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Peaceful Writers International comes up with new and exciting challenges for writers. This time, we are here with a collection of "Quotes About Books". Writers at PWI Miraquill Club have set to pen down some new quotes for you...Let's read..!!

Books are the best friend one can have. They are the silent bearers of our pain and emotions. They never give us the feeling of loneliness and stand by us in every step we take. With them, we need no one else to entertain.
Noor Tabassum

Book are brilliant and outstanding sources for knowledge and experience with you of our past mistakes and life.
Neelaksh Ojha

A book speaks when you speak to it,
A book holds you when you hold it.
Ankita Mishra

The pages of the book remain for ages,
The story never fade but capture in its.
Ankita Mishra

Books lead us when we read it.
Ankita Mishra

Books store our memories,
That we always love to cherish,
It knows and has everything,
Even knows what this world think.
Ankita Mishra

Books take us to the realms of fancy and fantasy
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

Books meant for Goddesses Saraswathi and God Hayagreevar. Both are meant for studies.
K.S Ramakrishnan

Books give knowledge and wisdom. One has to read books periodically, which in turn, gives confidence.
K.S. Ramakrishnan

Reading books not only enrich knowledge, it gives various solutions for the problems and can take right decisions.

We always thank the printer, publishers and other related people to consolidate everything and give author's write-ups in Book form to understand in a better way.

खुद की अलग एक दुनिया है
इनका खुद का है एक ,,जहान अलग
अब,, क्या ही करें,, तारीफ किताबों की
बस इनमें खो जाने का दिल करता है,,!
- Aashiya Suman

In bedtime, at least one has to spend half an hour to read any books and make it has a habit it fetches many things in life.

बुक की दुनिया विचित्र है
इससे मिलता ज्ञान है

हर व्यक्ति के लिए है
उसके हिसाब से बुक यहां,
पढ़ के रुचि से उसे मिलता है ज्ञान

बुक की दुनिया विचित्र है
इससे मिलता पूरा सम्मान
जो है पड़ते लिखते उनका होता नाता इन बुक्स से
जो पढ़ते बुक्स यहां वही पाते अच्छे पोस्ट है
जो नही पढ़ते बुक्स को रूल जाते जैसे धूल है,

बुक्स की दुनिया मे मिलती कही कहानियां नई
पढ़ के मज़ा आता जिन्हें हस्ते है बच्चे सभी

बुक्स से मिलता बहुत कुछ ऐसा जो मिलता जीवन मे नही
बुक्स दिखती राह है ले जाना कहा जीवन को है
जिसको ये ज्ञान हो गया बुक्स का जो हो गया
सफल ज़िन्दगी में हुआ वही जिसने थमा बुक्स को हाथ मे है जी।।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Ey keetab hai hi kya?
Kya hi hai ishme,
Sirf kuch panne aur
Alawa kuch kali ke ?

Ek keetab premi o ke liye
Ey sirf kuch panne nehi hote,
Hote hai duniya dekhne ke nazariya,
Hote hai raat mein chain ke neend sone ke wajah,
Aur kabhi kabhi puri raat jagne ke wajah bhi bante hai ey keetab.

Ekela paan ko apne paan me badalne ke liye,
Sirf hai hi to sahara ishka.
Bohat sare ishq bhi dikha di,
Bohat sare dil kashis bhi,
Dil ke awaj ko,
Juban de diya kahi lekhak o ne.

Koi kyad kar liya biswa bramhand ko hi, apne kalam aur panno mein.
Duniya dekh ne ke liye mujhe bahar jane ke zaroorat hi kya hai,
Sabhi to hai mere hatho mein,
sab hi toh hai keetab o mein
Bipasa Halder

Continuous reading of boos is an eye-opener for our mindset. It shows various new paths and roads to solve the problems.

मिलेंगे खत तेरे ये सोच कर,
पलट डाले किताबों के पन्ने हमने।
Ayush Saxena

Books can be given as a gift for the one you love. While reading the book, the receiver always thanks from the bottom of the heart and remembers it.

Book lovers create their own library in their home, whenever they visit any book shop or book fair they buy it, read it, and important points share in the groups.

Reading Books change one's life. It refines attitude body language, etc. Book readers are very good listeners.

The path that leads us upward
Come let us read
Those black characters
Make our life colourful
- R. Muskan Bothra Jain

Some may have thousands of friends
Others may have hundreds of friends
You may have only few friends
But I have only one loyal and royal friend
That's my Book
Rahul B R

"Books are merely like our ancestors who had a great and immense knowledge who were found in every household!!"
Keerthi Sonu

"Just like one good friend is equal to 1000 books, our progenitors are equal to one library!!"
Keerthi Sonu

"One Library is equal to a shelf of knowledge path of amassing from darkness to light!!"
Keerthi Sonu

"A book is not just a bunch of papers filled with words it's a journal with lots of emotions, feelings, information, and thoughts within it!!"
Keerthi Sonu

"If you want to know more and more and explore the world then either travel or read numerous amount of books to have the world in front of you!!"
Keerthi Sonu

Some friends don't need to say it out very loud,
They stay muted have jot down every thought,
And books are the best example of such people,
They promise to stay by your side till the last second,
Every inch of their life is written with your stories,
And that's how they end up being your autobiography!
- ©Angarika

Un kitaabon ke dher mein ek kitaab aisi bhi ho,
Jo har insaan ke man ki baaton ko samajh le,
Aur uske aasuon ko apna banakar khushiya de,
Taaki agle din use koi aur cheez se phark na pade,
Wo kitaab jisme har raaz ho kahin na kahin likha,
Taki jo padhe use samajh aa jaaye- ye hai baat!
- ©Angarika

Books are the world of knowledge.
Khushnuma Parween

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