New To Photography By Ankita Mishra

New to Photography - Peaceful Writers International by Ankita Mishra

Are you new to Photography? Then take full advantage to taste its magic. Photography is not difficult but it isn't easy too. Everyone knows how to capture images in cameras and explore the digital world. But seriously, only how to capture? A photographer not only snaps a picture but actually narrates a story behind it and expresses untold emotions and feelings to the viewers through it. See a small life like a butterfly, beautiful and lively. A photographer will wait, will take their own time to understand and analyze the butterfly's world. Imagine a cocoon of a butterfly, how fascinating it will look seeing the small life coming out of its struggle. What it teaches us? Don't you think it makes a similarity to human life? Yeah, it is. When a baby is born, it comes out of its struggle, from a mother's womb to lead a life. Nature gifts an amazing life to everyone, just need a little change of angle to see a different side, i.e., excellence, exceptional and exquisite.

Tips- Select a place of your choice, walk and just see. Feel the moment of lives around you. Never think that you are alone in a lonely place, even the fragrances that surround speak too. Hold your camera and see through it. Stay focused and to the point. Let's take an example of you being in front of the landscape. The mountain looks the same in the eyes of everyone. And you a photographer stand there as before and check out its features. Feel the sun is peaking erasing the darkness and its shine on the mountain looks enamour. Your camera is ready and all set to click. Tricks- Prefer a change of direction. So that your frame could hold more love and life. Choose a higher point to take a clear shot of scenery. Be calm and have patience. Take your position and time that will be comfortable for you or your-to-be frame. You can prefer a close-up shot too. The movement sun rises behind the mountains spreading its blessing, your camera takes the pictures turning it into a beautiful memory.

Remember you are not only taking the shots; you are putting life into it. You're displaying the viewers another side of the story which to date they aren't aware of or they have never seen. Your portrait gives a lesson to the viewers about their struggle, about aliveness and dead. A smiley face photograph brings a smile on our face and builds a positive feeling in us to face anything with a smile, a sad frame photograph tells the reason for its sadness and forces us to recall the sad phase of our life that we are in or used to be. And a neutral mask photograph speaks and reflects about us. This means if we are happy the picture will reflect happiness too and if we are sad, the picture will reflect sadness too. Isn't it great and euphoric? Everything is beautiful, and these beauties should be known to everyone. So, a photographer does that. Their skills, passions, perspectives, and sentiments come into life through these portraits, by the colours, contrasts, and abstracts.

Make your camera your eyes, that with a blink you can capture the beauty protectively for the rest of your life. Enjoy and learn cheerfully. So, go, move out, see, start taking photographs, share your work, and most importantly, have patience and be motivated. Welcome to the adventures of photography.

 - Ankita Mishra

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