Gifts: Loveliest Parcels

Peaceful Writers International believes in challenging a writer's pen to bring out a better version day by day. This time, we asked the writers to pen down something about gifts without mentioning anything like a birthday gift or an anniversary gift. A writer is an artist set to explore a free space. A writer is a soldier with a pen as a sword moving towards war on the land of paper. So, writing in an unconfined space with an open heart, a writer can consider life as a gift, or write about the most memorable birthday gift, or a gift just given as an appreciation. So, let's see the creativity of our talented pen-lovers...

Presented by the writers of Realm of Irises and Sapiens Arena - Gifts: Loveliest parcels by Peaceful Writers International


A gift is an acknowledgement from the people whom we love,

Who shows what is filled in their heart through small presents,

Which fills unknown happiness in our lives,

Of being adorned, commemorated, and accepted.

The significant and precious gift that we forget,

Is life, which cannot be compared to any other gift,

The light, air, sight, smell, touch are all the gifts,

Above all, the parents, friends, siblings are incomparable gifts from the Almighty God.

The next unseen gift is the gift of love,

Love from our parents, siblings, and friends are precious,

No amount of worldly things can replace this gift,

It can be felt and transmitted from one heart to another. 

Worldly gifts certainly give immense happiness,

Make it a habit to give how much ever small it may be,

But do not forget the more valuable gifts,

Which can be in the form of prayers, love, or support. 

- Noor Tabassum


It was my birthday and as usual, there was nothing special about it, still holding back some hope from the dear ones. It was two pm already. None of the wishes so far assumes everyone is too busy in their chores. soon I hear my husband's voice, He invited me to a movie which I know I won't even like...! Hiding my disinterest I sit with him and to my surprise suddenly a video played in...!  All my loved ones one by one try to do something which I never imagined. My husband, my children, my mother, my brother, my sister made my day and brought happy tears in my eyes all together .slowly gulping all my complaints I was smiling as if I knew it all in my brain.

- Beena Shah



प्रकृति है वह आश्चर्यजनक तोहफा,

जो हर वक्त करवाती है खुशी का मुनाफा ।

प्रफुल्लित करती  है उसकी सुंदरता,

तो मन को भाती है उसकी शीतलता ।

शांत रहकर भी हमें बहुत कुछ कह जाती है,

दर्द हमारे भूलाकर औरों के लिए जीना सिखाती है ।

तरोताजा करती है हमें हर वक्त,

सिखाती है हमें नए नए सबक ।

- Beena Shah


"The only gift I want from my destiny is to gift myself those who need peace in their life..."

- The Anuradha


Gifts are liked by all

They are one thing in all, that is loved by all, irrespective of any age, class or colour or gender.

The moment one gets a gift, be it big or small, the face illuminates a million-dollar smile...

Gifts sometimes can

mend broken relations

as gifts, itself are a motivator, an optimizer,

and a cheering element

for we human beings...

An angry girlfriend smiles, the moment her

beloved gifts him with rose, chocolate, or teddy

or all of it.

While a diamond ring adds sparkle to her fire 

and her wrath vanishes...,

because diamonds are forever, truest and most loved gift by all women especially wives

by and large ...

So gifts are gifts ultimately which comes with a baggage full of

love, laughter, and memories untold beyond

years to come.…..!!

- Poetry Khakholia Mundra


Self breathe is a gift 

Before the last breath

While breathing for a purpose

- Amit Ghosh


Gift of life

Life is a gift, handle with care,

Shower kindness and compassion everywhere.

Life is a precious and wonderful gift,

cherish every moment as it was last to live,

Treasure your loved ones and hug them tight,

Give your time to them to make life bright.

Nothing last forever,

you, me, our griefs or our endeavour.

when troubles transpire, stand up and smile,

knock it off without cribbing for a while.

welcome every day with an open heart,

To regret or grieve, life is too short.

Violence, hatred, intolerance or pain,

we are really going as insane,

Let's share kindness for humanity to sustain.

- Dr. Sulekha Yadav


The metal abode was an ode to all my desires and wishes,

The ink flowed like the blood that miraculously flowed through vessels,

The nib wrote me letters when I felt sad and lonely,

Yes, I'm telling you my story! The story of my pen- my gift!

Life couldn't have been more beautiful than it already was,

Probably my biggest birthday gift on the 24th hour,

When everyone gathered around the round table,

Opening my eyes I could see the pretty present lying so near.

Wrapped in golden papers and hung loosely against pages,

With it was kept a diary which was shouting my name,

As I flipped the first note, I came across a heartfelt note,

A note from my parents for me as they had been wishing me luck.

What else could be more amazing than this gift,

A present bought for a writer with elation and adoration,

Just like a heart sitting profoundly inside a ribcage,

The pen holds a special place inside my body- would hold too for ages!

- ©Angarika


As life gets only once who knows next time we will get or not
Another day is the greatest gift
An unlimited series of opportunities to find the good in ourselves and others. 
When you wake up in the morning take it as blessings and gift of life 
Use every day as blessings and used it wisely and don't take it for granted 
Life is too short and the best gift by the God 
Accept life as a precious gift from God
Life is purpose
Life is a test. Life is a temporary adventure
Life Is a Circle of Happiness, Sadness, Hard times, and Good Times 
So cut of Negativity, say goodbye to those who hurt us and leave us in bad condition 
So spend your day with those who are there with you 
Life is a gift, not an obligation 
- Semina Himani

"Wo puchte hai kya chahiye Hume tofe mein, 
Ab kaise bataye ki tofa khud mujhe tofa dene ko bekraar hai..."

The best gift one can ever give or receive is time because nothing else can replace it or the moment & the memories shared in it.
- Joyous Jaya Rauniyar

तेरे तोहफे सब बड़ी हिफाज़त से 
संभाल रखा है, दराज़ में भी, 
और मेरे दिल में भी।
चाहे से तू भूल गया हो,
पर मैं ना भूली कुछ भी।
ना वो बातें वो मुलाकातें,
ना ही वो पल, छीन भर ही सही
पर थे तो हमारे, जब हम एक दूसरे के साथ थे, एक दूसरे की बाहों में थे, और
एक दूसरे के लिए जीते थे।
क्या हुआ जो आज साथ नहीं
पर यादें तो आज भी वैसी ही है
जिस मोड़ पे तू छोड़ गया था जाना।
तो तेरे दिए तोहफे भी उतने ही अजीज है जितना अजीज तू है।
आज भी मेरे लिए, तभी से सब सेहज रखा है, और चुपके से ही सही, रोज वो तोहफे देख तुझे याद कर लेती हूं।
पर तेरी बातें तेरी छुअन 
ना तेरी तड़प जाती कहां।
सब एक उपहार स्वरूप 
मेरे दिल के आइने में
दिखती हर रोज ही।
ये तेरे उपहार ही अब
 मेरी जिंदगी है,और
 जीने की वजह भी...!!
- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

Having a life on its own is a gift from God and just like the way God has gifted us with life, He expects us to gift the world with the gifts He embedded in just as He has gifted us. Most people ask a popular question. How do we gift the world? How do I make a difference with my gift? As part of the breath of life given to us by God, He added other gifts apart from the breath of life and this gift is called talent. Talent is a god-given gift that makes us as individuals special from one another. Once you are given the breath of life by God, you need to check in that one thing that God has given you as an individual, that one gift that God has said that through that gift, you will be pronounced known amongst your peers and in front of the world. The gift of life is worth more than what more people see it to be because, at the end of the day, every human who has collected that gift of life from God will give an account of how he tried to unleash those other gifts that God has given him. According to God’s view about life, Life is a test, life is a trust and life is a temporary assignment and because life has few characteristics in God’s view, it is not eternal but once you begin to see things the way God sees it, you will realise that
purposes are eternal while goals are temporary. God gave us gifts in other to make a difference in the world and not only to consume from other people. Talents are naturally made to help and assist one other, to return all glory to God and most importantly to please God that was why he has given us gifts.
However, most people tend to find their gift in the natural sense of the man that is by guessing which is speculative. The only true way to find your gift is by revelation getting it directly from God for you to align your reasoning in the way God has destined your purpose to be. The meaning of life is to find your gift generally means that you need to find that good gift in you to fulfil the purpose of why you are on earth or why you have a life. Everyone has his/ her gift inside of them, we are to find that gift and use it for the sole purpose of what God has given us in the first place. Life is not just about the things in the world, it is about a lot of things but what is most important is for you to find that unique talent or gift in you and use it to do meaningful things in your life just as people have done in the bible.
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. It took me some time to understand this deep statement. Every one of us has a special gift. We are made to do something big in life. Unfortunately, most of us never realize our gifts, our potential and just go by life as it comes.
We remain entangled with the not so important things in life and miss the opportunity to feel life in its true nature. Money, fame, ego usually takes the highest slots of our mind and keep us occupied and away from so many other beautiful emotions. For a long time, I struggled to understand the meaning of my existence. Although I was living a good life, having a good family, a job, steady income etc.
But there was something within me, that was not satisfied. Fortunately, I listened to my heart and started on something that I truly enjoyed, and that was Teaching. I soon realized, teaching is my passion
and this is something I was born to do. Despite all the limitations and challenges, I decided to make an honest attempt and gave up on some time-consuming things, like TV, social networking, parties etc and gave all the time I reclaimed to my teaching. After some time I realized, the world is waiting for this knowledge and I decided to share all my knowledge with the world.
- Rosy

Tohfa to bhagwaan ne mujhe pehle hi iss jahaan me bhej ke de diya hain or ab meri baari hain ki main unhe apne kaamo se or apni maa ko khush rakhun isse bara tohfa unke liye meri taraf se kuch nahi hoga....
Ek tohfa mujhe aur mila, jiska mujhe kayi dino se intezaar tha wo ab mere pass hain or ab hum dono bahut khush hain...

Main unhe mila or wo mujhe mili,
Bhagwaan ki taraf se tohfa hum dono ko mili...
- Amit Jaiswal

The best gift,
I received ever is you,
My love,
My world,
May I will receive more gifts upcoming days,
But it's not equal to you,
You are that gift,
Which I received without money,
But a punch of pure love!
- Vijayamalathi Mani

1. Human creations are the ultimate gift of God. One has to use them to the best possible extent.

2. Nature is also a precious gift to humans and other creations of God. Water, land fire, air are offered free of cost.

3. Upto five sense living things God provides food shelter everything free of cost.

4. To convey love and affection to others, the gift is a tool one uses. 

5. Mother's unconditional love and affection showering to a baby is the gift of God. After delivery, god provides food to the baby through the mother's breast milk and it is a gift.

6. Sunrise, sunset, rain, winter, autumn all are gifts for us. 

7. Our life is full of challenges and surprises and every day we learn new lessons, free of cost and it is a precious one in one's life.

8. Every phase of our life is a gift of God. With His grace and blessings only we move forward and we have to be always thankful to Him.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

"What would you gift me this anniversary?" 
I asked my husband enthusiastically! 

"Diamond ring? No wait! 
How about a gold chain? 

But you already have that, don't you? 
You will love a new car, won't you? 

No! How about an exquisite watch? 
Or your most favourite bottle of scotch? 

I'll make you a Jacuzzi in our room,
Or gift you the exclusive Chanel perfume! 

Let me gift you a trip with your friends,
Where you would enjoy to no ends, 

Oh! How hard it is to think of a gift unique,
Everything, in front of you, seems to be bleak! 

Help me out and let me know, my princess,
What do I gift you for you to be impressed?" 

He looked at me with perplexed eyes,
But a mere truth he couldn't realise, 

As, I stared at him for a long long while,
In all the luxury, he forgot to list his time! 
- Sneha Dholakia 

तुम्हारा वक़्त किसी को नही दे पाऊँगी मैं,
भले ही तुम्हारे बिना अकेले रह जाऊँगी मैं।

अभी तो अपना हाल ठीक ही बता रहीं हूँ,
फिर तुम्हे बाद में सब कुछ सच बताऊँगी मैं।

पता है कि तुम्हे चिढ़ाने का मुझे पूरा हक है,
पर अभी कुछ दिन तुम्हे कम सताऊँगी मैं।

माँ की डाँट या कोई झगड़े अभी झेल लूँगी,
फिर बाद में सारे किस्से तुम्हे सुनाऊँगी मैं।

तुम्हारी पसन्द के सारे गाने याद है मुझको,
तब तक वही गाने अकेले गुनगुनाऊँगी मैं।

तुम मुझ पर शायरियाँ भले न लिख पाओ,
पर तुम्हे अपनी हर कविता में सजाऊँगी मैं।

वक़्त ही है एक दिन गुज़र जाएगा 'मनीषी',
फिर वैसे ही तुम्हारे साथ नज़र आऊँगी मैं।
- Manishi

To kya keh rahi thi main? Haan, mujhe ek tohfa tha mila,
Apni 13vi janmdin par, kisi ne bhent tha mujhe kiya,
Jaante ho kya tha? Agar nahi pata to aage aage padho,
Shayad tumhari soch se pare, jald hi tumhe pata lag jayega.

Haan to tum socho, kya ho sakta hai? Shayad ek kapda?
Ya koi ghadi, mobile, bottle, kitaben ya phir laptop?
Inme se kuch nahi tha, balki asliyat mein aashcharya janak,
Jo tofha mila, wo aaj bhi mera saath hai aur khatm na hua.

Ek dabba- pepper spray Ka mila tha mujhe, apne parivaar se,
Kyunki ladkiyon ko sakht zaroorat hai, ye kehte the,
Usne mirchi ki tasveer, aur kuch baale beej bane tha,
Mujhe kya zaroorat iski? "Bas rakho tum", ye keh rahe the.

Phir samaj aaya uska mahatva, jab thodi badi hui,
Jo kono mein 'machchar' rehte the, unhe mirchi lagti,
Aankhon mein pade to jalan, aur zyada ho to behosh,
Ek ladki ko chhedne ke viruddh ye shastra, tha bada anmol.

Aaj bhi wo mere saath hai, aur hamesha bag mein milega,
Jahan zaroorat padi Kuch nahi, ise use bas hai karna,
Zara sa chhidkoge tum, to unhen hi pachhtana padega,
Machhar maarne ki dawa se, ye zyada hi asardar tha.

- ©Angarika

If you can give someone some gift then give them joy and happiness.
- Neelaksh Ojha


The greatest gift of God is life so be colourful and joyful. 
- Neelaksh Ojha


Jab tum mere zindegi me aye,
Aisa laga mila mujhe sabse haseen Toufa.
Harpal karte rehete hoon me dua khuda se,
Ke hona na kabhi tum mujhse khwafa.

Tumhara ey jo muskan hai,
Dete hai dil ko sukoon ki paal,
Aur kuch nehi mere liye
Tumse jyada kimti uphaar.
- Bipasa Halder 


I was always reluctant to wait, wait and expect gifts. Either on the new year eve, dream bugs, birthday palls, festive for nothingness... I would just stroll along the streets, kicking away the stones and picking up the flowers. But, magic happened in April Showers, I was gifted a shimmery eternal thing. I was gifted your smile, a smile I could die for! If gifts make happiness, then this gift is enough for my whole life!
- Zaira Shahid 


When uh came into my life it was the most precious moment ever. 
Still, I can recall our first talk to introduce ourselves and further talks.
From strangers to be friends and from friends to be a supporter...love...bestie and all
The tags to uh by me are limitless and the love from uh to me is the TAUFA (gift) the most beautiful gift of my life 
"You" the word is small but attains a much big position in my life...
A life without friends is like a kind of joy missing...right?
But each and every place of my life is gifted by Him to me is you ... Just love you ...
- Pooja Gupta

The best gift ever,
I received is my ma,
The wonderful gift ever,
I received is my pa,
The beautiful gift ever,
I received is my sister,
The alluring gift ever,
I received is my brother,
The mesmerizing gift ever,
I received is my friends,
The lovable gift ever,
I received is my paramour,
The great gift ever,
I received is my life!
- Vijayamalathi Mani

I say myself,
As the best gift to me,
I blessed with the world's best gift,
That's me,
Whenever I feel worried,
She only consoles me,
Whenever I am alone,
She only is with me,
Wherever I go,
She only comes with me,
Whenever I face problems,
She only encourages me to face it,
Then why I don't say me,
"Myself" as the world's best gift!
- Vijayamalathi Mani

The greatest gift of God is nature☘️,
U may think why🤔?
But have you thought of cherishing a moment with it🥰?
No? Why? 
Because I am too busy to admire it😒,
Cmon it's a very big world 🌎,
With vast different countries 🗺️,
And it's filled with waterfalls🌊, rivers🌊,
Hills🏔️, mountains⛰️,
Wt else do we want?
We find everything which seems to be beautiful ❤️,
Filled with lots of moments to feel✨,
And yet are not ready to preserve it, enjoy it, feel it!! 
What else better gift can we expect more than this 🥰!!
- Keerthi Priya.M 

Parents are the true gift,
When compared to all gifts.
They are everything,
Because they are always inspiring.
They are the true God gift to you and me,
In front of it, other things are nil to see.
So please take of them, 
They are precious gems.

There is nothing to replace them,
Having them with us is like fame.
So never feel burden or shame,
When they are with you on.

In front of this gift,
Every other gift is just dust.
So understanding about them is a must,
Otherwise, you will suffer the most.

We should be thankful to God,
For the gift like "MOM and DAD",
As a son, I really feel proud 
To have such a wonderful gift.
- Rahul B R

We as humans 🤷‍♂want more and more no matter whatever and how much ever we have,
That's a bitter truth 🤐, isn't it?
So why don't we accept the fact that whatever the 
things and moments we have around us as the best gifts of our lives✨, 
Enjoying every gift 📦 in a beautiful manner💥!!
The best gifts I have got are many but the main priority ones are my passions and the sweets of my hard work, struggles I have faced, and received achievements from it❤!!
And mainly the days spent with my granny 👵🏻!!
- Keerthi Priya.M 

What else better gifts 🎁🧧do u yearn for than these? 

There's no greatest gift than kindness wrapped with love ❤️ expressed towards all your loved ones,
There's no tremendous gift other than your parents showering love on you,
There are no incredible blessings than God blessing you immensely🙏🏻, 
There's no enormous gift generous than you getting rewards 🏆 for your struggles and hard work!!!
There's no better gift than your grandparents showing tremendous love towards you ❣️,
Is there anything better as a gift than you getting appreciation for your writings ✍️ and other passionate works🎨📸? 
What else better gifts 🧧 do you deserve and want more than this?
- Keerthi Priya.M 

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