My Passion My Obsession by Sakshi Jain

My passion my obsession - by Sakshi Jain with a camera and the logo of Peaceful Writers International

As we know that in all around the world, We all have different passions. It can be dancing, singing, painting, reading novels and comics, photography and many more. But before joining the writing field, I had my passion for Photography.

So let's discuss about Photography and its importance!!

What is Photography?
Photography is the means to laugh and reminds us of our memories. Is it so? The answer which I'll provide you is quite enhancing and interesting that "Photography is an art which has a unique story hidden it which is very helpful to get a smile on each face and reminds of getting engaged in our beautiful memories."

The person who clicks the photos and enhances his/her skills and talents is called Photographer. 
I like to compose one Elfchen poem to it:

Clicked photo 
Because every photography
Tells us a unique

In our daily routine life too, we all are busy doing some activities and by clicking photos we add our status on social media. Isn't it so we all are doing? People appreciate our works and we got some good compliments too and sometimes we get negative commentaries. The answer to the statement is that sometimes we do a great job of showing humanity, unity worshipping nature and God, etc. And sometimes we do a sinful act including insulting our parents, cursing nature. So in return, we get negative aspects.

Photography is of many types like food photography, nature photography, landscape photography, fashion photography and many more. But I had my passion for nature photography. From nature, I got a combo of good and bad things (lessons). But at the same time got rejoicings too. I clicked photos of clouds, skies, trees and after that, I find a mature peace in me. 

At the last, I would like to phrase one quote to my words:

"Do photography , no one stops you .
Achieve your passion , no one kills you."

"Photography is an art which is loved by every age and generation.
Photography is a mature skill, if we want to learn it We should be dedicated..."

- Sakshi Jain

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  1. One said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So photography is also a way of expression.