Quotes About Love

Peaceful Writers International presents "Quotes About Love" penned by the writers of PWI Miraquill Club. Love is a serene bond with eternal powers. People often use the phrase "fall in love", but the fact is "you never fall in love". A boon companion is like a backbone. You rise together, you succeed together, you learn together, and you support each other to bring out the best. 

The most romantic thing for a relationship is making it work, even when nothing feels special anymore bacause the person you love is worth more than any lost spark!!
-©® Sakshi Kapoor

Love is a great feeling
It is the best way of soul healing.
Love is studded with a string of profound affection
For me 'love' means long ongoing valued emotions. 
-©® Dr. Rosie Patangia

The hollow men have fallen in the vicious trap of fulfilling their desires in the best modern way, while torn apart are those immersed in believing and exploring the depths of the most heavenly emotion that nourishes our soul.
-©® Kirti Giridhar

The secret looks, 
the subtle signs, 
the lovey face
we pull at each other 
love I can't define it well anymore
-©® Amrutha

For Thine is Life, 
For thine is the kingdom, 
Just as being loved is to the lonely human heart. 
The body has no reason to exist without the presence of soul
So do we aspire to be loved purely in inumerable ways. 
-©® Kirti Giridhar

प्यार ज़िन्दगी कि राह होती है,
कुछ अनसुलझे सवालों का राज है,
तो कुछ अनकहे शब्दों का नशा होता हैं।
-©® Bishakha Kumari Saxena

Love is not just a word. It's an ocean of emotions. It also as heartbreaks and fights but the most important thing is you stay together after all this. In love, you should know how to forgive your partner. If you find someone you love and that person loves you back never let go of that person it's very rare in today's world.
-©® Ankita Pandey

Love is like burning stars
It's so powerful like shooting stars.
Love is like seashore of sea
It's never ending like stream.
Love is like walked with barefoot
It's makes me understanding like silence of the river.
-©® Bishakha Kumari Saxena

प्यार वो स्थिति है जिसमें ज़िन्दगी का
हर स्वरुप बदल जाता हैं।
जज़्बात में उम्मीदों के संग,
एक नया रंग भर जाता है।
-©® Bishakha Kumari Saxena

प्यार की कोई सीमा नही,
बस एक खूबसूरत दिल का साथ होना चहिए।
जिंदगी भर साथ चल सके दो कदम,
ऐसे दो दीवानो का विश्वास होना चाहिए।
-©® Bishakha Kumari Saxena

When the flower of love blossoms into eternity 
with passionate intensity, purity and selflessness the mortal flame of vexation dies 
-©® Kirti Giridhar

I fallen in love with your smile 
Now smiling feels like crime 
-©® Srija Sadhukhan

कान्हा तुम्हारे प्यार में पड़कर पागल हो रही हूं मैं
तुम्हें देख हरपल तुम्हारी आंखों में खो रही हूं मैं
आखिर क्या जादू है तुम्हारी निग़ाहों में इन्हें देख
इनकी दिवानी हो सारी दुनियां के नजारे भूल रही हूं मै
-©® Shubhanjali Nishad

Love is the strongest weapon to control over someone . love can make someone's house hell and paradise. either it will convert paradise into hell or hell into paradise.
-©® Shaeera Fatima

Love is precious
So care it wisely 
If you lose once 
Then it's gone 
You will become alone
-©® Rahul B R

Love is a stable one
Like a pure water 
So please don't contaminate it 
I think you got it
-©® Rahul B R

My love has no end
So don't dare to fine
Because my love is immortal
And truly unbelievable 
-©® Rahul B R

Na do hume wasta mohabbat ke,
Ey mohabbat hi hai jisne kahi ka na chora mujhe, 
Phir bhi haaste haaste gale laga liya ish dard ko bhi,
Aur kya todega mujhe ey duniya wale. 
-©® Bipasa Halder

I never knew what is love without
you I never knew what is heaven
 without you I never knew 
what is life without you I have 
Everything if I have you.
-©® Anmol Dave.

Life starts with love of parents 
Career starts with love towards our passion
A family starts with love for each other
Sacrifices are done for the loved ones 
So never stop loving yourself
-©® Paspunoori Pavani

The magical bond with yourself 
Which has all the emotions 
And makes you the better one every single time
Is being in love with inside you 
-©® Paspunoori Pavani

Purity like a baby smile 
Bright like a sunshine 
Is like being in love with your loved ones 
-©® Paspunoori Pavani

Like a rose the fragrant of love instills sensation to spread harmony and peace throughout the world and encourages to embrace humanity.
-©® Somdatta Mitra

Like a rose the fragrant of love instills sensuousness and high spirits to spread harmony and peace throughout the world and embrace humanity as humanity is above everything.
-©® Somdatta Mitra

Love is pure, which can cure 
Love is pain,which can restrain 
Meaning which changes and sometimes which does not exist is LOVE 
-©® Paspunoori Pavani

Words fail to express my feelings 
Lifetime is not enough for me 
I want to spend the eternity with u 
Just u and me forever n ever. 
-©® Khan Midha Imtiyaz

The thought of u set my heart on fire. 
Seeing u anywhere around brings butterflies in my stomach. 
Ur spicy incense burns my insiders. 
I am a complete mess when u get out of sight even for a second. 
Stay there forever in my heart the way u do now. 
-©® Khan Midha Imtiyaz

कोई एक किससे में नहीं
 नहीं मिलती चांदनी
मैं माहोल से निकला हुं 
जहां वादों को कहां 
याद रखा जाता है 
कुछ लमहा अकेले गुजरे 
बस वहीं पयार तो देख
 रहा हुं कोई साथ खडा
 रहता है वो ही पयार
 खडा रहता है बस कुछ 
तनहा नहीं रहती वो तेरी 
याद है बस जो तेरी ही
 है जो तुमने ही पैदा की
 जो तुमसे ही शैदा हुई है
 तेरी ही मुहब्बत है
-©® वीरे सागर महासर

एकबार खिड़की से ज़रूर झाँक लेना
शायद कोई नीचे खड़ा है। 
जिस फूल को तुमने ठुकराया था ना, 
वो आज भी वही पे पड़ा है। 
इसे हटाने की जितनी भी कोशिश कर ले तू, 
तेरा नाम तो मेरे दिल पे गड़ा है। 
-©® Pratima

Not a soul can ever love me the way u do. 
It's always been u to whom i turned in all my low time. 
U were always there for me when i had no one. 
U r the reason i exists. I love u forever mom. 
-©® Khan Midha Imtiyaz

Stages of Amour
Primarily, Got kindled with a slight infatuation 
At the budding age, Eyes looks shine and pretty
At the Secondary stage, the feeling will be channelised 
Motive of the actions are meticulously known 
At tertiary stage, Well matured towards the thoughts
Planning arises with the better half towards the entire life.
-©® Manisha Baskaran

सिर्फ मोहब्बत,,ही तोह की है 
कोई जुर्म नहीं 
ऐ जिंदगी,,
 इतना दर्द न दे,,,!
-©® Aashiya Suman

होता है आसान नहीं ,,,
हमारा जीत पाना यूं,,,शायरी में,,
 मगर हम हर एक लफ्ज़ आपकी ,,
मोहब्बत में हारकर लिखते हैं!!
-©® Aashiya Suman

कितना आसान था ना,
उसका ये कहना,
हमारा रिश्ता ही कब था??
-©® Rashmi Joshi

कितना आसान था ना,
उसका ये कहना,
हमारा रिश्ता ही कब था??
-©® Rashmi Joshi

Love at first sight made us joy, sweet memory, forever in our life.
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

You are part of my life, going to be a permanent  home minister. Our love is an everlasting one and can't be separated by any means.
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

God only gave me an opportunity to meet you, I thank Him for ever. Through you only my life is meaningful.
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

I love you forever, as long as the Sun, Moon, and Stars exist. The bonding relationships last always. There is no validity or cut off time
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

I am desperately longing for your love, to make this gifted life precious and I have to preserve it in my heart locker.
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

Honey, my sweet heart, darling, you are my guide, philosopher, friend, forever. 
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

I always think of you, all the 24 hrs, 365 days in a year. This life is for you. 
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

I wish to spend time with you,  talk about our marriage, personal,professional, ambition, future vision etc. In the journey you only accompany me till last.
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

I get the next birth also, you are my lover, I pray to almighty to identify you and marry you.
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

I love you, wish to love you more in depth like the sea, ocean. Our love also has no boundaries. 
-©® K S Ramakrishnan

जो अपने बतो से बताना पाया
जो अपने हाथों से लिख ना पाया
उसे अपने अंखो ने जतादिया
यही तो है प्यार 
-©® Paspunoori Pavani

Clean your space.
Eat something healthy.
Play great music.
Light a candle.
Sleep a little.
Drink glass of water
-©® Anmol Jawaharlal Pandey

When u give and expect a return that's an investment,but when u give and expect nothing that's pure love.
-©® G. Khushboo

I don't know how.
To look at you.
You don't know how.
To look at me.
I'm not in love with you and.
Like that's okay.
-©® Anmol Jawaharlal Pandey

-©® Noor Tabassum

Don't choose to love most beautiful person in the world.choose to love the one who makes your World beautiful.
-©® G Khushboo

"LOVE is an involuntary emotion. It can never be forcibly attained with compulsion"
-©® Saachi S Newaskar

"LOVE can't ever be felt within a fraction of second. It is the feeling of ATTRACTION which can be aroused in a moment. so the ideology of 'love at first sight' needs to be given some more logical reasoning!!"
-©® Saachi S Newaskar

If your happy, it's make me excited
If your sad, it's make me depressed
If you cry, I am broken
If you win, I am proud and I will celebrate
If you lose, I will encourage you
That's because, I love you
-©® Kowsalya Devanga

I can love you without seeing you
I can love you without touching you
I can love you without hearing you
I can love you without your beauty
But still I can feel your vibe
Because you are attached to my soul.
-©® Kowsalya Devanga

The love was holding me close to its scent,
Many soothing words I could hear in this silence,
The heart was grateful for the fondness he sent,
My emotions was mending me to grow in its sentiments.
-©® Ankita Mishra

खुदा की सबसे बड़ी नियामत गर है कुछ तो ये
की उसने बनाया प्यार जिसे अंग्रेजी में लोगो ने नाम दिया लव,
लव वो एहशास है जो जताता है एक बचा जन्म लेके माँ से
चिपक के उसकी गोद मे पीते हुए स्तनों से दूध
लव वो एहशास है जो दिखता है पिता अपने बेटों बेटी से की है मुझे तुम्हारी फिक्र
लव वो एहसास है जो पति पत्नी एक दूजे को दिखाते जताते है,
कहते है इसी प्यार और लव से बना अपना रिश्ता है,
लव वो एहसास है जो दिखाते गुरु शिष्य को है
कहते हुए देना हमे तुम्हे सम्पूर्ण ज्ञान है
पा के जिसे जिओ गे जीवन मे अपने,
लव वो एहसास है जो हर किसी को होता है
इसी के लिए हर इंसान किसी भी हद तक जाने को हो जाता तयार है,
लव गर न हो दुनिया मे जिन मुश्किल हो सकता है,
लव के न होने से कोई रिश्ता टिक नही सकता है,
लव को दिया है वो आशीर्वाद भगवान ने की बिना इसके किसी का भी जीना किसी का भी मुश्किल ही नही नामुमकिन सा है।।।
-©® सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

I allowed my heart to love again,
Breaking the walls of pain.
I hesitantly bent infront,
Hoping that it helps.
-©® Ankita Mishra

Let the love guide you,
To give you a shape and a reason,
The love is everywhere,
Even in me and you.
-©® Ankita Mishra

Stitch back all the broken strings of your heart
Make sure it beats in tune of love
-©® Alka Sharma

Love is life for true lover
Love is pain for one sided lover
Love is fake for those who don't give respect to the feelings
Love is blind who ends up together.....
-©® Amarjeet Singh

लव के बिना संसार अधूरा रहता है
लव के बिना दुनिया मे कोई नही रह सकता है

लव जिसके साथ हो दिल से निभाना पड़ता है
लव जिससे करो तो उसके लिए सब भुलाना पड़ता है,

लव से बड़ी कोई जागीर नही
सब के पास होती है इतनी
देखना बस इतना पड़ता है
कौन काबिल है इस लव के ही।।।

कहता सुखी लव करो तो खुले दिल से करो
भुझे दिल से कर के कोई फायदा नही।।।।
-©® सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Thank you God 
For sending Godly woman in my life 
To care,love
And lead me ahead 
As a mother 
-©® R Muskan Bothra Jain

तुझसे मिले एक अरसा हो गया
बिना पहिये का अब मै चरखा हो गया
तूने कल कहा था मिलने को, 
लेकिन आज नर्सो हो गया। 
-©® Pratima

Her lap is what you seek when you become old,
it's something that you always wanna withhold.
yes, It does take some time to realize the love of your dear mom,
but It always increases from the time when you were born.
that's why we say it " MOTHER'S IMMORTAL LOVE".
-©® Zeenat Naaz

Remembering the time when you could do nothing to the things which went wrong ,
you could not be the happiest without him for long 
a ring bells , reminding you ,
it was your past , 
doubting the memories you collected ,
will they be forgotten at the last .
-©® Zeenat Naaz

I know others won't like you,
being alone or with some
I also know that for you ..
 what all matter is your self love .
-©® Zeenat Naaz

"Love - An endless beautiful partnership filled up with lots of affection and understanding!!"  
-©® Keerthi Priya M

"Maybe I am not your first love but I'll be your last and stand by you all the time making our love special one!!"
-©® Keerthi Priya M

"Love mainly stands upon trust so if that person breaks it's hard to love them again like before!!" 
-©® Keerthi Priya M

"Yeah I loved you so much and you broke the trust and respect so it's hard to forgive and forget you but your memories always strike hard remembering a lesson!!" 
-©® Keerthi Priya M

"It's hard to love and adore someone again whom you broke up with!!"
-©® Keerthi Priya M

Let me drink your scars for once,
And drape in across my skin,
I promise to make you my Princess,
And gift you my heartbeats,
Because darling I love you,
And I am sure to give this 'eternity'!
-©® Angarika

Wo ehsaas jo ruh ko ruh se jode,
Wo haqiqat jo dilon ko milaye,
Wo duniya jo kahin aur na mile,
Wo bhram jo andhere mein daale,
Wo todta bhi hai aur jodta bhi,
Pyaar sirf alfaaz nahi, hai zindagi bhi.
-©® Angarika

ना रंग देखे और ना किसी का रूप,
बस दिलों को मिलाए चाहे ठंड हो या धूप,
प्राणों को बाज़ी कोई लगाता यहां,
तो धड़कनों से खिलवाड़ भी करता,
बच्चे से लेकर वृद्ध में भी समाए,
प्यार है वो और रंगों का मिलाप भी।
-©® Angarika

True love is hard to find 
Harder to keep
Hardest to be cherished and felt for whole life 
-©® Suchita Kedia

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