Capturing The Captivating Sights by Noor Tabassum

Capturing The Captivating Sights by Noor Tabassum with a collection of photographs by Peaceful Writers International

Photography is the art of capturing a few beautiful moments or instances to cherish them whenever required. It is the art of captivating and relishing moments to cherish whenever we are low or need some inspiration. Most of us love to take photography as well as be the models of those pictures.
Many of us are obsessed with selfies. Gone are those days when there were fixed, and standing cameras and people stood like mannequins to be captured. Currently, taking pictures has become so easy that even kids can click them. Nowadays every mobile has a beautiful camera through which we capture captivating moments anytime and anywhere. Mobiles take clear pictures of themselves and even modify them to give a clear and beautiful photo. 

Though selfies are the most obsessed photography clicked nowadays, many mesmerizing sceneries need to be clicked and preserved. The photographs clicked at those moments are a treat to the eyes. Few such spellbinding sights are:


It is always a treat to see the sun setting in the water. When the sun becomes venerable and tired, it is a scene to watch and capture as it lazes and slips in water slowly and steadily. The entire sky turns from blue to reddish-orange, as if in love with nature. The water reflects the colour of the sky, turning orange-red as if it is in love with the sky. The vast sky merges with the water at a distance, and the round, big sun drowns in the water. The scene is so captivating that it fills every heart with delight. Captivating this scene and preserving it to look at the depressing moment is the most outstanding knack of a person. A person sitting at the beach certainly will relate to this enthralling scene.


Have you ever got up early in the morning and witnessed the rising sun? When the rays of the sun tear the dark, black blanket of darkness and rise, spreading its light, it is the most beautiful moment. The pleasing light spread everywhere, and the trees swaying to welcome the sun, with birds happily chirping and flying to go to collect their food, is the most appealing scene to seizure. If someone can live in a mountainous region, the sight of the sun rising between the mountains is beguiling. Even a lousy photographer will be able to click some splendid pictures at this moment. Clicking these pictures and preserving them will be the greatest asset to relish in gloomy times.


Have you ever seen white camels walking in the yellow dunes? The long line of camels walking one after the another in the orangish-yellow desert looks enchanting. It feels like the entire earth is covered with a yellow dress while camels are moving on it. It looks incredible, and seizing this scene will be stunning.


Have you ever gone to a place where there is no electricity? Sitting on the house's terrace in the night and watching the sky is a pleasure. It eases off all the tensions and brings unknown tranquillity to the soul. The dark black sky is spreading to infinity. In that darkness, a big round and bright moon shining like a giant lamp and numerous tiny stars illuminating and twinkling make us appreciate the Almighty for his unbelievable painting. Clicking this scene with some high-definition camera is the work of a genuine artist. If we are lucky enough, we can even capture a shooting star or a falling comet. 


Whenever we sit at the beach and watch the vast sea or ocean flowing happily, we see tides rising high and falling mischievously. At a distance, we see the sky happily sinking in union with the sea. At that distance, when the sky and sea are one, when we see a ship sailing, it is a different pleasure altogether. The rising and dipping of the ship in the rising and dropping of the tides make it look hypnotic. If we are lucky and can ever capture the dolphins flying and dropping in water with mischief is a riveting scene to watch and seize.


When the first shower falls from the sky, cooling the earth with its drops. The hot earth cools down, and all the creatures feel happy to be relieved from the scorching heat. Every creature is delighted with the petrichor and dances with the pouring water. The kids are more thrilled and run to get drenched in the rain. They dance and run about in the shower as though they have gone crazy. The happiness which is spread over their faces is a scene to be captured. The dropping water, the tall trees standing still, and the kids dancing with the music of dropping water can never be forgotten. If one can happily capture this, they will relish it all their lives. 


Last but not least, it is always wonderful to capture a family. A joint family of grandparents, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and the entire family standing together, screaming cheese, and smiling is something to capture and preserve the entire life. Whenever one sees such a photograph, the heart dances with joy and contentment. 

Photographs are those small moments that are captured and watched whenever life seems a burden to carry. It is like reliving the happy moments spent before. Thanks to this modern invention, which made us click, save and cherish such fascinating moments.


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