Photograhy - A Tool Which Keeps Memories Alive By J Martina

Presented by Peaceful Writers International - Photogrpahy is a tool to keep memories alive by J. Martina

Taking photographs is common nowadays. We can even call the photographs a collection of memories. We all will show much eagerness in taking photos, it may be selfies or normal pic but everyone will have an interest in taking photographs and collect all those images and keep it in an album. It's always a feeling of delight which has no words to express.

         While talking about photographs, I want to state a particular thing, which I feel much essential to quote here. Though we are taking photographs in immense places, the photographs which are taken by the side of nature is always playing a significant position. The pics we are shooting behind the scenery or in front of it, always look nice and too awesome. That pics will be too cute and natural if we compare them with other pics.

           Many of us will never notice that, as we are all eager in our costumes, make-ups we will never give importance to the scenic beauty of nature. Even, if you were not good-looking because of the costumes which you are wearing for the pic, just try taking photos with the scenery background, it will make you perfect, it doesn't need any filters.

            As our lifestyle is imbibed with technologies, we are ignoring nature. Many of us are showing much interest in taking photographs in the shopping malls, a building of classy but many of us are not having much interest in taking photographs beside the nature except few. Because, for us, the pics we are taking in the malls and in the buildings of classy will make us looks like an elite while we are sharing it on the Instagram pages, Facebook pages, and all other social media.

        It is not our mistake, we are growing up in this way. But we have to change a little bit, it is much needed. And above all, photographs are playing an important role in our life, which we cannot deny. As I stated above, it is a collection of memories. It may be our childhood pic or maybe the college pics which we had taken with our friends.

             But, we will forget it as we are engaged with busy schedules due to our personal and professional issues but the pics will be stored in our albums or will be on our phone. During our leisure time, if we swipe the albums or unexpectedly while scrolling the phone, we will have the chance to see those pics, it automatically makes you emotional. You will shed a drop of tears from your eyes as a token of love.

          Those images will help you to reminiscence some of the old and gold memories which you had before. That will make you to get rid off the present situations.And make your heart feel at ease. Makes your mind to attain the state of peace.And all these tributes,have to be given to the photographs and the people who had contributed much time in perfecting the photographic techniques. And helped us to keep all our present moments into memories.

          These memories will always haunt our heart forever and always place a special position in our heart. And nowadays, the technology is at its peak, because of that the camera and the cameras which are fixed in a phone are very smart and clear. Because of that, the pics are coming in an awesome way,it is very clear because of the advanced techniques which are available in the present scenerio.

             The years may change, seasons may differ, even our lifestyle may change but the pictures will never change, it will hold the memories of millions and none can compensate for the joys which it is providing us. And nowadays, we all are using many tricks while taking photos and many people are editing a single pic for a thousand times, more than the natural pics, edited pics are in numerous numbers in our mobile phones and albums.

         Actually, it is good to edit the photos and doing much filters but truly speaking it is making us to lose our originality. We are not understanding it, just try taking the photos normally without changing the portrait and adding filters, that pics will be a unique one. It stands a unique picture while compared with other pics.

        But, whatever it is photographs are always special, maybe it is your filter pic or an original pic, photography is always special. It is helping us to keep the memories lively, making us move back to the evergreen past memories. And making us feel delighted.

- by J.Martina
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