Impact of Selfies In The Growing World By J. Martina

Impact of Selfies In The Growing World By J. Martina

The origin of the word "photography" was derived from the Greek language. It's an art where the light is captured through film or digital sensors to create an image. If we have the perfect equipment, we can even photograph the light wavelengths that are invisible to the human eyes which include infrared, UV and radio. The first photograph was captured in the year 1826 in France. In photography, there are various types which include fashion photography, editorial photography, sports photography, portrait photography, architectural photography, and a lot more.

Photography is an art that can be taken by people of all age groups, but everyone cannot do this perfectly, only some people are too good at this art. It's not just an art, it's a source from where we can collect abundant memories. Some take it as a profession and equip techniques to enrich their inborn talent. In photography, there are immense opportunities for people to work in this industry. Though it is a popular vocation, it is often filled with many competitions while working as a photographer.

In photography, there are six essential elements.
They are:
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Form
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Depth
A photographic artist must have the awareness of these elements to have success in this profession. Beyond everything, the purpose of photography may vary based on what the photographer is trying to pursue. There are many different types of photography such as wildlife, macro, portrait, landscape, fashion, documentary, event and travel. For a photograph, we all need a camera or a phone attached to it.

Nowadays, in photography, taking selfies has become so popular. A selfie is a self-portrait photograph that can be taken with a digital camera or through the smartphone which may be supported by using selfie sticks or can be held in the hand. It became a trend nowadays and most probably, it is often shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and on many sites. Selfies are also considered as photography and one of the most popular ones in this photography. It is a self-portrait taken by smartphones.

Though it seems like a profession on one side, on the other side, it seems like a hobby for many people. It's a hobby of taking pictures of every object wherever they are roaming. Even, nowadays it's a trend, everybody is eager in taking photos, but the pathetic situation is they are not taking it to have and collect some memories, instead they are doing it just to share their pics on social media as posts and status. They love to have as many followers as possible. Beyond that, they are all eager in getting an immense number in their likes section and show a keen interest in increasing the followers.

It's good to take photographs and it is nice to share pics on their social media pages, but it should not be an addiction. I want to state this particularly," To post their photographs, many youngsters are showing deep interest just in taking pics, but they forget to enjoy the present moment and to get delighted in the place which they are in. In many cases, they will give much importance to taking photos but forget to spend time with their loved ones."

The utmost pathetic situation on taking photographs especially while taking selfies is that we try to pay much attention to our physique and how we are posing ourselves based on the background scene. At that moment, we forget about what is happening around us and where we are standing, instead, our mind starts to show much importance to the pics which we are taking. That is why nowadays many unexpected and sudden deaths are happening.

A few months before, I heard the news that said, "Newly wedded couples, while taking photographs, drowned in the water and died." While saying this, it is also mentioned that the couples who had shown much interest in taking photographs forgot about the danger of that place. And along with that, I am also coming across much pathetic news like if the accidents occur, many people are showing much interest in taking photos of that person instead of helping them and in the news channels, they tagged these acts as we have lost the humanity.

I will never say that taking selfies is bad, it is good to have them. But at the same time, we should not get addicted to them, selfies and taking photographs are not that much important than our lives. We have to think about that first. Beyond that many people had said many things about selfies but here I want to quote the words said by the Psychologist Dr Prasanth Bhimani, who stated, "Selfie addiction can lead to mental illness and insomnia."

And this is not just the words, it is the reality we are witnessing in many of our lives. As I stated above while taking selfies we lost to enjoy the moment and the place we are in and with the members whom we are with. In many cases, we forget to help our fellow beings, this is not a good right.

Folks, I want to conclude this article in this way, the technologies and the new advancements we are using to increase our happiness should not be used beyond the limitation and we should not give them the power to suck our life. Our images should not be taken as a photograph and framed as a people of no more by someone and should not be shared as a picture created to give awareness to other folks that "Don't do mistakes like these people and donate your life".

-by J.Martina

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