Quotes about Miracle

Peaceful Writers International presents "Quotes about Miracle" penned by the talented writers of PWI Miraquill Club. This collection of quotes takes the reader to a world of miracles exploring the odds of the universe. Let's hop in..!!

Quotes about miracle by PWI Miraquill club a twin day challenge by Peaceful Writers International

When you again stand up after a break and decides to continue what you left is your miracle.
Ankita Mishra

1.काश होता कुछ ऐसा
मैं भी हो जाता तेरे जैसा
ना होती कोई बंदिशे, ना ही रह जाती कोई ख्वाहिश।
2. रोज मिलते थे,
पर आज की बात कुछ और ही हैं,
हुआ है आज कुछ ऐसा करिश्मा
थे हम अनजान , पर है अब एकजान।।
Akhilesh Yadav

Miracles happen one day provided one has to be open always. Anything comes in our way any time,for which eyes and ears are open.

2.One has to not wait for the opportunity and explore it, creating an opportunity itself is a miracle. Here self help is the best help and it plays a vital role.

3 Miracles can happen once in a blue moon and require a series of special and continuous efforts

4.During the process, one may come across many hurdles and trauma and the result is phenomenal.

5.Miracle does not happen instantly, it requires a series of dedicated un-tiredness efforts in all aspects to do it.

6.Last year in the peak of the carona I just started writing a small write up in prose and summary and gained confidence, participating in a daily competition in anthology. It boosted my morale and confidence and it's a miracle for me

था किसी जादू से कम नहीं
इस जिंदगी में आना उनका
और था उतना ही ताजुब भरा
उनका इससे चले जाना,,!
- Aashiya Suman

उसे आवाज देते देते मेरी आवाज थह गई
लगता है वो मेरी आवाज भी भुल गये वीरे
वीरे सागर

उसे आवाज देते रहे
वो आगाज लेते गये
चले थे मायुस हम
वो आबाद चले गये
वीरे सागर

Sometimes miracles
Play an important role
In ups and downs
Of our beautiful lives
Rahul B R

Believe the miracle inside you, That will neither leave you nor forsake you.
Ankita Mishra

The miracles are waiting for you at the door, Just need to see it.
Ankita Mishra

The Mishappening happens as it happens to be, Let's face every odds as we used to do it. And this is what we believe is a miracle. An invisible power or an effect in us that force us to cross everything that comes in our way.
Ankita Mishra

"Miracles are rare to happen but God has created a few which indeed makes our nature wonderful!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Sometimes hard work prevails success, life yet luck, and miracle wonders between the coast giving happiness!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Why are you wondering about miracles happening don't you find a few wonders in our nature and surroundings like the water flowing upwards, art and architecture craved beautifully on our Indian temples? Aren't these miracles? Speculate once!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

मिरेकल कहते चमतकारको
होते है जब भगवान साथ हो,

मिरेकल के सहारे रहते जो
सफल कभी होते नही वो
मेहनत तो करनी होती है
वरना मिलता कुछ नही है,

मिरेकल होते है तो जीवन जाता है बदल
सुनता हूं एक छोटी कहानी सुन के हो जाएगा यकीन
एक दुकानदार बैठा था दुकान पे
आ कोई राह था ग्राहक नही दुकान पे
उसने की भगवान से इलतिज़ा
आ जाये कोई ग्राहक
तभी आ गए आदमी तीन कहने लगे
क्या है आपके पास ये समान तो दे देना पांच सौ का हमे भाई।।

इसी को कहते है चमत्कार मेरी नज़र में।।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Your existence in my life is like miracle for me.
Khushnuma Parween

हां सच है ,
करिश्में होते हैं,
मैंने खुद को मौत के मुंह से ,
निकलता देखा .....
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

करिश्मों ने बदली कितनों की जिंदगी,
करिश्में हमें यहां तक ले आए,
कल तक जो चार कदम न चल सके,
आज वो मीलों का सफर तै कर आए
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

Miracles happen when you believe in efforts.
- R Muskan Bothra Jain

Believe self
Believe your potential
Believe your skills
Give it a try
To let the miracle happen
- R Muskan Bothra Jain

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