Layman - His First Photograph By Vimala Kayetha

Layman - his first photography by Vimala Kayetha - Peaceful Writers International

Those were the early days of photography. A man entered a studio to take a photograph. The photographer was new to the studio but still trying to show his perfection.

He humbly invited the man into the studio saying "welcome sir".The man was very tensed, but pretended to be bold. " I am here to take a photograph of mine", said the man.

"sure sir, it's my pleasure too." said the photographer. The photographer politely asked "sir, would you mind checking your face in the mirror".

The man in no time screamed, "what do mean by that? am I not the right person to take a photograph? would you mean that I should look my face in the mirror?."

The photographer again politely replies, "no sir, no, I really don't mean it." 
Then the photographer asked him to sit before the camera and in chaos put the black cloth over the man's face instead of on his head.

Allah, "what's the hell is this? do u want to kill me?." the man howled. The photographer just realised his mistake and took away the cloth at once.

Now the photographer was busy adjusting the camera and says, "smile".
"What do you think? am I here to take a photograph?, Or to crack a joke with you.?" 

Then the photographer says, " no sir, no, my intention is that you would get a photograph with your smiling face."

"God has given this face, nothing to do with this. you just do your job." murmured the man.

Finally, the click was done. "Thank you sir", said the photographer.
"Ok, give me my photograph", asked the man in pride.
"No sir, u need to come after two days to collect your photograph", gently replied the photographer.
"What??? after two days??, Are you planning to evade me?. Give my photograph at once, or else...." shouted the man.

Before the photographer tried to explain him, he tried to pull the camera, saying "your camera, my foot..."

The photographer even politely said it's Eastman kodak.

Without paying attention to his words, the man roared, " you call me waste man, duck him..." saying so, he slapped him and shouted, "Be ready to see a cop who Would put you behind the bars." and rushed out of the studio.

"Thank God, my Eastman Kodak is safe", sighed the photographer.

- Vimala Kayetha

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