International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Peaceful Writers International recognizes International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25th November 2021. Today, we call all the writers to pen down their voices about violence against women. There are many forms of violence against women like rape, molestation, marital rape, and a lot more. These are just physical forms of violence. Other than this, defined gender roles, unequal pay, and gender-based consent are also some forms of violence against women. Let's write...

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with legs bound by a chain - Peaceful Writers International

मैंने कोई इल्ज़ाम नहीं लगाया है,
जो सच है, बस वही बताया है,
तुम रोंदते आए हो मेरी इज़्ज़त अपने जूतों तले,
मैंने तुम्हारे पैरों की मिट्टी को भी मांग में सजाया है,

अब मंज़ूर नहीं मेरे दिल को तुम्हारी बेरुखी,
थप्पड़ तुम्हारे प्यार का लिबास ओढ़कर आया है,
तुम बेहद प्यार करते हो मुझसे,
मेरे बदन के घावों ने इस बात को झुठलाया है,

मेरे जिस्म को अब आज़ादी की आस है,
तुमने अपनी हैवानियत से इसे मिटाया है,
अब मेरी ज़बान काट नहीं सकते तुम,
मेरे आंसुओं ने मुझे बोलना सिखाया है,

हर ज़ख़्म मेरा चीख चीख कर कहता है अब,
याद रखना तुम कि मुझे कितना सताया है,
अब तुम्हारा हर एक वार बेकार होगा,
क्योंकि अब मैंने भी हिम्मत का हथियार उठाया है !
- स्नेहा धोलकिया

It's time for the feminine society to understand, NO ONE can help a WOMAN if she can't help her own fears. Fight your internal fear for violence, show the world that if you are a creator, then you can be the leader.
Janvi Shah

She moves about like a dream,
To people who admire her,
She lives carefree and flows with time,
So innocent and so young and dear.

All by an eye blink, fades,
Now she's merely a puppet you play.
Just as she adheres to nature,
She's sacked from her perfect future.

She is labeled by witless men,
Of what she is capable of.
Deprived of independence,
She succumbs to what is left now.

Given her hand in marriage,
To a man overshadowing her efforts.
Is that what you raised your girl for?
To see her deluged and hurt?

The World comes in all of a sudden,
"Bear a child", it says!
Does not she have a say in it?
Is this the right way?

Small minds talk her into a deep dark solitude,
Bearing the weight of the family chores.
Isn't she the pillar of our nation?
Isn't she something greater and more?

Raise your daughter like a warrior,
She will fight her battles on her own.
You ask her to dream of a simple life,
Sir, she's a queen, just give her back her throne.

You called in the support of a man,
Since you are afraid.
Of what your girl could have achieved,
Of what she could have made.

Maybe she is a fire, Ready to burn down your ignorance.
She's not dreaming of gold and pearl.
Maybe she is a star, fuming upon your arrogance,
She is a Woman and this is her world.
Asilaa Abbas

When the constitution promises equal rights

Then who the hell you are to lower their

Don't shut their lesson when they open guide
Let show them the way, how the world
should ride.

A girl assaulted shatters herself

Engage in suicide to get off this world heartless

missing an opinion of her precious ones in

Let reveal them the means, how the nation
should ride.

A woman undergoes at hands of herman

Other being burnt in fume

The bride being bullied at hands of bribe

Let show them way, how the world should

The corrupted world still disgraceful

Easy to bother but hard to quarrel

What to fight for, for your rights?

Let show them the way, how the world
should ride.

A woman lacks liberty to willingly hold theirbreath

Even killed before their birth and mangled

to death

They are scouring for their individuality in a


Let show them the way, how the world
should ride.

We should say, don't get broken

Encourage her to lead her direction

Come on, move out of your manacled life

Let show them the way, how the world
should ride.

Brace yourself that will boost you to rise

Attempt to move forth as its your right

Teach a lesson if someone prevents your flight

Let show them way, how the world should

If you are determined and spirited at

Nothing can cease you to attain those heights

Acquire them, as adored by you when you
were a child

Preference is all yours, as its your journey and
your pride.

There are persons who die a normal death

Face tortures and cruelty with no offence

Succumb to death as no alternative appeared

to be precise

So perpetrator thus thrive on, with a boost of
new ugly thought in his intellect.

When one woman was enduring the
cruelty of man

Other were shining and growling as came
out of their den

Kalpana Chawla, Sarojini Naidu, Indira
Gandhi were among them

Who finally showed the way, how the world
should trend.

Nobody will care for you until you try

Everybody will use you until you defy

You would be doomed and forgotten by a sly

So,muster up courage and fly high in the sky.

You were not born winner and wise

You were not born loser and blind

But you are born a chooser with great might

So just step forward and show them the way
how the world should ride.
Priyankshi Thakkar

नकली नारीवाद

नारीवाद के लिए आवाज़ उठाने वाले, महानगरों के ऊँच्चे महलों में रहने वाले,
पबों और आलिशान होटलों में नंगा रास रचाते है।

राजनीति के कुर्सी पर बैठे,
इन्ही कुकर्मो में लिप्त रहते है।
नकली नारीवाद के नाम पर,
सड़को पर उतरकर बेवज़ह का नारा लगाते हैं।

तंग गलियों की हालत नहीं सुधारते,
रंगीन रात करने के खातिर यही से तो पहुँचते हैं।
जो जितना भ्रष्ट होता है,
उतना ही नकली नारीवाद के नाम पर सबको लूटता है।

समाज तो पूरी तरह विकाउ है,
तभी तो हर दंश झेलकर भी ऐसे कृत्यो में सुप्त है।
बन गए हैं सब दुराचारी यहाँ पर,
नकली नारीवाद का व्यापार करते है।
Bishakha Kumari Saxena

Andheri raat ho ya ho subah,
Iss jahaan mai koi na apna
Apne bhi ho chuke ab paraye
Na jaane apni betiyon ko kaise sataye
Raaho mei itna khauf nahi jitna ghar mai vo maun rahi
Aankhein dekhe sapne
Per todd rahe usko he apne

Khushi lekr aayi thi vo
Khud me he ab kho rahi vo
Uske gam ko ab badalna h khushiyon ke sang,
Zindagi m uske bhi bharna hai rang
Nikle vo himmat se bahar
Koi aankh utha kr dekhe phir na jhel paaye uska prahaar.

Beti maa behan ke roop m khuda hai vo
Ghar sambhalne se lekr duniya per raaj karna asaan nahi
Uski khushi ke aage koi asmaan ni
Uske liye itna krna uske upper koi ehsaan nahi
Zimmedari hai vo
Ahankaar hai vo
Uske upper aanch na aane de
Kartavya hai vo
Shubham jha


A life she's living,
Full of sweat and bruises,
For a family, she's giving,
Her dreams and voices,
She's the pillar of the house,
Walking on the thorn safely carrying everyone.

She's been muted for the sake of others,
Giving them love and respect watching over,
But what does she gets?
Only Loneliness and Pretense!

She's just standing behind them,
Smiling and protecting them whole heartily,
When a sudden force strikes,
She's the one who comes in front of the family.

A daughter she was,
Now a wife she is,
A life she's living,
That is gifted by His.

Her man whom she thought hers,
Pushed and refused to hear,
The words of him stab multiple times in her muscles,
Making her broke and fall into tears.

But a woman she is,
A life she's living,
She has been broken and made,
Now she will break and will make.

The responsibilities and duties are pulling her into the boundary,
But a woman she is,
Knows how to face things bravery.
She will stand to reach her clouds,
That will help her to fly above every bound.
Ankita Mishra

Title: Awaken the feminine within!
Hey all women and girls out there,
It's time to listen to your soul,
It's time to awaken the feminine within you,
To help the masculine bring in control.

Don't shadow yourself anymore,
Because you are creating an imbalance.
Don't play the victim anymore,
Be brave, take the challenge.

Identify the wounds surrounding femininity,
Tune in your emotions
Connect to your inner shakti, awaken your warmth of love!
Explore the depth of your ocean.

Let's all come together and balance the nature,
Because when masculine and feminine are not in sync,
It leads to imbalance, it leads to chaos.
And everything will ultimately shrink!
Yukta Hindurao Rane

ना पूछो क्या गुजरती है,
जब चोट इस दिल पर लगती है,
मरहम जिस्म के ज़ख्मों को भरते हैं
दिल के ज़ख्मों को भर सके ,
वो मरहम अभी बना नहीं,
चोट वो इतनी गहरी है,
भरने से भी भरे नहीं।
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

You used me when am Jem
You enjoyed me like cherry
You played with my feelings
And throwed me like a trash

है सकती उसमे सर्वश्रेष्ठ ,
नवाज़ा उसे खुदा ने इस रहमत से ,
देती वो जन्म नहीं जिंदगी को वो,
फिर उसे जिंदगी कोई देता क्यों नहीं,
ना वो हकदार इस पीड़ा की,
ना वो हकदार इस जिल्लत की,
सहे क्यों वो हर ज़ुल्म,
क्यों समझे हर शख्स उसे जूती अपने पैरों की,
वो तो सर का ताज है,
को ऊंची कर दे नाक सबकी ।
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

“ There are no curses – only mirrors
Held up to the souls of gods and mortals ,
And so I give up to this fate too.
Believe in yourself ,
Go ahead – see where it gets you. “.
                     Rita Dove

A woman is a divine spirit who nurtures family , carries a baby with lot of pain in her womb for 9 months and sacrifice without expecting a return. A woman is a boon to the world who is a comforter and protector of the family transforming it into a paradise. Within her she restores a lot of energy to embolden the spirits of all. She is calm , diligent , understanding and a compassionate individual whose life goals are to uplift the smiles of all the members of her family . She is a bell in the temple of her family where the deity reigns within her. When it is endless scorns and adversities , she is the strength and like a pyramid she guards the tenderness of her family. She is a soldier who strives hard and struggles to combat the atrocities of the society with determination and devotion. She is a candle who illuminates the whole world with her endless love and care. She embraces all with her fragrant and intellect. She is a source of joy who is adept to enliven spirits.
Women, even the happiest of relationship do worry about their men,  that they may be abandoned by them. And they are terrified – Women often are inclined to forgive an extra- marital  affair of her husband to adjust with the situation and willingly cooperates to rebuild their nests. Women in the 21st century may boast that they are truly independent for the first time in our social history. They may console themselves that they will be single parents and handle a family by meeting up with all the requisites by upbringing a child by their own abilities. Maybe, some have already ventured into it. But the process is a big challenge as , in our country this has not been easily accepted socially or emotionally . For long , our society has been following a tradition of a woman as caretaker , emotional recharger, of her male companion. She is expected to take care of the household responsibilties like maintaining the care and concern of the children and their upbringing and also cooking, washing clothes and then serving food on the table and worshipping the Gods and Goddesses.  Her life is centred around the household chores. In the past women were deprived of the right to study and the right to live happily after their husbands death. They were destined for sacrificing their lives in SATI , a reformation which Raja Ram Mohan Roy initiated to hold the dignity and respect of women in our society 

                         A parrot feels cherished and loved because it’s cage made of gold. It can never be free of it but will have to eat whatever the owner gives and dance and speak whenever the owner demands.  Many women who may pity the parrot s not realize they are in the same boat as the bird . They are given a splendid house to live in and are decked in gold from head to toe but sadly , they are still prisoners ; prisoners of so called tradition , values , moral codes. We know any women can guard herself , protect herself and take complete care for herself when she receives education and earns a handsome scale to uplift her own responsibilities. But why such a social taboo is laid on her that she has to emotionally depend on a male by imprisoning herself into the framework of marriage.
“ You may write me down in history,
With your bitter , twisted lies ,
You may trod me in the very dirt;
But still , like dust, I will rise.

The future is FEMALE. Is it in today’s century or in the past centuries? Female are been maltreated, bullied, abused, body shamed and period shamed. Well, I wouldn’t say the other gender are the one maltreating us because obviously not all. But truth to be told! There’s no gender equality at all. Right from the olden days our fathers fancy male child than a female child and till date! That’s not suppose to be! (Not going against the other gender, just scribbling my thoughts)
Young girls often suffer from mental health and depression these days. Because the burden are too much & heavy on them. Some even went ahead to commit SUCIDE because there rights were ignored and denied. No fair justice. What if I say that, even the women (adult) are been maltreated by their husbands all in the name of corrections I mean, they are homeless in their homes. It’s a democracy century right? But it’s not been practiced. Rapists are in town having fun with my gender forcefully, and everywhere is silent just like nothing is happening. Oh please, we GIRLS ARE YOUR PRIDE! Our body is ours, not yours. I hope we have our freedom and peace soon! Yes WE MUST! On behalf of my gender, I’m confidently requesting for our freedom. We want to walk at night without fears. Let’s go out wearing whatever fit our body. Body shaming should have a full stop now! Once and for all! Then final! Let’s the high rate of girls death decrease to 0% we want to be problems and burdens free!
Fathia Olarewaju





Hame HAR mushkil ka sapna krna pdta hai


Mansi jawaharlal pandey

The future is FEMALE. Is it in today’s century or in the past centuries? Female are been maltreated, bullied, abused, body shamed and period shamed. Well, I wouldn’t say the other gender are the one maltreating us because obviously not all. But truth to be told! There’s no gender equality at all. Right from the olden days our fathers fancy male child than a female child and till date! That’s not suppose to be! (Not going against the other gender, just scribbling my thoughts)
Young girls often suffer from mental health and depression these days. Because the burden are too much & heavy on them. Some even went ahead to commit SUCIDE because there rights were ignored and denied. No fair justice. What if I say that, even the women (adult) are been maltreated by their husbands all in the name of corrections I mean, they are homeless in their homes. It’s a democracy century right? But it’s not been practiced. Rapists are in town having fun with my gender forcefully, and everywhere is silent just like nothing is happening. Oh please, we GIRLS ARE YOUR PRIDE! Our body is ours, not yours. I hope we have our freedom and peace soon! Yes WE MUST! On behalf of my gender, I’m confidently requesting for our freedom. We want to walk at night without fears. Let’s go out wearing whatever fit our body. Body shaming should have a full stop now! Once and for all! Then final! Let’s the high rate of girls death decrease to 0% we want to be problems and burdens free!

Fathia Olarewaju

Womens are our country's eyes

If women are not feline then so is humanity

She is the beauty goddess who maintains the relationship from mother to daughter

Like butterfly crawling among us in many dimensions

The women we adore are the very essence of three great goddesses.

She is a teacher, who teaches strictness with love and affection.

A woman who renounces blood relationships and enters into a new relationship during marriage.

Growing up simulating the father as the protagonist.

Guarding her as if guarding the eyelid thanks for doing.

- K.S.Ramakrishnan

Women - The savior
We can write,
We can fight,
Yes we may not be always right,
But why always girls are asked to be quite..?

In this society,
Works too have their genden,
With a patent quote which says...
This is a men's work,
Which a women can never do right...

Women have the power to bleed,
But are always kept away when in need...
Women have the power to lead,
But somewhere still no right to read...

We live in a society.
Where girls are not safe
And people are not even worried,
About how to be awake...

Women are also god's creature,
They too deserve respect...
Women can also represent,
And this society needs to accept...

Women can give birth,
She is the savior on earth...
She never asks for her turn,
But does everything whatever she learns,
And ask nothing in return...
Ayushi Kaushik

She is a human too. She feels just the way you do. Then why hurt her why torture her. Before making her gi through things just keep yourself in her place and think how bad u will break after that. Just once think about it
Khan Midha Imtiyaz

Title- खौफ़!

अक्सर,, डरती हूं अंधेरी रात से
ठंड और बरसात से
किसी की नजरें खौफ़ जगा देती है
कभी डरती हूँ किसी की बात से

कोई छूने की न कर ले कोशिश
मैं डरती हूँ मुलाकात से
हर लम्हा मरकर जीती हूं
रोज़ लड़ती हूं हालात से

हर पल बचने की कोशिश में
और भी डरने लगती हूं
महफ़ूज जीने की चाहत है
पर,,खुदमे ही मरने लगती हूं

हाल ए दिल सुनाऊँ किसको
आखिर किसपर एतबार करूं
माहौल में ही घुला है खौफ़
बात निकल चुकी है हाथ से

क्या लड़की होना जुर्म है कोई
आजादी के हम क्यो हकदार नहीं,,
साहब,,,फिर ये फर्क क्यो डाला जाता है
हर जहऩ मे यूं शुरुवात से,,!
- Aashiya Suman


Eliminate the violence
Against the women's,
They too have rights
To live like men's.

Violence is not inevitable,
Women and men are equal.
Everyone has a role to play,
And to rise their words to say.

Violence is not acceptable,
Doing that it's not tolerable.
Have some sense of knowledge,
Stop violence should be our pledge.
Rahul B R

My scars may tell you how horrible my life is;
But how can you judge me in this deceit?
I always keeps a smirk in my lips ,
Then who else understands my fate?
My inner pain which always lumpering_
me,would be a surprise for you.
The pacity of love and care makes me disastrous ;
the pain of blaming affectionless life is the real violence to the whole world itself...
Dhanalekshmi A S

Never let down a women
'Coz women's are warriors not barriers.
 - Srija Sadhukhan

ना है कोई सानी उसका ,
वो खुद में सर्वश्रेष्ठ है,
क्या तोड़ोगे तुम बल उसका,
वो तुमसे भी बलवान है,
है इरादे उसके पक्के,
है दिल उसका साफ,
अजाए अगर वो अपनी पे,
कर से सबको साफ,
ना उठाना उस पर हाथ कभी,
मान वही तुम्हारा बढ़ाती है,
तुम समझते है मर्दानगी अपनी,
उसे नीचा दिखाने में,
इस नाजुक कलि पर हाथ अपना उठाने में,
शुक्र करो उसका,
मानो उपकार उसका,
तुम्हारे वंश को आगे वही बढ़ाती है ।
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja


Bohat seheti hai ey nari,
Apne janam se hi.
Kahi ne to duniya bhi nehi dekh payi,
Wajah woh thi nari.

Bachpan se sikhaya jate hai,
Awaj niche rakhna,
Admi jo keheta hai,
Saar niche karke sunna.

Sapno ke uran bharne ka kousis,
Tum kabhi na karna,
Tum nari jati ho,
Kuch sochna bhi hai mana.

Nari bhi aab saksham hai,
Chalna milake kadam se kadam,
Office ke kaam karte karte,
Sambhalta hai woh ghar ka bhi kaam.

Kaab taak chalega aisa,
Akhir nari to bhi hai insaan.
Zamana bhi badal gayi,
Na badalte hai to nari ko leke maan.
Bipasa Halder

In the peek of darkness,
A shadow lurks behind,
Chasing and watching,
Running behind....
Scaring to the core,
And breaking all might,
Shivering throughout,
Through whole night .....

Draining out the strength,
The fear that climbs....
I speak of the violence,
The violence through eyes ....

At dawn and at dusk,
Keeping up with the chores,
Giving my every bit ,
To rest, I am denied
Not seeking any reward,
Being abused is what I deny...

The desire of a child,
With eyes similar to mine,
A baby girl, bringing hope,
Ethereal ,so divine....
But they won't let me,
Bring a girl to life....
I speak of the violence,
The violence I define....

Still I will survive,
Fighting for my rights,
I scream and I cry,
With no one on my side,
Dream of glitter and sunshine,
One day , my be one day ,
I will actually be fine....
Free from the violence
That haunts me ,every mile....
Debasmita Mohapatra

Let us fight!!

We, women shall overcome all fears,
Shall overcome pain and tears,
Shall overcome brutal and rough behaviours.
We, women shall overcome all difficulties,
Shall overcome situations with endless possibilities,
Shall overcome bad and toxic relationships.
We, women shall overcome the tasks and duties coming one after another,
If we all work hand in hand together,
Keeping in mind, that unity is the best way to change our future,
Let us fight for ourselves for our own good,
To erase the dirty thoughts from the mind of people, which in reality, are bad and rude...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

Their pain

Yes , they may feel dejected,
When they are all alone , unescorted,
Yes , you they feel the world collapsing,
When no one stands for them,
Yes , they may feel deficient or unconfident,
When they are unassisted or isolated,
Yes these thoughts,may sometimes come in the minds of women,
When else think they are incapable or impotent ,
In this big world full of rude unjustified comments,
Where women are unable to talk about their own statements...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

*वीर वधु!*

सृष्टि की अनुपम रचनाओं में से एक,
सर्वोत्तम और सर्वश्रेष्ठ,
जो कभी जली थी,
सती प्रथा के नाम पर,
और कभी जलाई गई,
पीड़ित व्यथा के दाम पर,
वो, जिसने सुलझाए हैं,
बहुतेरे अनसुलझी पहेलियां,
वो जो कभी छोड़ आई थी,
घर, सखी और सहेलियां,
सहती थी हंस कर वो सारी वेदना,
अपनी पीड़ा की तनिक न थी चेतना,
कई बार दोराहे पर वो खड़ी हुई थी,
सही राह चुनकर बा इज्ज़त बरी हुई थी,
पर आज जिस राह पर,कालचक्र ने उसे छोड़ा है,
खुशियों ने जैसे उससे नाता तोड़ा है,
गैर तो गैर ही थे अपनों ने भी मुंह मोड़ा है,
सच कहती हूं, समय के क्रूर जाल ने उसे कहीं का न छोड़ा है!

आओ मैं सुनाती हूं वैसी एक कहानी,
हां, अपनी कहानी, अपनी ही जुबानी!

भावना की गोद से पिता ने जब विदा किया था,
मैंने भी अपने अधूरे बचपन को अलविदा किया था !
ये सोच कर हुई अपनों से दूर
हर रिश्ते पर भारी है एक चुटकी सिंदूर!
लाडो और गुड़िया कहते थे सब
प्यारी दुल्हनिया मैं हो गई थी अब
शान से टिमटिमाती थी मेरी बिंदिया,
चूड़ियों की छन छन, पायल और बिछिया !

सुंदर से जीवन का राह दिखाया,
ये तो बताते आगे टकराव मिलेगा,
ये खुशियां तो तेरी पल भर की है पगली,
तुझको, तो जीवन भर का एक घाव मिलेगा !

क्रूर काल का तांडव, वो कोरोना महामारी,
मानवता संग मेरे सुहाग पर भी पड़ा भारी !
कृष्ण पक्ष की वो एकादशी की रात,
अमावशी अंधेरा लेकर आई थी,
एक कभी न खत्म होने वाली शाम,
मेरे जीवन का सवेरा लेने आई थी!

सशक्तता से अबलता की मेरी यात्रा,
होगी इतनी सहज, मुझे ये भान न था,
वो सांसारिकता से मुक्त हुए थे,
और मेरे शरीर में प्राण न था!

हे स्वामी, मैं तुमको, कुछ शब्द समर्पण करती हूं,
कठिन तपस्या मेरा जीवन, हर रोज तनिक अब मरती हूं!

अगर हो सके तो लौट के तुम आना,
मैं रूठी तो बेशक कभी न मानना,
मैं फिर से सुनाऊंगी तुमको ये किस्सा,
स्तब्धता बना मेरे जीवन का हिस्सा,

रंगीन पहनू तो तारते हैं सब,
बदरंग होने का ताना भी मारते हैं सब,
वो काजल, वो बिंदिया, वो पायल मेरे
एकटक से मुझे निहारते हैं सब!

अगर लौट सकते हो तो लौट आओ,
शर्तें तुम्हारी हैं सारी मंजूर
लौटा दो चूड़ी, वो पायल वो बिंदिया
लौटा दो मेरा चुटकी भर सिंदूर!

किशन कन्हैया तुमको भी,
दो शब्द समर्पण करती हूं,
पल पल हर रोज़ मैं मरती हूं,
कुछ कहने से भी डरती हूं,
पर शब्द मेरे ना मानेंगे नटवर,
लो उन्हें समर्पित करती हूं,
कोई नही है सुनने वाला,
कुछ प्रश्न तुम्ही से करती हूं !

मैं किसके नाम का श्रृंगार करूंगी?
किसके लिए ये अपनी मांग भरूंगी?
मैं पापिनी हूं, मैंने माना भगवान,
पर कैसे मैं तुमको उदार कहूंगी?
ऐसा तो मैंने कुछ मांगा भी न था,
मेरे लिए क्या एक धागा भी न था,
बांध लेती मैं जिससे बैरी पिया को,
जो निकले मेरे राम छोड़ अपनी सिया को!
मैं बदरंग और गुमनाम हुई बैठी हूं,
दीप शिखा सी शांत हुई बैठी हूं,
अविरल अश्रुधारा का ढाल लिए बैठी हूं
तुम्हारा दिया हौसला बेमिसाल लिए बैठी हूं!

मरे नहीं, शहीद हुए हैं,
विधवा, बेवा उसे नाम न दो,
कठिन बहुत है नारी जीवन,
वैधव्य से उसको पहचान न दो।
मंदिर की मूरत सी है वो,
शक्ति स्वरूपा शान है वो,
जीवन का जंग स्वयं लड़ेगी,
*वीर वधु* तुम उसे कहो !
Dr Nutan Kumari

Times have changed

Times have changed for all of us & Dreams to live upon
Times have made us strong & let us move on ,

Times Have Changed.

This changing time have gives us choices , choices to desire , to breathe a different air , to smell a different flower , to smile , laugh & love ,

Times Have Changed .

This change has given us a new life , life where there won't be any hands to press our mouth , to not say things , to do what they say , to behave , to be in doors , to like a toy ,

Times Have Changed .

This Change is a change of freedom , freedom to put our views , where we can put our words in action , where there will be not torment , no judgement , no abuses anymore ,

Times Have Changed .

Changes made it Go away , yes Gone those days of misery where it was so much suffocation , where we were supposed just bare it like an emotionless being , gone the days where we were seen & treated like a used rug , gone the days of weeping & finding a way out ,

Times Have Changed .

It's a new beginning , to become a warrior of your own , a new beginning to fight back , to be something what you are meant for , to have a worth , to gain your own place , it's time to have what you lost it it time for you to be you it's time for all of us to be us ,

Times Have Changed .
Vishal Prasad

दिखावे की आज़ादी

आज नारी को आज़ादी तो मिल गई हर क्षेत्र में,
फिर भी नारी उसी गन्दी मानसिकता की शिकार है।
आज भी उसको सिर्फ दिखावे की आज़ादी मिली है,
समाज आज भी भ्रूणहत्या में लिप्त है। आज भी समाज बाल विवाह, दहेज़ जैसी कुरीतियो के कारण नारियो का कितना प्रतिकार करता है।
Bishakha Kumari Saxena

Don't let the scar bury you character
Show the world that you can you can handle any scar with your character
Paspunoori Pavani

ज़रा सोच समझकर दर्द ,,
दिया करिए जनाब
आपके हर दर्द को ह़ंस कर सह लेते है
तकलीफ होती है हमें,
- Aashiya Suman


पिंजरे में पंछी कैद है जो उड़ना भूल गया,
बुराई और झूठ में इंसान कैद है जो निकलना भूल गया,
पंछी पिंजरे को घर मान बैठे,
और इंसान झूठ को सच्चाई मान बैठे,
कर ही लिया आखिर खुद को कैद,
हो कर तो देखो एक बार खुशी में कैद,
तुम क्या बताओगे मैं बताती हूं,
कैसे मैं खुद को रोज डराती हूं,
घरवालों की सुन कर बैठ जाती हूं।
करके सारे सपने चूर खुद को मना लेती हूं।
यह हो जाएगा वह हो जाएगा पल पल घबराती हूं।
देख दुनिया की हालत।
खुद पानी पानी हो जाती हू,
क्या सोचकर घर से निकलो,
पत्थर बन चुकी हूं अब कैसे पिग्लू?
अब छोड़ चुकी उम्मीदें छोड़ चुकी सपने,
कैसे करूं यकीन जब अपने ही ना निकले अपने?
Aakanksha Sharma



We are living in an era where science and technology are producing magic every day. Currently, the world has progressed to the extent that sometimes I become flabbergasted. We have learned to fly high up in the sky; we can communicate with a person thousands of kilometers away from us seeing them, send messages to each other in a matter of seconds, and so on. Could man imagine all these a hundred years back? Certainly not. It seemed impossible to them. But today, it is a reality. Man has used all his creativity and positive energy to reach the planets distant away. It is highly praiseworthy.
Despite all these progressions, still, numerous issues are haunting human beings today. These issues are a shame to society that we wonder if we live in such an advanced world. Are we humans with such high intellect? Are we having any empathy for each other, or have we turned into robots?
Out of the numerous social evils, the one which disturbs me the most is the discrimination shown to women. In a society where women are worshipped in temples, she is treated like a burden in real life.
I am proud to be born in a country where women are not just respected but worshipped. They are good luck charms. They are the goddess of money, knowledge, and strength. Their power is celebrated. A girl is born as:
a daughter, bringing good tiding to the parents,
a sister, bringing a sense of responsibility to a brother,
a wife, getting happiness and content to a husband,
a mother, bringing life to run this world.
She was born with so many responsibilities to carry on her shoulders.
Nature has given equal importance to both males and females. No doubt both are different in many aspects, but both are equal. A male may exceed a female in strength and courage; a female excels in patience, endurance, and tolerance. Both play a similar and helpful role in running a society and subsequently run this universal system. Then why have women considered the weaker sex? Why is she deprived of her rights and considered a decorative item at home? Why is female infanticide taking place? Why are they not considered for education by parents over a son? Why are the rape cases at their peak?
We forget to realize that woman is meant to bring life to this world. By killing her as an infant, we are ending the source which brings life on earth. This could be because giving birth to a female is considered a shame by most backward people. How and why did this feeling come into existence? It is because of some greedy, insensitive, and inconsiderate men. They think that the crimes in this world are because of women; their beauty is the cause of all crime. It should be locked and imprisoned behind a hundred veils. Why don't they think that modesty is a virtue for all human beings? Men should also protect their innocence and raging hormones. What has a woman to do if someone more powerful than her forces himself on her? It is a shame for him. An innocent and strengthless woman is not to be blamed. What could she do if he showed all his strength and masculinity to her? The men who force themselves on women should be shot dead for killing her innocence, for wounding her soul, and shaking her self-confidence. If this rule comes into existence, there will be no man who would ever try to impose himself on a woman. If this rule comes into reality, child molestation, rapes, and crimes of a similar kind will come to an end. The brutality of men will come to a halt.
Children should be taught from childhood itself to respect a woman. They should be told that modesty is the virtue of a brave soul. They should be taught that by honouring women, they are honouring God.
The second biggest setback in this society for a woman is being deprived of her education rights. She is not encouraged out of the fear that she may divert from her path. Sometimes considering poverty, she is made to sit at home and do domestic chores and occasionally in the name of family esteem. Parents think that it is better to learn to do cleaning and cooking rather than getting her educated. Sons are given more prominence over daughters as they are considered breadwinners. But I'm afraid that's not right. Both have equal rights to education. A learned woman is an asset to society. She is educated to prosper herself and for all her progeny's future. An educated mom can guide her kids in the right direction. She gets control to teach her kids in every situation. An educated girl has the authority to face the world and earn her living in every adverse case. She will not be a burden on anyone. There are several incidences where a woman has taken care of the entire family. She has supported and led them. Then why rob her of such good fortune?
At certain times, when girls are not educated, they are forced into the wrong profession. They are obligated to prostitution. It is one of the most vicious works one could do. A woman's soul is dead, her body is wounded, and her spirits are curbed. Her respect is lost in society. She is looked down on in the community, where it is not her culpability too.
Another critical issue is marrying a girl at an early age. Parents usually think that girls are a burden on their chest. They try to get rid of this burden as soon as possible. They do not think twice before they fix their marriages, even before the completion of their education. In the quest to get her married, they do accept all the undue demands of the groom. They receive lakhs of rupees as dowry. They are increasing the greed of absurd people in society. Are girls equal to animals that need to be sold? Parents are sending her away from her house as well as paying for that. What a shame!! Why should the boys be rewarded money and riches to marry a girl? He is not losing anything. Girls must leave the house they were brought up in; they must leave their comfort and loved ones to adjust to every new entity. They should be appreciated and celebrated. I fail to understand this opposite logic.
Dowry is that social evil that is eating up the society and making it hollow like the termites which hollow the wood. Poor parents face so much of the burden of getting their daughters married that they do all sorts of loans to pay dowry. Probably that is why a girl is not welcomed at her birth. A girl's father must bear all the marriage expenses and the unjustifiable demands of the groom's family. Isn't it a pity? Are the ones who demand luxury from others any better than beggars?
If this society should progress and be appreciated, this most devastating evil should be handled and solved. Young men should come forward to fight this evil. They should have the guts to say "NO" to the dowry offered. They should trust their capability to earn and keep their family happy.
A happy and progressive society starts when we start thinking positively and healthily. Changes always start from us. When we change, the changes can be made in the community. We need to encourage each other's strengths and use them positively to build a strong nation. We need to rise above the communal clutches, greed, and jealousy to progress in society. Children should be given a free and happy ambiance to flourish and grow. They should be taught the crucial and essential lessons of life from the sprouting age.
It pains me to see how some men think women should be given no right even to move about freely. My heart salutes and respects women like Chandra Tomar and Prakashi Tomar, who broke such norms of society when everybody thinks to surrender. They broke all the orthodox and wicked customs of society. They stood up for themselves and won the shooting competitions for older adults in their late 60s and became an inspiration for millions of girls worldwide—my salutes to such women. A little courage and sensibility won the hearts of millions as well as became an inspiration for lakhs.
We may reach the moon and the planets, but civilization prospers when everybody in the culture evolves gradually. A community is appreciated if the public's women are at peace and are free to do their positive will. Their energy should not be curbed. A woman is a treasure. After all, paradise lies on her feet. We all should develop her in the real sense by ward of the false glasses of hypocrisy. We cannot worship her in one place and thrash her in another place. We heartily need to work towards her well-being. Only then will this society be called a progressed guild. Only then can we live in peace.

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ज़रा सोच समझकर दर्द
दिया करिए जनाब
आपके हर दर्द को ह़ंस कर
सह लेते हैं
पर,,,तकलीफ़ होती है हमें, !
- Aashiya Suman

Brutal society is cutting her wings off.

It is said that girls are the form of Laxmi. People worship the goddess, but people who are in the form of a real goddess (girls) consider them as insignificant creatures.
People just want to keep the girls confined to the house, they do not want to let them do anything outside the home.
Due to which girls remain confined to home.

Our society is such that it gives the burden of respect to the girls, if a girl is going out then she is bad. If a girl is laughing louder then she is spoiled, and if a girl is with a boy then she is also spoiled.
Today the situation is that if a girl uploads a photo with her brother too, then she has to mention that he is her brother.Because people misunderstand.

Our culture and its many things are good but some things are not good at all.
We all are aware of this black truth, that if there is no food to eat in the neighbors house, then people are oblivious,But on the other hand, if the neighbor's daughter comes home late, then it does not take long to spread the word.

Leave aside the talk of neighbors, people imprison girls in their own house, they are not allowed to go out without permission.
If a girl is in the stage of teenage then it is necessary to get her married, they do not care whether the girl is studying or she is intelligent. They don't care about the girl's wish, if the girl obeys them without refusing, then the girl is good, she is good.
And at the same time, if she expresses her choice, then the girl is spoiled.

Nowadays, some people allow girls to study, live their own way, but let me tell you that this happens very rarely. And when the family members give them to live, then some people outside pity try to suppress them, And some people even make them a victim of their lust.

This is a very small story, many things are hidden ,just because people don't care about that and thinks it's not a big deal
Khushnuma Parween

Violence against women"
Crime against women started from kids to old, sometimes we used to blame for caste,creed also...Crimes like Murder,Rape, Molestation,etc.. Numbers of crime Committed in the whole world, which is 77.43% with average of daily 1 min,
A women fell victim to violence,
Rapes and sexual activities from Big numbers happened,in whole world,That's prove how the origin happens...
To Girls in Our country to each one in the corner of the world,
You are a girl and you are very strong,We people tell you what to do or what to not and judge you, I say that understanding to girls is better than understanding boys, It's a word, don't underestimate the girl..
Girls can do anything.. yes anything
       "She can travel entire world Alone"
    " She can do anything that he doesn't"
Just respect Women In the world
Every girls need a self respect...
Hats off to you To the all Girls, Women
Muthu Nair

सिसकती वो आँखे और एक खोफनाख डर सा है,
मुक़ाम दिया है जिसने एसा वो हेवान कौन सा है ?

पापा के आँगन में उड़ती थी जो बनकर परिंदा,
आज़ सबकुछ छिनकर ले गया कोई दरिंदा;

जिस बेटिको पाला था पलकों पर बिठाकर,
आज़ पार हुई सारी हदें उस पर हाथ उठाकर;

हर एक मोड़ पर बेठे हुए है कुछ एसे शैतान,
कोई ना कोई वजह से औरतका छिन रहे है मान;

बिना किसी गलती औरत को देनी पड़ती सच्चाई की परीक्षा,
भिड़ में होते हुए भी कोई ना कर रहा है उसकी रक्षा;

बेटों के जन्म पर ख़ुशियाँ और बेटी के जन्म पर मातम,
समज़ नहीं पाते है केसा भयानक बन गया है आलम;

लोगों के दिमाग़ पर एसी छाई हुई है विकृति,
जो ईश्वरके नियमो को भी लाँघने की दे रही है स्वीकृति;

अब उठानी तूजको है एसी बुलंद आवाज़,
बदल देना है तूजको छोटी सोचवाला यह आज़….
Nimisha patel

टाइटल-नारी शक्ति
बड़े दर्द और तकलीफ सहती है एक नारी
कितना कष्ट उठाती है एक वो महीने के दिनों
में होती है पेट दर्द और शारीर के दर्द से ग्रसित
रहती है फिर भी सारा काम करती हैं वो हर
असहनीय पीड़ा का सामना कर परेशानियों
से जूझती हैं फिर भी हालातों से लड़ती रहती है
शारीर की 32हड्डियों के टूटने जितना दर्द सहती
है वो ताभी जा के एक जीव को जन्म देती है वो
सच में बड़ी महान है वी नारी जो मुश्किलों में
कमजोर नही पड़ती हर गम का डट कर सामान
करती है मर रही होती है तबीयत खरब से जब वो
फिर भी अपना दर्द भूला आपने परिवार वालों को
खुश रखने का काम करती है सच में ये नारी शक्ति
बडी महान है
Shubhanjali Nishad

Title: Change begins now

Violence itself is wrong. The gender does not matter. It is secondary. The crux of the matter is why violence occurs. It occurs because of power. The attacker believes themselves safe from being attacked and so they attack. Since we live in a patriarchal society, every single man thinks themselves as more powerful than women. Every single man believes that they have a upper hand. The ones who victimize and hurt women are using the hand in the wrong way. This can all be changed by a simple mindset. Put yourself in the victim's shoes. Think of the person you are abusing as yourself. Would you ever want to be a victim? I hope the answer is "no". Only when every single person in the world thinks this way, can we be completely rid of violence. Women, hold your head up high. Be strong. You are powerful. Be fearless. Never be submissive. Let us all make this world a kinder place.
- © Sindhu Srinath

Violence against women and girls is one of the
most prevalent human rights violations in the
world. It knows no social, economic, or national
boundaries. Worldwide, an estimated one in
three women will experience physical or sexual
abuse in her lifetime. Gender-based violence
undermines the health, dignity, security and
autonomy of its victims, yet it remains
shrouded in a culture of silence. Victims of
violence can suffer sexual and reproductive
health consequences, including forced and
unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions,
traumatic fistula, sexually transmitted
infections including HIV, and even death.
UNFPA is one of the UN's leads agencies
working to further gender equality and women’s
empowerment, and to address the physical and
emotional consequences of gender-based
violence. Every minute of the day, violence is devastating the
lives of millions of women and girls around the
world. It is a global crisis, already affecting one in
three women in their lifetime, devastating their lives
and fracturing communities.
Violence against women and girls knows no
boundaries of geography or culture - but those living
in poverty face higher levels of abuse. It is rooted in
the inequality between men and women that women
and girls face throughout their lives.
Some believe that violence toward women and girls is
not their business. Some believe it is even normal.
Many don’t challenge it – even if they think it’s not
But everywhere in the world, people are standing up
and speaking out. Women’s rights organizations are
already saving lives in tackling violence against
women and girls. We stand with them to call for all
women, men, girls, and boys to say ‘Enough’ to
violence against women and girls.
Together we can change these harmful beliefs. What
is learned can be unlearned.
Violence against women – particularly intimate partner
violence and sexual violence – is a major public and clinical
health problem and a violation of women's human rights. It
is rooted in and perpetuates gender inequalities.
Globally 1 in 3 women experience physical and/or sexual
violence in their lifetime, mostly by an intimate partner. This
is a stark reminder of the scale of gender inequality and
discrimination against women.
The United Nations defines violence against women as "any
act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to
result in, physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering to
women, including threats of such acts, coercion, or arbitrary
deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in
private life."
Intimate partner violence refers to behavior by an intimate
partner or ex-partner that causes physical, sexual or
psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual
coercion, psychological abuse, and controlling behaviors.
Sexual violence is "any sexual act, attempt to obtain a
the sexual act, or other act directed against a person’s sexuality
using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship
to the victim, in any setting. It includes rape, defined as the
physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration of the
vulva or anus with a penis, other body part or object."
- Rosemary Jaziman

Eradicate violence against women
So 'No' to rape and trafficking;
Let women be a symbol of respect and let her enjoy equality with men
Only then the country will sparkle, glow and shine.
Dr. Rosie Patangia

A petite body was walking in the room,
Her eyes were glancing at the moon,
She looked around,
And walked without making a sound.

She moved back to those memories and days,
Where she looked happy and blessed,
But the pain comes again in front of her eye,
Making her cry on her fate and miseries.

Her hand moved to her face and stroke gently on the skin,
The ruggedness it feels, makes her feel low to live and being,
A slow but audible whimper heard,
She cupped her mouth not wanting to gain ears.

She surrounded herself between the four walls,
Unable to stand and face the world,
The broken mirror in a corner was telling her the bitter truth,
Left with nothing she's living as a survival should.

Her dreams on the wall picture were calling her close,
But she broke down and sobbed,
The loneliness and anger was killing her every second,
She's so helpless to embrace death even.

The hot water named ACID comes to her as nightmares',
Why did a "No" snatch her every happiness of share?
Time passed for everyone but it stops for her,
How is she gonna cope up and question again in dare?

She tried a lot and her level best,
Fighting with every negative against,
The road ahead of her seemed a bit far,
More test she has to give part by part.
Ankita Mishra

Is she not human

Look at her
Look at yourself
Is she not human...
You say she is a punching bag
But she bleeds,
She feels pain,
And she cries.
Her only crime was loving you...
Is she not human,
When you punch her
She screams,
That's why you put your hand on her mouth
To silence her.
Is she not human
Remember her laugh,
Remember when you said I will protect you,
Remember when you said the only tears you will shade are tears of joy
Is she not human,
You say you're sorry...
But sorry never Heald a wound
You say I will never do it again...
A snake is still a snake even without it's venom
You say let's start over...
What is she to you, A game?
You say I love you...
To me sounds like
I lied to you
Is she not human,
She is human
She is our rock
They are our mothers

Is she not human
Rosemary jaziman

Harassment is becoming more severe.

The birth of the 21st century was marked by a great danger in the form of harassment and abuse. Unfortunately, we have been witnessing tremendous changes and challenges within a short span of time. For the past year, we have been reading newspapers and watching the news with one familiar news that is Covid-19 but along with that the news related to sexual harassment and abuses are more often breaking news.  The impact of harassment reached its peak during this Corona period. Every individual woman might have admitted the sexual ill-treatment but only a few reached the social media and captured the attention of the public. During ancient days, the word "sex" was very sensitive and no one used it publicly. But bitterly, nowadays, the word is often used to describe the problem faced by every woman. As the word reached everyone, the awareness about sex and gender should be educated by the parents and teachers.

Being brought-up:

                    A great appeal to all parents, it is necessary to bring up a child with good thoughts and deeds. Where and how they were being brought up is very important not only for personal life but also for country life. Because being a biological parent, it is your responsibility to grow a child with utmost care and condition. Teach them how to treat others, especially the opposite gender. Even today, in most families, the way of growing girl child and boy child differs, which is a great blender. They will 'become' how they are 'brought up. In most stereotypical families, they don't allow girls to go out, just to avoid certain dangers and problems. In contrast, they will allow the boys to go out, wander with friends and they can do anything and create any problem for any girl. The contraction in the thought process results in selfish thoughts. The way of treating male children and female children is the major reason for much harassment. If the problem persists, then they are becoming harsh towards harassment. As we are talking about being brought up, there are sexual harassment cases that overlook the father, brother, and uncle, and so on. Even though there are many mysterious and cruel cases that showcase the absence of humanity.

Being a third person:

                    While looking at the news, being a third person we may speak and imagine many things about the harassment but no one knows the exact scenario. Society is the reliable source for many cases, especially in harassment cases. The harsh realities of societal norms and forms are very pathetic. In other words, society is a huge group with people of different sections. In most cases, we become partial where one group supports the cause and the other opposes the cause. 

              Harassments are Popular; Harassments are Familiar; Harassments are Regular.

 If we look at those cases in this manner then there won't be any solution to Sexual assaults. Sometimes, we don't stand for any justice, instead, we used to blame each other for the cause. Unsurprisingly, that blame falls on the heads of the girl for any reason. Here, being a third person we are becoming harsh towards harassment.

Being the affected person:

                    Gender bias is the major reason behind every harassment case.  All those news, related to sexual assaults, harassment, molestations, and rapes are just breaking news to most of us but it is a tragedy to the affected person.  The state of being the affected person is a very brutal experience and no one should be a part of that pain.  At times of unbearable state, the girl opens up the problem but how could a child inform the exact condition of being molested?  It has been a great question? Everyone in the world definitely is the affected person at one stage of their life but the problem is how to find the remedy to all those dangerous problems.  Most probably at every stage of our life, everyone will be crossing certain untold difficulties.  Just build yourself physically and mentally strong to face any type of offense.

Even though there are many voices against harassment, raise ‘your voice for yourself’.  If not you are becoming harsh towards harassment.

                        The harsh realities of harassment should be identified.
Ragasudha J

I wish I could fly in the sky with wings of freedom
I wish I could swim in the ocean with equity in everything
I wish I could walk on the land with full of confidence
I wish I could be like the fire with the purity till the end
I wish I could live in a world where I can be myself
But god oh god why you given us the world which is totally opposite
Because ..my child
These are the things which can come true with your efforts so they are the called wishes
So child these pains make you the better you so that you can achieve more than this and rule the world
I agree and I sway that I will lead the world and make it heaven for everyone despite everything
Then I will say to you with proud that
I fly in the sky with full of freedom
I swim in the ocean with equity in everything
I walk on the land with full of confidence
I am like the fire with the purity till end
I live in the world where I am myself
Paspunoori Pavani


Women are the prestigious souls,who seeks nothing in their life but gives everything they have,they are the most harmful hearts who will receive much pains once they fall in love and also gains much hurts once they left the love when they come to know its fake.Of course,the boys are also gaining much sufferings because of some fake heart girls but if we compare them both,girls will be the utmost sufferers.

The society is just saying girls are having freedom,they are equal to men and they are achieving a lot,yes,I agree with that but to what extent is the question mark.If a girl,walking in the street in the night time after finishing her work,she is not having the safety to reach home safe,from media to ordinary life,she is just portraying as a creature of entertainment and to entertain.Here,we have everything but just it is on the namesake.

The utmost pathetic situation is if a man and a woman fall in love,and due to some uncontrollable emotions,if they commit a mistake,and that particular women is conceiving a child,the society starts to blame her and making her to die by its words,I am having a doubt,why it is not rainsing questions against a man,who is the one responsible for her condition,is she become pregnant individually,it is not possible right.

If a society points out a women,for her illegitimate act,it should also consider the man who also took part in that act.Because,good and bad,right and wrong are equal to all.And a humble request to all the women,dont seek rights in the society,just try to build it from your home,if you are asking your son to have a job and asking him to be economically independent then teach your girl to be economically independent too.And if you ask your girl to learn cooking then ask your son to learn it too,because one or other day they both need to go for a job and have to take care of themselves know,so both of them need to know everything.So my dear folks try to bring equality in your home first,because every home becomes a society.

And my humble request to the law,just make the punishments severe,one day there will be no word called as crime and crime against women in the dictionary.

-by J.Martina

शीर्षक (नारी व्यथा)

जिसमे है समाई पूरी दुनिया सारी
वो है एक नारी।
जिसने अपने परिवार पर अपनी जान तक है वारी, वो है एक नारी।
फिर भी पुरुषो के लिए वो क्यो है बेचारी।
किसी के घर की इज़्ज़त, तो किसी के घर की लक्ष्मी बनकर जिसने अपनी पूरी ज़िंदगी है काटी,
अपने परिवार के लिए अपनी हर खुशी तक है बाँटी, वो है एक नारी।
जिसकी नही है कोई पहचान,
ज़िंदगी भर ढूँढती रही अपने खोये हुए पैरो के निशां। वो है एक नारी।
सूरत हो या सीरत,
उसकी कोई नही है कीमत।
जितनी सूरज मे गर्मी नही, उतनी उसमे धूप है।
वो है एक नारी,
फिर क्यो समाज ने हमेशा किया इसका अपमान,
क्यो नही मिला इसको इसका सम्मान।
जिसने पूरी दुनिया मे है सबसे महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई, फिर क्यो कभी दहेज के नाम पर,
तो कभी बाँझ के नाम पर है गयी सताई।
अगर नारी मे नर्मी है,
तो उसमे गर्मी भी है।
नारी वो अवतार है,
जिससे रचा पूरा संसार है।

If we are to fight discrimination and injustice against women we must start from the home for if a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere.”
“It was much easier to explain the veil than to answer questions about the wounds.”
Afreen fatima

I have searched for the meaning of the word woman
Travelled to the west ,east ,west and south, but I never got an answer
No definition can really define what woman is
Woman can't be defined
Women are irreplaceable
Women are like an open book yet close
Women are not your punching bag for you to pour out your anger
We are your comfort, joy and happiness
We aren't a rag to be trampled on
We aren't a piece of paper to be shredded
We are the mother to all
We are as fragile as a dream
Soft as a silk
Gentle as a lamb
Kind as a turtle
Strong as an ox
And precious as life
Your violence against us won't make us weak, but will make us as strong as an ox to fight for our children's future
We might be silent ,but we are dangerous
You forced yourself on us saying it is your right
You raped women saying it is fun
It isn't your right nor fun, you are only showing how inhumane you are
A dog covered in skin
A monster in human skin
A devil with a devilish soul
And a disgrace to humanity
We aren't a thing or a possession
We are a PERSON
We have all the right to be heard
The right to be free from discrimination
Right to freedom of moment
Right to freedom of speech
Right to education
And the right you possessed
Even though we are wrong and annoying
Violence isn't the answer
Violence against women and girls is a crime
A crime against humanity
An unforgivable act
And a sin that is punishable by death
Life is a living hell without the love from women
The only thing violence gives is "PAIN!"
Abdulazeez Nimotullah

Violence against women cannot be tolerated in any form. It is something we should fight for. But it is not something which will stop by burning candles. When the violence will no longer be kept secret it can bring little change to society.  The culprit should get punishments. If we come together we can put a stop to it.
Ankita Pandey

Those musky scent of perfume successfully hiding the oder of that volcanic eruption of blood that was resulted by one of the many treacherous evasion of violence on her mind and soul making her body sour.

That Flowery powder and twitchy lip color spreading a marvellous glow up all around her face, hiding impeccably the scars and scratches that burned and bowled just like a masquerade mask.

But now she decided to erase that musky scent and wipe up that flowery mask in front of the justice and barracks so that the devil himself dwells in the place he deserves and that is behind that ugly bars.
Suchita Kedia

"If you can hear our voices
If you can feel our sorrow
We have right to make choices
We have right to see better tomorrow"
Sakshi Kapoor

"Women are worshipped as Goddess but why not treat them as Goddess in real esprit, stop turmoil and start loving them!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Women are those who give birth to us by keeping their lives at risk then why violence on them?"
Keerthi Priya.M


No human to intervene, or knock doors at that time,
The lockdown seemed perfect, to beat his 'lovely' wife,
Because she wasn't willing to 'work', and make him passionate,
So he held a big sword, which was ready to slash her head.

All the windows locked, and hands firmly placed on hips,
Trying to disentangle the pleats, and open tied up saree,
As she pleas to let her go, he stands firmly holding a belt,
And continuously stares at her, practically devouring her face.

Because he was 'free', and wanted to utilise every second,
So what if they were newly married, she was a dowry and not on rent,
Summoned her at any point of time, and bullied her intense,
At last she had to give up, when domestic violence was sentenced.

Broke her golden bangles, and smudged the vermilion on head,
Dragged herself everytime, to fulfill cravings of her husband,
When she denied or cried in pain, he'd gift her dirty bite marks,
At last no one came to her rescue, she was herself from the start.

When people around gather, his husband never touched her,
Lovey dovey was show off, the real devil was yet to whisper!
- ©Angarika

आज़ादी कब की मिल गई हैं ,
पर हम आज भी उड़ नहीं सकते
उड़ान से डर नहीं लगता
लोगों के नजरिए से लगता है
ऐसा नहीं है कि
हम कुछ कर नहीं सकते
हम नारी कई क्षेत्रों में
अपना मुकाम हासिल किया है
बस बात इतनी सी है
कि अत्याचार दुर्व्यवहार
हमें बँधी बना देते हैं
पर कब तक चलेगा
अब इंसाफ नहीं
अब दिलों में इंसानियत चाहते हैं
इंसाफ तो न्यायाधीश तक सीमित रह जाएगा
पर इंसानियत जग जाये तो
उड़ान भरने में साथ मिल जाएगा।
- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

Women are a resource of perennial energy
Which every one is felt
In a various versions of goddess
She is being prayed
It's a high time to remind her
She is a creator by nature
She create an existence of every single live
Society can eliminate these violence
Once every women will understood the self worth
Beyond admirations and without any support
It just needs to empower a thought and needs that thought to import
Amit Ghosh

Being A Girl Is Not Easy🖤

Being a girl is not easy, it's a tough responsibility, we find many girls, women facing many dilemmas not only in India but also in foreign countries too!!
At every instant of age, we face one or another problem, Gender Discrimination is an important aspect of every instance of our life, Men are always seen as superior to Women ...
When a girl asks her parents to go out to her friend's house they deny but permit a boy to go out why because of glaring people found around, harassment, and insecurities!!
We find girls who have gone through and going through sexual, physical, mental harassment, rapes, acid attacks so ridiculous!! Hate languages to scold her why? Not allowed to go out after 6, society not good? Child Marriages, the girl is seen as a burden? why? Hate girl child? No Education, no support for persuading her dreams, no proper medicinal facilities, why? Constitution tells that Men and Women should be paid equally for their work but not paid equally for work!! Unsafe for traveling out, people staring? why? Domestic Violence, Underestimation of their knowledge and skills, Unequal Rights, Dowry cases increasing, No nutritious food provided!! Periods through a natural thing is yet seen as taboo even now, only 36% of girls use sanitary napkins in India but remaining others uses rags, clothes which can affect them!!

However, these are only a few among them which women face if all this should come to an end not just telling respect women, it should be followed when we respect and worship Goddess why can't we respect them, when staring looks are gone safe for traveling when there is a society free of rapes, harassment, acid attacks, Girls are found living happily or found still with fear, no freedom!! Strong Laws for rape, harassment, acid attacks should be bought and implemented too!! Moreover, domestic violence, harassment, child marriages have gradually increased after the pandemic has come over!!

Every Gender should be Respected 🙏!!
I am sorry if I have written anything wrong 😊!!
- ©Keerthi Sonu

The agitated angle ,
Imprisoned in cage .
Shoots pin on society ,
Shattering her bondage .

Igniting the candle ,
Demolishes the knave.
Eradicating clichés,
Smashes down hurdles .

Abandoning emotions ,
Strengths her temper .
Clamoring for justice,
Upgrades her position.

Soaring high boldly,
Proves her ability .
Kindles every girl,
To live with dignity !
- Marisha Dhar

जंजीर अब हमें कब तक बांधे रखोगे
अपने विचारों को नया रूप दो
हमें मुक्त करो
पहचान बनाने का हक़
हमें भी हैं...
बंदिश में रखना
हमे भी आता है
पर मैं नारी
इतनी बुजदिल नहीं कि
किसी का हक, आज़ादी,सपने
पर अपना रोप जमा कर
उसे ख्वाब बुनने तो दु
पर पंख होकर भी
उड़ न पाए.....
ऐसी कशमकश में ढाल दु ;
आज आवाज बुलंद करनी होगी
सबको आवाज सुननी पड़ेगी
जंजीर को खोलना होगा
अपने हक के लिए लड़ना होगा
सबको बताना होगा कि
हमारा भी अस्तित्व है
हमारी भी पहचान है।
- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

This world cannot run without women and women are only being killed, Raped and molested all over the world.
We need to change this no women deserve to be treated this way.
Men need to change their perspective to look towards women.
Women have all the rights to stand for themselves and stand against all the violence that is taking place every now and then.
Women don't need to change their looks.
To all the women- You are really beautiful, you are amazing and you are more than enough.
Enough is enough.
Stop this forever.
Anmol Dave

No women deserve to go through any kind of violence or exploration.
No women need to change their looks men to change their perspective looking towards women.
All women have the right to stand for their rights and to stand against anything all kinds of explanation and violence.
Feminism is not about gender it's about equality.
Both men and women are equal.
Enough leaving according to the society.
To all the women out there,
You can live your life the way you want to live.
You are beautiful.
You are more than enough.
Anmol Dave

International day for the elimination of violence against women.
1 out of 3 women face physical, mental torture. All of these should be avoided as women are meant as toys. Each and every individual in this world have rights to leave. People cannot use them as unemotional things. Everyone should value each other. Women must face the challenge strongly, they must overcome the monsters and play bold. It might be physical or mental breakdown. Share their problems with others so that it can be solved rather than killing themselves. So ladies you are not born to play by others. You are strong and beautiful for this world
Kowsalya Devanga

Hope, it'll be fruitful and people will understand the importance of women to run this world.
Satyabhama Pradhan

Is it a curse for being a woman?

Where do we begin?
Is there any place in the world for us to smile and shine?
After a certain age,
we are just kept in a cage.
In the name of women's empowerment, society pushes us to the front line.
Where do we begin?
Life wants us to fly in the sky
without any shy but the so-called social norms want us to cry, cry & cry...
After suffering from a traumatic era, we just need to pretend that we're fit and fine.
Where do we begin?
Satyabhama Pradhan

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