Laddies: A suppressed gender with dominating powers

Laddies: A suppressed gender with dominating powers written by Naaz Nayim presented by Peaceful Writers International

Not because he couldn’t do it but the society prevented him to do so. Decades over decades, patriarchal society has ruled over either willingly or unwillingly. The days they are torn apart and they break down into pieces, they are allowed to consume toxins and alcohol but they cannot cry their heart out to release their heavy heart with pain. “BOYS DON’T CRY” that’s how society has brought them up with illogical conceptions.

Boys or men, they are called Human Beings but aren’t allowed to show actions of being human beings. They are prohibited to portray that they are broken either emotionally or physically. Even if they are broken, they are forced to keep it a secret. That's lame how society is being a hypocrite.

Everyone is aware of how human beings are born and brought up with emotions. From childhood to adulthood the word emotions are snatched from them. Their life seems pretty easy because they are allowed to hang out or party late at night but the taunts that they need to bear after every late-night party or hangout is unbearable and intolerant but they listen and adjust and melancholy is all this is hidden behind the bars of a simple command boy are meant to dominate.

The days they aren't capable enough to uplift the economic needs of their family they are tagged as failures or "awara". Earning a daily bread is not an easy task. It requires a lot of strength. Society doesn't care about anyone is always proved by every tantrum they throw.

Failure is equally important as success. Failure is much needed for a person to rise up stronger and better. Our society deserves thousands of slaps for pulling them down and taunting them for their failures. And keep the whole matter in a nutshell as if it's a sin for boys to fail.

From a kid to a boy responsibility establishes. From a boy to a man taking responsibility becomes mandatory. It's not easy to be a boy it requires patience, ignorance and a lot more to survive. As soon as they reach the age of 10 or 11, they are expected to behave like a man with mature thinking, which is practically impossible. A boy who'll be scared of darkness will be tagged as a sissy. And that's so lame and shameful at the same time. From a very young age, they are to sacrifice their parents love but that's what mostly they ask for. During their heartbreak, they are blamed and provided with no comfort and care. This becomes Pathetic to take that discomfort and they fall into the clutches of depression. Men are becoming obsolete. Amidst the party boys, the real hardworking boys are being tricked and trapped.

Understanding boys’ psychology is not easy, we can never ever measure their pain.

Suicides among the boys are increasing gradually because they are unable to find a cure to live up to the expectations of our so-called "society."

The reality of a boy is exactly the antonym of what the biosphere has made it. Boys actually hide their feelings whether it's their sorrow or ecstasy. They are just like a coconut. A hard exterior with a soft interior. Laborious to break through their silence when you are a stranger and easiest to understand them when you make them your mate.

When will people understand boys are humans too?  Humans are made with emotions so are boys. So, why their emotions are being suppressed? Isn't it sad? Yes, it is sad…indeed very sad. Who says boys life is easy? No, it's isn't easy. They too get heartbreaks. They too suffer depression. They too are molested. They too are exploited. They too are harassed.

They too are raped.  But! But! But!

All their problems are ignored. Why?

Just because they are boys and it’s a male-dominated society and they are strong enough to bear every situation.

Boys should also be respected and not only girls.

Girls are nothing without boys. Give boys the required mental support. They get tired of being ignored. They get tired of taking societal pressure. They feel bad but they don't show. They are always burdened with expenses. They have a family and they need to support them financially, when they fail to do so they are abused.

They don't have a loyal girl in their life to say:

Take your meals on time, wash your hands and brush your hair well. Never be too busy in hustling where you lose yourself. There's absolutely no one for them to support mentally.

Asian countries have got the highest percentage of physical exploitation of boys but are not paid single heed because they are boys and they are born to bear. The days they are loud and bold they are praised as "MAN" and the day they are soft and quiet they'll be termed as Gay or sissy. That's how we are living in the 21st Century.

Men tend to be diagnosed with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, antisocial disorders and still act as nothing is wrong with their mental health and subsist to be adequate for bearing everything.

The 21st century is still not about gender equalization. It's still about men and women. No one judges the homo sapiens as homo sapiens but everyone stands out with a poster respect girl. Raise their voice for girls getting raped and ignorant about the justice of the boys getting raped.

Hardly anyone of us knows that 19th November is celebrated as International Men's Day to create awareness and equalization of gender.

At Least for this one day, we can applaud and praise the dignity that men desire for and are capable of.

Concluding with an appraisal to all the men for standing out amidst all your problems even when you thought to end up. Acknowledging all the male folks, seniors or juniors who have stood beside me during the days when rays of hope were blinking. Acknowledging for holding us when we thought it's time to demise.

My heartiest acknowledgement to the entire laddies across the globe for still holding yourself in every possible way.

About The Writer:

Naaz Nayim, hailing from the City Of Joy, Kolkata. She started her passion for writing when she was in class 7. She’s a bibliophile from her childhood days. Sketching, Graphic Designing, Public Speaking, and Calligraphy are some of the leisure tasks she loves to do it. She has represented her school in Handwriting Contest conducted by KALABHARATI CHILD ART DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, PUNE and she bagged the first position. She has competed in the WIZ NATIONAL SPELL BEE at State Level. She’s a District Level, Painting Winner. Amidst everything, she’s in love with her Diary and Pen. She loves to pen down her emotions. Her every write-up symbolizes one or the other hand-to-hand experience of her life experience. She’s an aspiring romance poetess. She has co-authored 70+ anthologies and compiled 3 Anthologies. Presently she’s working on a book dedicated to all the boys of the society. She is the GRAPHIC DESIGNER in SHILPAYAN. Winning has always been her thing in every field. With the foundation of Peaceful Writers International, she aims to take PWI to an international level and establish a position in the writing industry. She's the author of the book Deseos Poeticos. 

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