with a new series "QUOTES DIARY" where we'll be featuring the quotes collection penned by the enthusiastic writers of PWI MIraquill Club. Scroll & Read to find some amazing themes & related quotes.

 Quotes collection by PWI Miraquill club


सागर की अनंतकाल की खामोशी

और अंदर से अंतर्मन की गहराई

और उसके रोने की आवाजे

जो हर किनारे के पत्थर से आई

- अमित घोष

People tell everything happens for good?

when some presence vanishes away from your life forever.

You feel life is vanishing you deliberately.

Were imagining their presence and surviving life is the only option.

- @abhii_mac

It is a land for sea animals. It provides food free of cost, offering free air etc for survival.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

Ocean has depth, breadth, and length on all sides. The ocean gives a full z plus protection to sea animals to safeguard them from humans.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

The ocean is big science. Still, there are many mysterious things that exist.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

Human minds are like big oceans. Positive negative waves come one after another. Like sea animals, we have to confine and satisfy ourselves.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

Our relations, friends' hearts and minds are big oceans. It is not possible to satisfy them by any means; If anyone makes an attempt it is futile.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

It is one of the modes of transport. All major transhipment takes place through the ocean.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

For fishermen, the ocean is a big opportunity to hunt fish, to feed fish lovers.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

As I sit by the ocean,

The waves kisses my feet, soft;

A breeze takes my breathe away for a moment.

And you know,

When the sun became brighter,

I smiled a little low,

As if I could fell it.

- Rachna Saha

Our life is like an endless ocean.

- Sattwika Chatterjee

Our mind is like an ocean, which is filled with different types of waves.

- Sattwika Chatterjee

मां का प्यार ही किसी

भी महासागर से कहीं

ज्यादा होता, जो कभी न सूखता,

जो कभी न रुकता,

कभी न झुकता और न ही कम होता, 

हमेशा बढ़ते रहता।

और हर हवा के झोंके को 

मां अपने पल्लू में समेट लेती।

जैसे की सागर की लहरों को

तपेड़ों से बचती बचाती, ऐसे ही

एक मां अपने बच्चो को हर 

मुसीबत से बचाती।

इतना गहरा, इतना विशाल

होता एक मां का प्यार,जो किसी

भी महासागर से कम न होता।

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

My love for you is

more than the depth of

an ocean...

Deep you dive in my curve, 

deeper beautifies my body and soul, 

aching you, wanting you, still,

more and more..!!

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

Be like an ocean with your friends and family that is like calm as a saints So that you can be wise with them and they can be comfortable with you... BECAUSE ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE AN OCEAN THAT IS CALM AND COMPOSED AND FILLED WITH SWEET WATER 

- Neelaksh Ojha

Staring at the ocean, I was amazed at the similarity between the ocean and a woman. It is difficult to measure the depth of an ocean; similarly, it is difficult to measure the depth of a woman’s heart.  The ocean holds numerous lives in it; similarly, the woman encloses countless secrets in her heart, and yet they smile.

- Noor Tabassum

महासागर से गहरा, विशाल

शांत, शीत, सहज, और सरल

और कुछ भी नहीं ।

जो अपनी विशालकाय 

भव्य रूप में जाने,

कितने ही प्राणी और जीव जंतु, 

जन्मे, अजन्मे, को समाए बैठा है

और अपनी जलप्रवाह में हर

देश को सुरक्षित किय जाता रहा है ।

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

Love is the greatest, 

widest, deepest and 

most beautiful of all oceans, 

in which, you

want to go deep and deep, submerging, beyond, 

bliss and eternity..!!

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

As I am penning my thoughts I believe only God has an ocean of blessings, knowledge & keeping channel lively & lovely of all living beings he has generated.

When I get up early in the morning I hear trees making sounds, birds whispering, air flowing, 

When I see the sunset  I see God's wonderful creations & paintings of his one of its creations. I think he is the only one who has an ocean of creations, & inventions for all of us such are his incredible blessings passed on to us.

The world is surrounded with three fourth of saltwater,  still, we worship you as our mother.

- K S Ramakrishnan

Like the light greenish-blue colour of the ocean water, his eyes amazed me every time.

His untouched touch of the breath, makes me wonder like the silly breeze of the ocean.

And the most beautiful thing like the vast sky upon the ocean, his mind makes me feel the freed of joy, happiness and never exhausted love.

- Bipasa Halder

I am unable to measure the depth of the ocean, like my love for you.

- Bipasa Halder

My love has no limit like an ocean, for you.

- Bipasa Halder

The feelings is intense like an ocean

When it comes out 

It just ruin the whole life...

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

The love for my parents 

Is deep as ocean 

Unable to measure 

And filled with love 

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

"My Titanic love is just sinked deep in the Atlantic Ocean. 

It's not yet dissolved in the waters..."

- Anuradha

Kal tk log Mahasagar mein toh doobte the, 

Aaj mere aansuon ne mahasagar ko hi dooba dala khud mein..." 

- Anuradha

Ang ang mein bass tera nasha hai chaya, 

Samundar bhi bhiga na paye aisa sukha pan is tan mein hai aaya...

- Anuradha

Ret si mai bikhri hu aakr tere Vishal samundar kinaare, 

Gher le mujhe khudmein isse pehele ki us jau kahi hawaon ke gale..."

- Anuradha

"You are the blue whale inside my watery oceanful eyes..."

- Anuradha

Samundar ki lehere jaise samati hai sager m kash tu bhi sama jae

Sager sa shant hu

Lehro si chanchal 

Aur dil bhi itna Vishal hai ki sabko sama leti hu

- Anamta khan

सागर जितनी ही गहराई है हमारी दोस्ती में 

चाहे आजमाके देख लो 

मोल भाव तो नहीं कर पाओगे 

पर दोस्ती की गहराई जरूर जान जाओगे 

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain


In the beautiful journey of life,

Humans run behind materials things "money and people "

Forgetting the sad reality of nature 

That he only needs a "six feet ";

In the graveyard ...

To rest in peace !!!

- Neelaksh Ojha

What has taken birth, Has to be end one day

So instead of running behind materiality 

We should love each other 

Until we reach our final destination on the earth

That is graveyards, where we close our eyes forever 

- Neelaksh Ojha

कब्रिस्तान ही एक ऐसा स्थान है 

जहाँ सब एक समान हैं 

अमीर हो या गरीब 

जाना तो उस लकड़ी के ताबूत में ही है।।

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

This is our last station until the end of our birth. From there the representative of Yama accompanied us to take us to an unknown destiny.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

.A rich, poor , educated , uneducated all have to leave one day, to proceed to the next world.No one can escape from death. From the graveyard only connecting transport is available, which we can't see in our eyes.

K. S. Ramakrishnan

An uninvited friend takes us to mysterious  places without our knowledge, others too  and leave our qualification, awards, money, wealth, near and dear here itself. We all only carry karma.
K. S. Ramakrishnan

No one can buy death by any means. This is  inevitable. There is a call from god that means our work is over, not calling means our return ticket is not confirmed, awaiting boarding pass.
K. S. Ramakrishnan

Two people created us
Four people brought to graveyard
When we were jubilant, hundreds of people surrounded us.
When we  dead, no one accompany us

Only karmas come along with us, relatives, friends, blood relations are mute spectators and lit the fire on the dead body. After their return from graveyard, they have delicious food  with sweets.
K. S. Ramakrishnan

One can see and learn what is life in  graveyard, hospitals. !! These two are universities and teach many lessons about life which Oxford can't teach.
K. S. Ramakrishnan

God defuses one by one organ from us and warns us to keep ready, any moment our boarding tickets get confirmed. Knowing the fact man forgot to leave affinity towards the commercial things. 
K. S.Ramakrishnan

The clear cut message is to love others, life is very small. When one is physically mentally ok to do good things, don't wait for tomorrow, it may or may not come.
K. S. Ramakrishnan

Even the so-called blood relations create a scene in the graveyard that without any intimation abruptly leaves us. Do we dare to ask anyone who is alive, when are you going to leave this world? 
- K. S. Ramakrishnan

In general, there are people after crossing a certain age limit also while reviewing their own karmas, confused, and scared about graveyards and death.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

Happened to visit a graveyard,

Where slept silently the people who once survived,

No noise, no screams are heard,

Except for the ones whose dear ones departed.

- Noor Tabassum

No complaints from the silent one,

No demands for any comfort,

Completely satisfied with the hard n thorny bed they slept,

Utterly speechless; however, people treated.

- Noor Tabassum

Are these the same people who once laughed,

Who had hiccups, sneezed, and coughed,

Complained about trivial issues, hated, and loved,

Built their houses, decorated, and showed off.

- Noor Tabassum

Today no complaints about the jerks and jolts,

No complaints wherever you halt,

They don't showcase your faults,

Whatever you do, they don't taunt.

- Noor Tabassum

For such a small and mini life, we bother,

We want to hoard all the wealth and gather, 

We think we will never be in mud n scatter,

We forget death is walking along, waiting to embrace unhindered. 

- Noor Tabassum

Life is short; live it to its full,

Remember no one is here forever,

Life is a beautiful lie, and death is an ugly truth,

Life may not be long but live it with full content.

- Noor Tabassum

धोखे कम, नहीं मिले

साहब़ हमें ज़हान से

कभी अपनों ने दिया शौक़ से

तोह कभी,, मिले किसी अंजान से

दफ़न कई  है,, जनाजे ख्वाब के

ये दिल ,,कम नहीं किसी शमशान से

Death is the ultimate reality of our lives...

Throughout life, we seek

and haord money, luxury

power, possessions, property and passions

Only, to leave all, and come to this place...graveyard, alas!

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

एक उम्र गुजार दी

एक उम्र गुजार दी

जिम्मेदारी धोते धोते

सबका करते करते।

खुद के लिए कब जीते

खुद के लिए कब सोचते।

और जब तलक सोचा

फिर कुछ और सोचने के 

लिए बचा ही कहां।

जिंदगी बची ही कहां,

एक दस्तक मौत की,

और हम आ गए शमशान।

अपनी आखरी जिम्मेदारी

या आखरी मंजिल...!!

Poetry Khakholia Mundra

घमंड किस बात का है जनाब 

जब आख़री साँस ले रहे होगे 

तब वो कब्रिस्तान ही पनाह दिलाएगा

ये घमंड नहीं....

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

कब्र में भी लोग शान से जाये करते हैं 

जब सच्चाई सामने है 

तो उसे अपनाया जाता है 

ठुकराने से कोई लाभ नहीं 

आखिर आख़िरी मंजिल वही है। 

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

The barren land has seen your tears and my wrinkles. A perfect ode to the love that we had woven. If ever I was to choose a spot for eternity, maybe it would be the graveyard. Because both of us would lie close to each other!

- © Angarika

Jo ek doosre se pyaar karte the kabhi, unhen tadpa tadpakar khatm kar diya. Aaj unke kabarstan par jaakar gulaab ke phoolon se sajate hain. Kaise samjhe ise? Sachcha pyaar ya sirf dikhawa?

- ©Angarika

The only place where everything is common...

No jealousy...no more wants 

Just silence.....

Filled up with emotions...

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

वो सिर्फ कलम ही नहीं, मेरे लिए मेरी दुनिया है। एक लेखक की पहचान सिर्फ उसके होने से है। और आज जो उसमें स्याही नहीं, तो कब्रस्तान में मेरी दुनिया है। क्योंकि कब्र के अंदर मैं और मेरी कलम की लाखों कहानियां हैं।

- ©Angarika

Graving up the feeling is so hard

But its the bitter reality 

Which has its own principles 

To rule...

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

Kabristan meh dafan hone ka waqt nazdeek hai

Kaber k aazab ka fal milna bhi zaruri hai

Duniya meh acche bure kaam joh kiye hai

Uska hisab dena bhi Zaruri hai

- Anamta Khan

Ek ajib sa sukoon milta hai 

Aakho ko thandak milti hai

Mujhe dar nhi lagta kabristan meh bs kuch apna sa lagta hai

- Anamta Khan


Let the girls fly as they are the only fairies...

Let the girls fly up to their dream lands,

Without any hindrance let them freely stand,

Let the girls fly to their unfulfilled and  unreached aims,

And let them live a life full of name and  fame,

Let the girls fly to their desired ambitions,

And let them  take their own choices and decisions,

Let the girls fly and have a look around the world,

And fill their pure lives with joy and mirth...

- Sattwika Chatterjee

1. When a baby girl is born with over joy, Goddess Mahalakshmi comes into our family. When a boy is born , why don't we say Lord Maha vishnu born?

2. Shower care, love, affection more towards the parents than a boy, especially to father.

3. Even the father of a girl child calls her MY MOTHER. Father cares more than the girl's mother.

4. Father showers all his love towards the girl child, because after marriage she has to go husband 's house forever. It creates a vacuum for him. 

5. Parents must ensure the safety and security of the girl child, in the present scenario parents have to play a vital role.

6. We all see child abuse, sexual harassment seeing in media, our policy makers to frame a new policy to give capital punishment instantly.

7. Due to technological advancement, it is difficult to monitor the girl child, a strong reform has to take place in our educational system.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

परी बनती

1.मैं तो परी बनती

सारी सृष्टि की सैर करती।

अपनी जादुई छड़ी को घुमा

दुखियों का दुख दूर करती।

और उसी छड़ी से, 

दुष्टों को सजा देती।

बाग़ बाग़ गुलिस्तां ए इश्क

और खुशियां फैलाती ।

सबको खुश देख,

खुद भी खुशी से झूम उठती।

2. परी बन मैं अपने सारे

 अरमान पूरे करती ।

जो अभी नहीं कर पाती

खुद के लिए भी जीती,

और सबको जीने देती।

3. सब जियो और जीने दो

 सब प्रेम से रहो, ये कहती।

 खुश रहो , क्यूंकि जिंदगी है

केवल चार दिन की ।

क्या पता कल हो ना हो

ये खुशियां हो ना हो,

ये गुल गुलिस्तां हो ना हो

हम हो ना हो..!!

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

Daughters are blessings

1. Daughters are blessings

bestowed by the heavenly 

father to make earth filled

with joys and laughter

imbibed in every daughter

making life living loving

and lustrous with her undying,

emotions beautifying everyone..

2. She is the pearl of the

home, jewel of the world and benevolence of the beholder.

She is the ray of hope

and happiness...

3. Girl child needs nothing except the right to breathe in open sky,

so, stop killing her, in the 

mother's womb , for the day is not far, when you will have no pearls to 

make the necklace, adorning your home 

your lives...

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra


Whenever God is exceptionally pleased with His creatures,

Thinks of rewarding them with something valuable, it is His precious gesture,

He sends a baby girl in their houses by hiking their status,

Who brings a lot of love, happiness and improve the standard of living’s texture.

- Noor Tabassum

1. Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?

2. People tend to associate fairies with princesses, but they couldn't be more different. Princesses have dynastic and domestic pressures, and they get parked on glass hills. Fairies don't have families. They don't clean or cook. They sip nectar from flowers and dance by the light of the moon.

3. Everytime a child says 'I don't believe in fairies' there is a a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead.

4. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

5. “If you are always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” 

6. “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” 

7. “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

8. “If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion.” 

9. All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.

10. Better to be strong than pretty and useless

- Sheril Mustalee

As I am penning and dedicating this blog to my beautiful daughter part of the lovely family.

I feel daughters/ pari s are angels & fairies who bring happiness, joy & smiles to our faces.

I feel girls are god sent  blessings they are studious, serious & caretakers to their smaller brothers 

The girls are more studious, mature, have a lot of understanding, are beautiful, elegant, intelligent, help mothers in their household chores activities &  do much more than boys.

Today our little girls are toppers in each & every field whether it's sports, defence, aeronautics, professionals like doctors, bankers, engineers, architects, astrologers, writers, scientists, etc.

Let's give our little girls, pari more empowerment, more space, more freedom so they touch the skies of their imagination & goals & make all of us proud.

- Jawahar Lalla

वह खुद में एक ,शहजादी है, जिसकी,, तमन्ना सिर्फ, आज़ादी है

 है बेशुमार जिसके ,ख्वाब भी, 

वो खुदा का,, एक रूबाब भी

पर, इस दुनिया में कितनी महफूज़ है वो

कोई दे दो, आज जवाब भी!!

- Aashiya Suman

आसमान से आयी परी हूँ मैं 

मेरे माँ की छवी हूँ मैं 

पापा की दुलारी हूँ मैं 

दामन को खुशियों से भर दे 

ऐसी परी हूँ मैं 

ये लड़कियाँ बड़ी प्यारी होती हैं 

सब की दुलारी होती हैं 

जब अपना पहला कदम रखती हैं 

तब भी रुलाती है 

और जब विदा होती हैं 

तब भी रुलाती है....

बिछड़ना दुनिया की सच्चाई है 

पर बिछड़ के भी दिल में बैठीं रहे हैं 

उसे बेटियाँ कहते हैं 

न जाने किस मिट्टी से बनाया है उससे 

कितना भी अलग कर लो 

नज़रो से दूर कर लो 

पर हमेशा साथ पायेगे उसे 

- R.Muskan Bothra Jain

Choti si pari Zarur hu mager waqt aane p jawala bhi banne aata hai 

Ful si komal bhi hu

Mager kato sa kathor bhi banne aata hai

Ladki samj kr koi hme mt darana 

Meh woh bala hu jisneh aache aache ko hai jhukaya

- Anamta khan

My parents feel proud to have me as a girl child 


My life partner feels proud to have me as a fairy...

Both respect a female at their own style...


I am proud to be a girl

As everyone is ...

Not because of gender 

Because the only one who can give birth to another life...

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

"Ek bachhi hi badi ho kr ek maa banti hai aur ek maa hi ek bachhi ko janam dene ka param sukh paane ka khitaab rakhti hai..."


Girl and fairy are same

Mom does magics 

As fairy do...

- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

Logon ke liye wo bass ek ladki hai,

Pr mere liye wo meri beti ke roop mein koi pari se kam nhi hai..."


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