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Peaceful Writers International - quotes about letters penned by the writers of PWI Miraquill Club

A letter is the one we can communicate anything to others in a simple way.

The letter conveys all our feelings ambitions sentiments joy sorrow to others. It is a gift for humans

A letter is the cheapest mode of communication Rs.0.15 Np postcard to Rs.1 Inland letter used as a tool.

O(G)olden days letter is the common man communication.

The receiver always expects love, concern from the sender Receiver gets excited on receipt.

Dear Shinie,
We know, it been quite a long a time,
Quite void of bliss, as one could tell;
But happily still, the here and now,
I just hope you're keeping well!

It mourns to not hear back from you;
But regret not! No, not the slightest!
My delight lies in seeing you grow,
But tell me- Are you yet the brightest?

Sirius, it is? Umm, sorry, my bad!
Oh, c'mon! Now does that make you sad?
You're just too illustrious for your age;
And perfect as you are! Be glad!

Often do I recollect the golden days,
When you just were a baby star!
A sweet, little fireball, brimming with life-
That's thrown its flare to live this far.

Let's come to me- The moon of the earth!
And yes, I've fascinating tales to render!
We've dance with praise, through eons of time,
In the vastness of distance, at the sunlight's surrender!

Through ages, I've had all love and care;
I've seen how the sun holds us as one.
And the way our planets cuddle makes me wonder-
"Was our small family ever undone?"

We're blinded by the blinding lights
That Phoebus casts when He's in rage!
But then, you see, He's old as hell;
And doesn't temperament shrink with age?

Its funny how wild living here has been,
Where giant stars rise with a pretty good gear,
And as they reign with the roar of fire-
A Supernova gets them crazily disappear!

What worries me is, my sister's stance,
Where 'true life' resides by all chance;
And anguishes me from deep within-
To think how cruel these mortals have been!

These animals cruelly hunt her down,
And burn their own 'world' to the ground;
And still tread with heads beamed sky-high,
Coz no one's craving for justice around!

The colour of hate is brushed throughout-
And inhumanity is sold for free.
And as ironic as it might seem,
'HUMAN beings'- they're known to be!

They reciprocate her motherly love,
With wounds that go for years to last;
While earth recalls, with sheds of tears,
Her tainted glory of the sunshine past!

You now know how being cold looks like!
Just keep all ominous thoughts aside;
Let's rather be proud of our inhospitality-
Else, 'life' would have left us DEAD inside!

That's all for now- good time, indeed!
You gotta cheer up- yeah, life's pretty filthy!
Take care, kiddo! Be a good, kind boy,
For interstellar relations ought to be healthy!
- ©Arkaprava Mukherjee

खत से खत मिल कर आ जाते है
बस लफ्ज है जो तनहा आ जाते है
- वीरे

We all know in our professional and personal communication letter is the foremost important. Now the mode has changed. Instead of conventional writing, we send WhatsApp, SMS etc

No matter how develop the technology would be, but the feeling of a letter does have its own magic.
Ankita Mishra

Letters hold the memories of the past that we love to keep for ages.
Ankita Mishra

Letters have handwriting, moments and time.
The special feeling it holds as we know and feel the importance of it.
Ankita Mishra

A letter I found from my besties,
That was eleven years ago,
Where we start our journey of being friends,
And promised each other to be like this to the end.
Ankita Mishra

The letters do have emotion, it will talk to you if you do so.
Ankita Mishra

न जवाब ही आया ,,उनका आज तक
न हमसे ही उम्मीद छोड़ी गई
और यूँ ही हमारे दरमियां चलता,, रहा आज भी
सिलसिला वो खतनवाजी का,,!
- Ashiya Suman

चिठी पत्री तार के जमाने चले गए
जब से आया है ये कम्भख्त मोबाइल हाथ मे,
चिठी पत्री तार पहुँचने पे था समय लगता
इस कमबख्त मोबाइल ने उसे भी दूर किया,
लिख के भेजो अब कोई संदेश व्हाट्स एप पे
झट से पहुच जाता है पहुचने वाले के पास में,
चिठी पत्री तार के जमाने अब लद्ध गए।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

तैनात है जो वो सैनिक सरहदों पे
होता उन्हें इस्तेज़र है अब भी चिठी का रे

कहने को तो रहते है घरवालों से दूर रे
पर घर बस्ता है उनके दिल मे करीब से

चिठी से उमीद मिलती है उन्हें
सब ठीक होगा मेरे घर मे

मोबाइल तो होता है उनके पास में
पर इस्तेमाल नही कर पाते सुरक्षा के ख्याल से

बंधे हुए है देश को बचाने के फ़र्ज़ से
रह के दूर करते है इंतेज़ार चिठियो का रे

करो नमन इन्हें कर लेते है कैसे
चिठी के इंतेज़ार में गुजार लेते है कैसे वक़्त रे

अति है फिर घर चिठी किसी की
तो जमघट लगता है उसके पास में

पढ़ के सुनाई जाती है सभकी कि आगे
भर अति है आंखे सब की सुन के जिसे

चिठी नही वो जीवन होता है
सोचो ज़रा क्या होता है
उनके घर पे जब पहुचती है चिठी
डिपार्टमेंट से
नही रहे हो गए शाहिद वो आ0ने फ्रंट पे
पहुँच जाएंगे ताबूत पे तिरंगे से लिपटे

सोचो इस चिठी का असर क्या होता होगा
सारा परिवार पढ़ के जब रोता होगा
चिठिया ही है जीवन ईनके लिए
चिठियो से ही घर की कुशलता पता इन्हें लगे।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

चिठी की अब रह गयी भूली बिसरी यादे
आज की पीढ़ी ने तो शायद देखा भी न हो इन्हें

कही कभी घर की सफाई में जो कोई पुरानी निकले
पड़ के पहुच जाते है उसी समय मे

यही तो सुंदरता होती है इन चिठियो पे
जो नही मिलती अब हमें

ले ली जगह इनकी अब सोशल मीडिया ने
ढूंढे से भी नही मिलती अब ये हमे।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

A letter-writing
Is a beautiful device
Which helps to
Express the feelings
From the bottom of the heart
Rahul B R

A letter has the power
To remind you the complete memory
Of the given person
No matter how much far he or she is.
Rahul B R

चिठी न आये तो दिल दुखी होता है
कई तरह के ख्यालो में खोता है
चिठी है आस जाने वही
बेटा जिसका लड़ रहा हो सरहद पे ही
चिठी है विश्वास उसके लिए ही
जो ढूंढ़ के नौकरी भेज रहा हो अपना सीवी
चिठी है देती हर खुशी जाने वही डॉक्टर
जिसे मिले और पता लगे कि उसका मरीज है सही

हर चिठी का मायना अलग होता है
हर चिठी में कुछ न कुछ लिखा ज़रूर होता है
हर चिठी की अपनी जुबा होती है
हर चिठी की अपनी कहानी होती है।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

एहसासों को अपनी उकेरा था मैंने खत के उन पन्नों में, महज कागज़ का टुकड़ा समझ उसने जला दिया अरमानों को!!
Khushnuma Parween

सच कहते हो technology से तो अब बूढ़े भी जवाँ हैं,
एहसास की बात छोड़ो,मुहब्बत तो अब भी जुबानों से अयाँ है!!
किया है गौर तुमने या नहीं,सब ठीक है पर!! आज कल के इन मैसेजों में,उन एहसासों से भरे खतों सी बात कहाँ है!!
Khushnuma Parween

A letter brings a relationship closer. Two decades back send greetings with footnotes mentioning all family members names, with a small covering letter wins the heart of the receiver.

Letter writing is an art. Each para is interrelated and has a continuation. A layman must understand the language is foremost important.

A letter I wrote many years back,
But didn't post it,
And if am feeling anything looking at the piece,
Is Regret.
Ankita Mishra

Dear Life,
Please give me time to breathe,
It's not enough for me to eat, stay and smile.
Ankita Mishra

My fingers caress the handwriting, and unknown emotions bind me to it which is just a letter, a mere thing.
- Ankita Mishra

A letter is a way of communication which reminds us of the times of years back then.
Ankita Mishra

शीर्षक (चिट्ठी)
वो चिठ्ठियो का ज़माना
अपने प्रियतम की चिट्ठी के इंतज़ार मे दिन रात बिताना,
उनकी यादों का हमे सताना
कुछ कहते हुए भी कुछ ना जताना।
भूल गए है हम आज सब पुराना।
- प्रतिमा

शीर्षक (चिट्ठी)
वो चिट्ठी का दौर
होता ही था कुछ और।
डाकिये का घर चिट्ठी लाना,
घर घर जा संदेश पहुचाना,
होता था बड़ा ही सुहाना।
- प्रतिमा

शीर्षक (चिट्ठी)
वो पत्रों मे छुपा संदेश
आज ले लिया है व्हाट्सअप ने उसका भेष।
आज के इंटरनेट के जमाने मे
सभी व्यस्त है, व्हाट्सअप पर ही बतलाने मे।
ना रहा वो उल्लास,
वो चिट्ठी के इंतज़ार की प्यास।
- प्रतिमा

तेरे हर गम उठाना कहां मजरे बस में था
जो कल तक तेरा था वो कभी मेरा भी था
चांद को देखकर हैरान न हो जाना वीरे यु
चांद को याद है ...वो भी कभी मेरा भी था
वीरे सागर महासर

Calling letter

Tension bohat thi dimag mein,
Soh bhi na paye kitne raat,
Kaab ayega bulawa,
Aur hoga ey intezar ka parihar.

Aaj woh ghari agaya,
Paar gaya unko mere zaroorat,
Naya zindegi ke surawat hai ey,
Ho raha thodi si bechaini thodi si raahat.
Bipasa Halder

Khatt me likha tha tujhse mohabbat karti hu bepanah apni jaan se badhkar ,
Nazdikiya hui ,wo mere kareeb ayi to pata chala wo Khush thi mujhse juda hokar ,
Hath usne mera bhi thama tha kabhi. , Aaj thama hai kisi ne aur use apna samajhkar
Meri tadap mene apni alfaaz bayaan ki thi khatt me likhar ,
Usne faad kar fek diya mujhe shayer samjh kar .....
- Roshan

Heartfelt writings,
Beautiful handwriting,
All encased in a neat white envelope;
To be read with a sigh
And a smile...
A letter for me...
Sindhu Srinath

Let me be all the Alphabets
Of your handwritten love letter
To the person whom I adored,
But not as my love's love!
Archishman Satpathy

A letter change my life with its scribbling words and became my whole world.
Ankita Mishra

Dear self,
Don't be angry when I push you,
Don't fear when I leave you...
It just for a while I do that so that you could do things on your own.
Ankita Mishra

If not by saying you could write yourself in a letter.
Ankita Mishra

The heart opens up here When you hold a pen To convey your feelings; Letters are the Gem
- R Muskan Bothra Jain

"At the nib of my pen are the thoughts filled with a flow of them on the empty letter!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"In the century of writing love letters, I would prefer writing a letter to myself, being a self-lover!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"A letter is just not a note it's a memorandum of various moments and memories!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

I was eagerly waiting for his letter from the borders,
It's been six months since I last saw his figure,
Our baby has grown older and I so wish he was here,
Maybe a phone call or a video call would we savour,
But the Moon knows how badly I long for his letters,
If only I could telepathy, probably we would be together!
- ©Angarika

Un chitthiyon ko maine jala diya hai jo tumne mujhe diya tha,
Jab jab tumhari yaad aayi thi, tumne sirf dhokha tha diya,
Ab kya karu un baaton ko padhkar, jo sirf dhokhe ki ore ishara karte hain,
Tumhari aankhon mein jo pyaar tha, usse bhi ab ghin aati hai,
Un chitthiyon ko padhkar, khud ko tasalli nahi de sakti,
Ab bohot ho gayi, tumse pyaar karte rehne ka waada nahi kar sakti.
- ©Angarika

उसे नहीं जानता कोई मेरे सिवा
मैने दिल में उसे बैठाकर देखा है
वीरे सागर महासर

Dear Santa,
Hope this letter finds you in very good health. How is your planning going on for Christmas? Do relax a bit in between, I don't want you to be exhausted so much. Though it can never happen. But still.
And yeah I hope you remember our deal. I can play with your white fur and big fat belly.
Bye. See you soon.
Your favourite
Miss. Little
Ankita Mishra

I wiped my running nose with my sleeves,
My attention took the phone when it beeped,
I frowned with an annoying face,
And quickly reached the place,
A man in khaki colour is seen in the scene,
A letter was shown in his hand that is mine.
Ankita Mishra

I raised the pen in the air,
And penned down my thoughts,
Writing a letter on pages,
I left the marks there for ages.
Ankita Mishra

Hey, winter is here,
Its coolness caresses my skin making it dry,
The heavy winds sound I hear,
Making me feel high.
Ankita Mishra

Gone are those days when people used to wait for long days to get a letter from their loved ones,
The fragrance of the letter used to remind the scent of their loved ones,
The long wait of receiving the letter used to give a taste of happiness,
The calligraphy in the letter used to signify the emotions involved in it,
The heart design at the end of the letter used to epitomize their love.
Dr. Sudhanya Nath

"When you have the emotions filled in your gazes with the thoughts on your lingo, an empty paper can also turn into an adorable letter!!"
Keerthi Sonu

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