Life - A Long Traveling Journey By Keerthi Priya.M

Life itself is a beautiful journey. Between this, we go on many trips, vacations, and whatnot? It's so beautiful and joyful to enjoy right? What does traveling mean? Yeah, right you're, it's going on vacation, exploring new places, knowing its heritage, culture, and much more!! It's just an aspect of learning and gaining knowledge!!


Tourism, traveling it's all things that we generally love and adventure for... Now moreover as it's pandemic time and we have few rules to follow obviously like wearing a mask, social distance and much more along with it, few rules like maintaining cleanliness, not littering and not throwing garbage are compulsory to be followed!!

Have you ever been on a vacation? Yeah, you would have been at least once!! That experience of planning, getting things done, etc everyone would have felt but I would like to picture up it in an ode then let's see some places and wait for I won't reveal it πŸ˜›!! 


We start planning months before,

Goosebumps all over our body,

Excitement filled,

Outpace filled all over our house,

Searching for spots for vacation,

Nonetheless all set for the furlough!!

Journey starts,

Enjoyment filled,

Pictures clicked,

Nature felt from heart,

Excursion done,

We are back home again!!

27th of September is celebrated as World Tourism Day to promote social, cultural, political, and economic values internationally!! Tourism mainly helps in knowing each other's cultures, traditions, history and much more... 

I hail from Karnataka(in India) so I'll put out a few beautiful places for you all to visit...

*Mysore Palace of Mysore 

*Jog Falls of Shimoga 



*Bangalore Palace 

*Lalbagh Park in Bengaluru 

*Bannerghatta National Park 

*Hogenakkal Falls 

*Mullayanagiri Peak 

*Gol Gumbaz 

*Savandurga Hills 

*Murudeshwara Beach 

*Chamundeshwari Temple 

*Chitradurga Fort 

*Nandi Hills 

*Kolaramma Temple 

*Someshwara Temple 

*Badami Caves 

*Yana Caves 

In Karnataka alone, when we find so many places, what about when we experience the meadow of the world? It's numerous to feel, learn, and relish!! We find places like Gateway of India, Charminar, Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Ellora Caves, Ajanta Caves, Valley of Flowers National Park, Lotus Mahal, Kaziranga National Park, Konark Sun Temple, Marine Drive, Sabarmati Ashram, Darjeeling, and much more...

Now come with me on a Train Ride. Are you ready? If you're not then also I'll take you 😜!! 

 A Beautiful Train Journey

It was almost 12 in the night and I had to board my train to Chikmagalur - indeed a very beautiful scenic place with lots of waterfalls...You can call it the "City of Waterfalls" too 🀩The train started moving slowly and later at a very good speed ⏩... As it was midnight πŸ•› I was very sleepy πŸ’€ and I fell asleep, a cool breeze was blowing up and after some time, I heard πŸ‘‚ raindrops falling and initially closed the window!!

A long journey, Ummm...I guess 8 to 9 hours of Journey!! Indeed a good one as we can go through a lot of scenic views πŸŒ„, Photography πŸ“Έ lovers 😍 here you can check out this place 😁!! 

After a few hours of the journey the train πŸš‚ took a break and landed at the station I drank a cup of chai my favourite beverageπŸ·πŸ˜‹

Subsequently, I reached the coffee estate the smell of coffee was too good 🌟, the view of waterfalls was just fantastic to feel, the Mullayanagiri Peak was a good trekking one!!

After spending almost a week there I returned via train πŸš‚ and Sakleshpur is also a good place to feel the scenic and when you are through train journey it's still awesome to feel it!! 

Anyways, train journeys are always the most adventurous, cheap and also found to be the safest😜!! Have a cup of tea, board the train, and enjoy your vacation πŸŒ… πŸ˜‡.

I hope you enjoyed this small story break. Now coming to your thinking point of view, don't you think Life itself is a journey?  

Yeah, it's a journey according to me, why because we experience a lot of things in our lives, we learn, we fall, we rise again, we learn from our mistakes and what not? We make many memories, Life is like a flowing river, with stones in it just like the obstacles in our lives yet, the river flows very smoothly, likewise even we should treat our lives the same!! 

Literally, there's no proper contradictory term to associate life, it can be attributed to river, ocean, plants, flowers, clock, rollercoaster, and so on…. 

Another small piece of anecdote enjoy it πŸ‘»πŸ˜!! 


It was a summer twilight and it was about to rain. We were

preparing to leave for a wonderful place!! I was very excited

to see that place as my family told me that it had very good

greenery and scenic views!! Being a Nemophilist I usually love such places!! We started our journey at 10 in the night and the downpour also accompanied us!! We ate snacks in the gaps of our journey too!! After visiting a few places in the midst we were about to reach that wonderful place!!

Just before reaching that place the surroundings were also just

incredible as on the other side of the freeway was a view of

the lands filled with green crops!! We finally reached that

place after 2 days of our journey; later in the late evening I

just roamed around the fields! Their fields were filled with

cardamom trees, pepper trees, banana trees, cashews, and

Betelnut trees too!! The view of the water flowing just beside,

The house and the mountain behind are just incredible!!

Feels of Malnad Region of Karnataka just osm never found

anywhere else!!

- Keerthi Priya M

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