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Peaceful Writers International is compiling a collection of quotes penned by the writers of PWI Miraquill Club, a club for writers where they can write quotes based on daily challenges. Children are a combination of innocent souls, creative hands, and exploring minds. 

Happy Children's day quotes - Children are a combination of innocent souls, creative hands, and exploring minds by Peaceful Writers International miraquill club

A child's innocent thoughts and minds are somewhere inside us that just need a little attention.
Ankita Mishra

No matter how big we are today,
No one can erase that memory of the child we were yesterday.
Ankita Mishra

The childish nature is always there in us to spoil us, pamper us and to be a child itself.
Ankita Mishra

वो बच्चे ही हैं,
जिनका दिल साफ होता है,
जो निष्पक्ष होते है,
खुले दिल से सबका स्वागत करते है,
रूठे हुए को मनाना भी जानते हैं,
बेगानों को अपना बनाना भी जानते हैं,
वो बच्चे ही तो हैं,
जो भगवान का रूप कहलाते हैं....
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

बच्चेे किसी कोरे कागज कि तरह होते हैं ,जिन्हें किसी भी रंग से सजाया जा सकता है।
Khushnuma parween

बच्चे हमारे भविष्य हैं।
Khushnuma Parween

Children are the pillars of our upcoming generation, so make them strong with education.

Khushnuma Parween

On the momentous occasion of children's day, I believe children are like buds of the larger flowers. They need to be entrusted, empowered, loved nurtured to accomplish & flourish in their goals & vision They are the future of our family & nation.
- ©®Jawahar B Lalla

Children are the most beautiful creation of God with innocence, love and purity
Janatha Ramanathan

Children are the precious wealth of the family. Preserve it
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

Children give meaning to life; hope to live. Mould them to face their future confidently.
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

Create memories for the child to hold dear to his heart.
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

खुल जाती हैं ,,नगरी यादों की
जहां मौजों की,, रवानी थी,,
इस,,किताब ए जिंदगी का सबसे खुशनुमा पन्ना
वो बचपन वही,, कहानी थी,,!

A power to shine,
A power to smile,
A power to bond special,
Those children have.
Ankita Mishra

The children bound us in a way where we'd love to give up our dearest things.
Ankita Mishra

Every child has a special power that they can take their place in anybody Heart.
Ankita Mishra

Children are precious gifts of God and they are our future promise.

Our country is having abundant talent and the potential for children. They may lead the future world.

Our life is full of struggle, work and planning, in between those we sometimes forget our way of living... But being around children forces us to live like them.
Ankita Mishra

Children's IQ level is phenomenal. They have more than six senses. Every child has a special talent that can't be erased by any means.

Children can do wonders. Their confidence level is too good and amazing. They are very clear in their thoughts.

In our house, we have to invest in children and explore their hidden talents. In school, the level conduct more competition to test their competency.

The soul of children
Is so childish
That they show us
The heaven by their characters
Rahul B R

Children are assets of the family. Parents pay more attention to children for their growth and betterment. They sacrifice many things for the sake of children.

Old people used to say through children seeing God. Their smile is pure agmark one. Their talks refresh and take us to the new planet.

शीर्षक -( बच्चे )
बच्चे होते है ईश्वर के रुप
खेले दिनभर हो चाहे छाँव, हो चाहे धूप।
इनके मन को हर कोई है भाता,
सबसे जोड़कर रखे ये नाता।।
- प्रतिमा

Learn from their innocence,
Learn from their curiosity,
Correct their mistakes
And they will be the best
Version of themselves as adults...
Sindhu Srinath

शीर्षक -(बच्चे )
बच्चों में सिर्फ होती है आशा
ना जाने इन्हे किस हीरे से गया है तराशा।
बच्चों से ही तो संसार है,
इनमे ही तो खुशियों का भंडार है।।
- प्रतिमा

Twenty-first born children are exposed to electronic gadgets, social media right from day one and they are much much better to handle the android mobiles than the middle-aged and senior citizens.

Children - Beautiful sweet souls filled with innocence and nothing else!!!
Keerthi Priya.M

"Childhood - An age of knowing nothing and just taking life as it is!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Child and childhood merely laying as a small memory and as an unforgettable chapter in the book of our lives!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

Their fragrance is what pulls us closer,
Smiles pristine and warm like the Sun,
Innocence flickers like ripples of water,
And eyes are full of dreams to savour,
Children are indeed the biggest gift of God,
It's due to them that we can live in droughts!
- ©Angarika

Hasi kilkaariyon se aangan jab gunje,
Tab man ko bhi apna apna sa lage,
Jaise aaya ho ek nanha mehaman,
Shararat bhi kare to kare mahaan,
Uske hone se jeevan safal hai lagta,
Kabhi dil ho udaas tab bhi usko dhundta.
- ©Angarika

Today's kids are the future of tomorrow,
Preserve their innocence and allow them to bloom at their pace,
Let not the urgency of parents ripe them raw and spoil their future,
Encourage them in the field they like and want to prosper,
Along with education let them play and enjoy their childhood,
And learn to explore the world with enthusiasm and optimism.
- Noor Tabassum

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