My Encounter With Photography by Anushaka Adavkar

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Talking about Photography,
So I was introduced to photography by just clicking clouds, sunset, and moon basically. I'm not a professional photographer okay!! Just sharing my story of how I entered here or started liking clicking moments from a No-No to Cameras not also when I was fully ready for a function or something as a very very introverted and shy girl would react to the camera.
So, as I said I was not ok with clicking me (because of tons and tons of overthink about it) hence I started to click objects are incidents around me which I felt cute or saw the magic of nature in it. And so I started clicking clouds at first only when I saw some particular formation or shape in it but gradually it turned to like whenever I felt like clicking them, after that clicking sunsets because I had always adored the sunsets, also of the blooming flowers and buds just everything that has nature in it. 
At the start, it was only concerned with clicking because I never know what all it takes for perfect photos and all that, but with time I understood that it takes so so much to make it look like the end result. In BTS their goes angles, lighting, background, color, editing, focus, and whatnot. Also with time, you learn the basics and decent photography with experience and your mistakes. I just feel like anything and everything needs its own time so letting it Bloom on its own is the best way to learn something and everything. 
Tips from me will be only that give yourself sometime noting happens in one night and try every angle, every lighting, every editing app, and every color and everything that goes, first understand the terms and how it reflects best on what, it's simply a TRY AND Test Method that get applied. And this all is only if you want to do a job in decent photography if you want to get into professionalism than this all will be just a basic step after getting a 1% knowledge of all this then you can proceed for legal training and learning all the professional aspects of it. And it doesn't stop here after this you again need to revise and go through the basics and polish them well with your new knowledge and further adding the new knowledge and information you gain in your journey. 
Now talking about Tricks, for me personally, I think adjusting the angles and saturation works best as angles gives it a different look and perspective whereas saturation makes it feel alive. So I feel like the trick of good decent photos lies in this two, the best you understand these two the best result will come out from it. This is what my opinion. And effects, lighting, editing are just the enhancers of any photo, definitely they make a Great difference in the end result but they can't make a photo or can't capture a moment, these all are just post-capture things. So rather than focusing on these terms I would advise you all to focus on the pre-capture and capture specifications, speculation, and detailing. 
Rest everything is Cool in photography so enjoy the beauty. I feel the senses of a photographer are damn strong or it needs to get stronger than they are as the perfect and unseen incredible moments can only get justice if you sensed it in the correct timing. Ohh by the way I skipped the important part of this and that is timing. The gamer, the game-changer everything is the timing In fact I would say it's not a supporting character in the role but the main hero of the entire process. So, get your timing strong. 
It seems just photography but endless BTS, knowledge, experience, detailing, and focus go into it. 
Winding it up only I'll say that no process is complete if proper mediums and catalysts are not been used which are dedication, determination, hard work, passion, fuel to achieve, aims, responsibility, mental strength, and mental preparation for all the situations that will come as a hurdle to it. 
Go Rock It People's!!! 
All The Best 


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