Career In Photography by Sakshi Kapoor

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Many moons ago when photography came into notice people start taking it as a luxurious hobby. People thought that only those upper-class people can afford photography and more or less they were right because when it started it involves some heavy amounts and not everyone can afford it.
But as everything evolved so as photography. Now photography is not just a hobby of the richer section of the society it has become means of livelihood to many. Yes, you heard it right photography has become a great career opportunity for many.

When people started to opt for photography as their career others laughed at them, criticized them and mocked them that it can't be a career. But as society grew now photography has become one of its essences.
Every celebration, vacation and even some romantic dates are now incomplete without photography. Now, this field has become so wide and beautiful that it has space for everyone. Now for photography, you don't have to own big cameras and all just your phone and ta-da you can click. A career in photography is so wide that you can opt for mobile photography too or even you can become a food blogger or travel blogger if you love to click pictures.
A career in photography doesn't limit you to a cameraman. You can be support staff, light man, mobile photographer, food bloggers, travel blogger, and many more. 
Especially during this social media era, where everything has become online people wants to look their best on social networking sites. People want to flaunt their best moments their best memories in the most perfect way so they had to hire a professional photographer. And as the need of being a perfectionist on social media, they need photographers so we can say that this social media era has given a big boom to the photography career.

Photography is now also being used to highlight social issues. Many well-known photographers are highlighting many social and even political issues through their photography skills. Even many political parties are hiring professional photographers to capture their movements and use them for their campaigns.

So now it's high time if you're thinking to opt career in photography go for it as it has great futures in it!
- Sakshi Kapoor

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