A Letter to an Entrepreneur

Let's read these Letters to Entrepreneur written by the writers of Jewel Skupina. This is going to be interesting as the letters are creative and penned with the personal feelings and imaginations of the writers

Letter to Entrepreneur by Peaceful Writers International

Letter by K.S.Ramakrishnan

Respected sir,


At the outset, I take this opportunity to give me an opportunity to meet you in person and wish to share something about me.

I am a student of first-year engineering in ABC Engineering college and pursuing B Tech Biomedical Engineering.

During the corona time through youtube, I learnt the basics of Java and C++. Further, I have come across from my circle that you are looking for plus two pass outs in your organization.

Sir, I take this opportunity to consider myself and position myself in such a way so that I am useful to the organization and I learn software related things. 

The stipend that  I am going to get from you is very precious for me to take care of my college fees. My father is jobless due to the pandemic.

Awaiting your appointment.


With regards 


Letter by Noor Tabassum


I am one of the customers of your business. I am very much satisfied with the product that you produce. It helps in enhancing my beauty. The quality that is used is also superb. It is in favour of all the customers and users. Your interest in favour of the customers is worth praising, and no wonder the shares of your company are reaching heights—people battle to buy the shares. 

I have a single complaint. The product which reaches us passes from one broker to another, then another, and then reaches the shop. The retailers add their profit too. Then there are taxes to be paid. All this process hikes the value of the product to reach the skies. Why do you not start a scheme where the product can reach the factory to the customer without going through the brokers. This will cut the cost, and we can enjoy the product for less. I hope I am reasonable in asking you to cut the cost. 

I am sure you will pay heed to my request. 

Thanking you.

Noor Tabassum

Letter by Kelvin Maina

Hey, you there,

Trust me, I know where you’re at. You’ve been sick and tired of doing something you don’t enjoy and you know that you have a greater purpose. Whatever your passion is, it’s calling you in. You envision what it will feel like when you achieve some of your goals and buy the dream car that you’ve always wanted. Not just that but the woman of your dreams and the “life” that you aspire to have one day is so real in your dreams, that you almost think it's reality. Then you wake up.

The reality is that this world is a cold place and will give you absolutely nothing unless you work for it. Are you prepared to be tired and still put out maximum effort anyways? That’s what it takes to run a successful growing business. Unfortunately, some of the influencers that you follow on social media will only show you the end result of years of hard work. They don’t actually show you the nitty-gritty of the blood, sweat, tears, setbacks, punches in the face that come along with that success. So, if you just started your business, be mentally prepared right now to know that this will be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. 

Having said that, keep in mind, the 2% that win are the men and women that get up every day and perform at their best regardless of the circumstances at hand. This 2% of winners in the world know that winning is a skill and that if they don’t exercise daily winning habits, they’ll stop winning. There is no magic, successful people don’t just have some mysterious potion of success at their grasp. It’s just a fact, that putting your head down every day and pushing the needle forward, is exactly what you need to do. Not some of the time, or once in a while. I mean every single day having intentional effort and getting things accomplished. 

Self-confidence is likely the most important quality one can have to endure during tough times early on in your business. Without it, you may find yourself wondering why you don’t seem to be getting closer to accomplishing your goals. If I had a gift to give my future children, it would be self-confidence. This is believing in yourself even when nobody else does. Betting on yourself to overcome adversity and the challenges that await. This is something that I know acquired very much so because of experience and time. It was a gradual process but over time I understood my value. I understood what my strengths and weaknesses are.

New business owner, yeah I’m talking to you. Do this for me and it will change your life. Figure out what you are good at and naturally gifted with. God gives everyone natural skills and abilities based upon his choosing. It’s up to us to figure out what those natural gifts are. Try new things, learn and make sure you figure this out quickly, time is of the essence. Once you do, work and perfect those skills to the very best of your ability. Try to become so effective in that gift that you are within the top 5 – 10% of people that do that. This ensures that you can provide the most value possible. The higher you go with these trainable skills, the more people will seek out your service and pay you more for it too.

It’s going to be hard but it will be worth it. Don’t give up on your dream. You have only shot at this life, please don’t be that older retired man or woman that regrets not taking that “chance”. You’d feel better at that moment if you at least tried and failed as opposed to not trying at all. 

Your favourite inspiration,

Kelvin Maina

Letter by Somdatta Mitra

Dear Bogglewash , 

It has been a prolonged await that I received the parcel which contains the precious book. I am delighted to be a part of your project which is in a state of ambiguity. I appreciate your arduous enterprises which are tactfully dealt with. But the project is most essentially and assumably much expensive and perhaps I may falter in a catapult to entwine both my profession and investment into a balance. 

It is expected that we engage in a wide conversation and indulge into a conference to sort out the actual derivatives and the profit estimation. In simple negligence, the whole effort might just lose its dignity and outcome. It is also important to inform you that I have observed the acceptance of a new member in any firm is a major criterion. It is wise to deliberately discuss the general advantages of this pattern and programme. Logical reasoning is a most esteemed factor to relate to. 

Also, it is important to mention here that a delay in the executions of the transactions of the monetary factor requires agility. The packaging of the books should be given due priority.

Thanking you, 

Your 's sincerely, 

Somdatta Mitra 

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