October Quote Diary - Week 4

Quotes Diary by Peaceful Writers International Miraquill Club


"Kids, most closest to God, and most purest by heart.
Those innocent faces, who don't have a cunning side."

"Never ever blame kids, for something you did, it might be that, they're harmless, but God won't spare you!"

"Bacche, wo sacche man, jinke liye har ek insaan apna hai."

"Wo chote chote pairo se pehli baar chalte hue, do baar gir kar, phir se chalne ki himmat rakhne wale Bhagwan ki deen."

Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

"बच्चें जो सबकी जिंदगी है ।
बच्चे दिल की रोशनी है ।
बच्चे भगवान की परछाई है ।
बच्चे ही तो , है जो सबके दिल को जोड़ते है "

"Children's life is a beautiful life, a lot of love, care, who loves children from their parents or other people, children who are the heartbeat of everyone's heart, children are true to heart. children are the best gift of God and there smile look like haven ........."
Dev Saxena

"It is a precious gift of the Almighty. A small smile makes a big difference."

"Initially through kids only parents enjoy pleasure and when they grow come under pressure."

"No money can be equivalent to a kid's smile."

"Godliness can be seen through Kids."

"Tender skin and heart. They can only speak their own language and only their mother is able to read it."
- K. S. Ramakrishnan

"As the nature of the plant can be seen seed itself, similarly the character of an adult can be identified in the childhood itself. 
Today’s children are the capable children of tomorrow, so see that they are trained well. 
Naughty kids grow up as the most polite and humble adults."

"Childhood is that phase of life that decides the way of life we will lead."

"Mischievous children grow up to be decent and peaceful citizens. Never judge anyone based on early encounters."

"Memories are like a favorite book. Whenever you want to recall, turn the pages, and feel the pleasure. "

"The irony of life is it changes the meanings in every phase we lead. In childhood, FEAR meant to FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN, whereas it meant to FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE in youth."

"Never force an innocent childhood to be ripe unduly."

"A naughty child always grows into an innocuous adult."

"Passionate childhood desires have the power to change the yearnings into reality."

"The way we spend our childhood dictates our present and future."

"Every childhood dream of a wealthy teenage, luxurious adulthood, and comfortable old age without knowing how arduous work it needs."

"Childhood is always filled with every emotion without regrets."

"Staying past bedtime felt like freedom in childhood, but it turned to necessity years later."

"In childhood, life was simple, and math was complicated. Schooling simplified math and complicated life."

"Childhood friends are nearer than anybody else."

"Childhood tantrums do not hurt anybody’s heart but blooms the heart with happiness."

"Childhood memories are like those burning candles that lighten our life in every dark sorrow."
- Noor Tabassum

"Things do fall apart,
But if they were meant to be, 
Then by time they'll fix themselves,
We were kids practicing how to love,
Now we're mature to understand what's right and wrong,
Come back baby and I'll give you my love."
- Sammy Yaskodez

The softest hug 
Of a baby, 
Will make you feel 
Very happy. 
When a baby look at you 
And smiles, 
It seems like 
The whole universe shines. 
Sometimes they do
Questions awkward, 
They are full of energy, 
They never get tired.
Kids are the 
Heart of family, 
They can't be seated 
For a minute quietly. 
They are naughty 
But never tell lie
They are little, 
But can reduce stress high."

"Kids are the main wealth for parents"

"Bachhe jawani me 
Bachhon ko to bara kiya 
Bare laad pyaar se, 
Phir kya silha mila, 
Akhri umar mein aake. 
Jis haat ko pakar ke
Chalna usne sikha, 
Bridha umar me unko hi
Diya tune  dhakka. 
Jaane kitne hi gandegi, 
Felayi thi maa k achal mein, 
Wohi maa roti hai aab, 
Chupa the hai asuoon kajal me."
- Bipasa Halder

"परमेश्वर का अवतार हैं,
वो प्यार के हकदार हैं,
साफ दिल की पहचान भी
जिनके ढेरों होते अरमान भी 
बच्चे वो होते हैं 
जो अछूत हैं हर ,,पक्षपात से,!"
- Aashiya Suman

"Children are God sent gift.Their innocence honesty smiles joy fulness & absent from money matters, makes them apart.There are our future, & our legacy.We should make them educate & empowered them to blossom & shine in today's world."
Jawahar B Lalla

"Children are the only solace, only fragrance who beautify the beauties in us, the mirth in us, the joy, the joviality in us, in our ever stressful lives....!!"

"Their innocence lesens the gloominess of heart, pain of the day, loneliness of the lives.
A child's smile sparks millions light, like myraid of stars shining in one delight...!!"

"Like the flowers blooming in the garden, our lives blooms with them..
scattering the aromas in our otherwise ugly life..,
by chance or by choice..!!"
"We need to water them continuously with love, attention, attachment, care, and safeguarding from the evilness and cruelty of the mighty mundane...!!"

"People who take no seconds, to crush kids into pieces
for their own selfish, untoward motives...,
who needs to be blossoming with pride and passion
peace and blessings , nurture and nourish the naiveness..!!"

"They are the 
jewels adorning our nations with pride and honour,
our tomorrow, so let them shine bright and bold in the glory of gods
for tomorrow to speak
their stories of own solace and sojourn...!"

"वो बचपन के दिन ,
वो कागज की कश्ती, 
वो बारिश की मस्ती
वो फूलों की क्यारी, न चिंता न 
फिक्र बस मौजों की लहरें ही लहरें..।"

"बच्चे तो भगवान की देन है
सबसे अनमोल नयमत है
खुशियों की रहमत है
बिखरे न ये इनायत है ।"

"बच्चों से घर रोशन है
सारा संसार जगमग है
तोड़ो ने इनकी मासूमियत को
यही तो धरती के सितारे है।"
Poetry Khakholia Mundra

"Children are the pure souls where you can find honesty, kindness and generosity..Their sweet innocent smiles are like the blossoming flowers, their hearts are pure , filled with intimacy and affection..They are far away from the world of cruelty and unkindness..
For their such qualities, we should shower them with love, attention, care and safeguard them from the dangers roaming freely in the vast world.."
Sattwika Chatterjee

"Kids are like angel 
So pure in their hearts 
And so cute 
They didn't care about the world 
They are so joyful in their own fantasy 
I wish I could be a Kid again"
Neelaksh Ojha

"Like flowers in a bouquet, they spread fragrance,
Of love and innocence over the air of arrogance,
And mix tinges of togetherness in a meadow,
Where people fall apart because of dark shadows,
Their gummy smile is what we can die for,
Children are blessing from God sent in a row."

"दर्द में हो कभी तो उन्हें देख लेना,
ज़ख्म भरे ना कभी तो उनके बारे में सोच लेना,
कभी उन्हें हस्ते देखो तो सब भूल जाना,
ज़िंदगी जीने का तुम नया रास्ता निकालना,
बच्चे जैसे भी हो हैं तो पवित्र ही,
भगवान की दिन हैं जैसे हम भी।"

"Unki aankhon mein koi khot nahi hota,
Unke dil mein kabhi mail nahi milta,
Unki nazrein sirf khushiyan dhundhti hain,
Unhen zindagi jeene se koi rok nahi sakta,
Aakhir bachche hote hi dil ke kareeb hain,
Ki unhen apne andar se koi nikal nahi sakta."

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