The Picturesque Heritage City - Mysore by Chandana Kasipuram

The Picturesque Heritage City - Mysore by Chandana Kasipuram by Peaceful Writers International with the picture of a beautiful fort

With the combination of scenic beauty and educational spots, every photographer awaits to visit the Heritage City - Mysore. 

Mysore Palace , Mysore

Mysore Palace is the second-most famous attraction in India built in the 20th century also known as Amba Vilas Palace.
There are four awe-inspiring arched gates to enter the massive garden area along with the Durbar Hall, and the Royal Howdah. The Palace spectacularly illuminates on every evening when it is lit with approximately 97,000 lights. 

The Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

The Brindavan Gardens are located just a level below the Krishna Raja Sagara dam
The exciting experience at this garden is the musical fountain and laser show in the evenings. From the 1970s many famous Indian film songs were shot in this garden.

Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore

Chamundeshwari temple located on the hilltop of Chamundi hills at a height of 3300ft from sea level is a homage to the deity Goddess Chamundeshwari known as one of the powerful places to visit and experience divineness. These temple pillars have many sculptures and sayings which were built by Maharajas in the 12th century. 
The 360 degrees view of the total city is truly splendid from the hills.

St.Philomena Cathedral is the first largest cathedral in South Asia which was initially a small church and reconstructed as a twin towers structure cathedral by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar.

Rail Museum, Mysore
Rail Museum, Mysore

Rail Museum is the first of its kind in India where one can walk into the place and experience the types of journeys made in trains from ancient times.
It is an educational tour through the making and functioning of locomotives in India. This museum exhibits ancient locomotives that are still in working form and are being used by the Indian Railways even today.

When you visit Karnataka state, never miss out on these wonderful places and let your camera get the pleasure of clicking its photographs. 
- Chandana Kasipuram

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