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Peaceful Writers International presents Quotes on Sunday, beautifully presented by the writers of PWI MIRAQUILL CLUB. All the quotes were fantastic and are actually very meaningful. Writing Sunday Quotes had always been a chill pill for budding writers out there who have a tough week but yeah they had great desires from the best day of the week "Sunday". Let's peek into the ink flair of the writers, this time..... Something on SUNDAY!!!
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Quotes about Sunday by Peaceful Writers International Miraquill Club

For just a small leap
Towards enjoyment,
I had sacrificed my Sunday!

- Archishman Satpathy

When we take care of our mind, heart and body
We become happy, healthy and worthy.
When we take care of our emotions
We can fulfill our life's mission.

Dr. Rosie Patangia

The Sunday morning is here,
Wake up and shine dear,
Let's be happy and rejoice,
And make everyone be cheerful and nice.

Ankita Mishra

A new hope with bright light,
This morning Sunday has beautiful sight.

Ankita Mishra

Same Like other day
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west
But a special day
Because it makes us feel alive and lively

- R Muskan Bothra Jain

A day when all the people get the time to rest and shine out of their busy schedule is called Sunday.

Sakshi Jain

"Sunday must be all about finding the real YOU, merging into the process of mindful introspection and being heedful to your inner voice!!"

Saachi S. Newaskar

A day when the little kid do all the fun and the school homework is called Sunday.

A day when suitors get the time to meet secretly for a date is called Sunday.

Sakshi Jain

Count your Blessings, not your Sundays.

Yukta Pareek

Sunday is Sunday with lots of food and with my people's

Yukta Pareek

Sunday: Of which, we all are waiting since the whole week

Yukta Pareek

Sunday is equal to Family day

Yukta Pareek

Sunday jismay hamay duniya ke sare kaam hote hai .
Sunday shookun ke pal , family ke sath dinner pura enjoy
Sunday jo har pariwar mai pyar badhata hai

Dev saxena

Sunday jo sabke dil mai pyar badhata hai
Pariwar ki khushi sabke sath hoti hai
Sunday pura enjoy rest masti hai

Dev saxena

"A Day Spentout With Sun Shine And Moonlight in joy is Sunday And this Fun Makes it Funday"

Harman Singh

Today is Sunday
The day which is little lazy
The rest day after prolonged week
It filled us with joy
We have night out
It fills us with new energy
For the coming week

Neelaksh Ojha

Accomplish your unachieved goals n rejuvenate yourself for the goals you set...

Mrs .Gagneet Kaur Saluja

च्छे दिन के बाद आता ये इतवार का दिन है,
करते है घर के सारे काम आज ऐसा दिन है,
लोग कहते है छुट्टी का होता दिन है,
हम कहते है परिवार संग समय बिताने का दिन है,
भूल के सारे गम साथ रहो इस दिन
यही कहता संडे का ये दिन है।।।

Sukhminder Singh Khalsa

संडे संडे संडे
का करते सब इंतेज़ार है
निपटने को होमवर्क बचे होते आज तयार है,
निपट गया तो कल मैडम की डांट से बच जाएंगे
ये बच्चे तो होमवर्क कर संडे मनायेगे।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

शीर्षक -(इतवार )

ट्यूशन में बच्चो के बहाने होते चार हैं
मैंने काम इसलिए नहीं किया, क्योंकि आज मेरी
मम्मी बीमार हैं।
ब्लैक बोर्ड से काम ना उतारना पड़े,
तो मुझे अक्षर दिखते हज़ार हैं।
इनके बहाने हैं कि पहाड़ हैं।
पर आज तो फुल मस्ती बेशुमार हैं,
क्योंकि आज इतवार हैं।


सारा दिन निकल जाता टीचरों का स्कूल में
कुछ सुकुन पाने को मिलता है संडे
उसमे भी आ जाता कोई सरकारी आदेश है
संडे रफुचकर हो जाता है उस आदेश में
केसी जीवन लीला है इन टीचरों की
संडे दिन भी करने को मिलता नही आराम है।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Sunday is a funday
Wait for it to come everyday.
Sleeping , Shopping, food, roaming are the basics of this funday..,
we all want, wait for this weekend never ends with hullaballo of
friends and family full on masti..,
selfie moments captured in one Sunday filled with joys of years...!!

Poetry Khakholia Mundra


Pura hapta intezar reheta hai,
Bass ish din ka,
Kaab ayega rabibaar,
Aur le payenge swash sukoon ka.

Sanibaar jaab ata hai,
Anand woh le ate hai rabibaar aane ka,
Rabibaar me reheta hai,
Daar phir se bhag dour suru hone ka.

Bipasa Halder

आज है संडे लोगो के हाथ मे होता सुबह से मोबाइल है
कोई खेलता गेम कोई चेक करता ईमेल है
व्यस्त होते है इससे पहले के च्छे दिन है
सत्व है जो संडे बिताना चाहता हर कोई सुकुन से है।।

सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

My pen denied to leave my emotions in middle,
So, she stubbornly wrote myself in a beautiful riddle,
I felt relax after a time while,
Now my pen seems happy seeing my smile.

This is my Sunday Feeling,
What yours?
Ankita Mishra

By looking left and right,
I took a glance of every corner side,
The Sunday is here,
Let’s have fun and cheers guys.
Ankita Mishra

I inhaled the love Sun-day showered on me,
Beautiful feeling embraces me,
I accepted and agreed,
Just wondering what more surprises this Sunday kept for me.
Ankita Mishra

Holiday is the first word that comes to our mind,
We cherish this day as a awesome weekend.
Some spend this day lazily,
Some use this ease day hastily.
Finally for workers it’s a pure bliss
For unemployed people it’s a dispraise

Manisha Baskaran

बडी मसरूफियत के बाद आता है दिन संडे
इस दिन हम तो करने जाते है सेवा सिमरन
गुरद्वारे में
यू तो सभी दिन करते है पूजा हम
पर सुबदय के दिन पूरा बिताते गुरुद्वारे में है
मिलता जिससे सुखुन है।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

दिन दिन कर के गुज़र जाते है
दिन छे दिन हफ्ते के
छे दिन बाद आता है
संडे दिलाने को सुकून
इसी सुकून की तलाश में काट देते सब दिन हज़ूर

सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

शीर्षक -(रविवार )

आज रविवार हैं,
सभी बच्चे मस्ती करने को तैयार हैं,
तो फिर आप क्यों खाली बैठे बेकार हैं।
यही तो समय हैं, जिसमे आपके साथ बैठा आपका पूरा परिवार हैं।
क्योंकि काम के दिन यू तो होते चार हैं, पर
जिंदगी भर साथ निभाता आपका परिवार हैं।
- लेखिका (प्रतिमा )

Sunday is a day when you sit back and go through your past six days' happy and sad moments...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

The day when you find time for your own choices and your favourite things...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

Sunday is a perfect day for your refreshment and recreation.

Sattwika Chatterjee

Sunday is the only day when you sit back and try to correct your past six days' mistakes and start a new week with perfect accuracy...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

Sunday is the day for relaxation of both your mind and body, to start a new week properly...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

Sunday is the day when you have time for your own and your family...So use it till the last of it, or else wait again for the next Sunday...
- Sattwika Chatterjee

I waiting for Sundays like a thirsty person waits for water.

- Noor Tabassum

A wonder day after the whole week of hard work for rejuvenating the energy.

- Noor Tabassum


- Noor Tabassum

Sunday is that beautiful time
Which can't be defined
It refreshes our mind and soul
With peace and cool
By removing the dull.

Rahul B R

All Sundays should be spent
With your loving parents
Not with friends or partners
Because we give time to all others
Not to our own parents

Rahul B R

Let the sunrise of Sunday
Show you a good way
With amazing happy day
Without any delay
And let the luck always stay

Rahul B R

When Life Is Sweet, Say Thank You & Celebrate And When Life Is Bitter, Say Thank You & Grow

Afreen Fatima

आसान तो था तुमसे दूर जाना
पर मुशिकिल भी तो था आना

वीरे सागर महासर

A day of rest,
A day of calm,
A day of relaxation,
A day of refreshment... Sunday.

Sindhu Srinath

Self-care Sunday

As this day steps in, start to refuel your mind, body, and soul with uplifting energy. The energy lost from the previous days spent must be refilled with colorful hues of zeal once again.

As this day steps in, reconnect yourself with serenity. The chaos that you went through is tough, even traumatizing. Lay down all the worries, let the Sunday’s comforting hands of peace embrace you.

This day is for you, spend it as you wish, for it is the day of freedom!

C.K. Caguioa

"Sunday - As soon as we hear this word the first impression we get is wow finally a day to spend with ourselves!!"

Keerthi Priya.M

"A day to remember all about myself and cherish my achievements and success !!"

Keerthi Priya.M

On this Sunday
Let's make out,
Have some fun,
Spend some time together with joy,
And make the Sunday rocking.

Suchint Sahoo

कुछ पल आराम के,
कुछ पल गुफ्तगू के,
संडे लाया वो लम्हे,
जिसकी तलाश में ,
बिताया सारा हफ्ता हमने....

Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

Everyday Sunday, I sit near my bookshelf
And read self-help books

Dr. Rosie Patangia

Kuch pal aaram ke liye,
Bhage saaton din,
Aaj jab baithe khud ke sang,
Samajh aaya,
Khud se kitne anjaan the ham,
Sunday tera shuriya,
Aaj tune wakif karaya,
Kaun hai ham....

Mrs .Gagneet Kaur Saluja

Every Sunday I sit in my garden to draw a fair and radiant rose
That grows in my garden and nods its head when the wind blows.

The cherry blossoms, the dahlia, the sunflower and the lotus look so bright in the sunlight and gives me a lot of positive vibes
They make me feel I am in Paradise.

- Dr. Rosie Patangia

S- Spectacular
U- Ultimate
N- Noteworthy
D- Dynamic
A- Aglow
Y- Yearlong

Keerthi Priya.M

The first day of week is here,
Sunday creates a fun environment and brings everyone near.

Ankita Mishra

Sunday is like start of new energy for the whole jam-packed week It is like a small halt in our lives Which helps us to re energies our lives for all the action-packed performance in the coming weeks

Neelaksh Ojha

Life is waiting for you,
Take a break to fight back,
Let this Sunday teach you,
How to be self and walk?

Ankita Mishra

Let your self build,
And learn to feel,
This Sunday will be your companion,
Stay happy and positive under its union.

Ankita Mishra

The day to count your blessings you received in the whole week...
The day to go flash back and enjoy the richness of happiness you received ...

- R Muskan Bothra Jain

Past is not letting me go think further,
Tomorrow is in hurry not letting me to speak rather,
My today's worry is enough for me,
So I think to live my Sunday fully.

Ankita Mishra

Life is a mixture of it mixtures,
Nobody could understand its nature,
So just shrugged all thoughts off,
And do enjoy the best Sunday of this year.

Ankita Mishra

The day to find time for thyself
Self care , self love , self happiness
To make you feel alive
To realise self the meaning of living .

- R Muskan Bothra Jain

Yes I'm up,
Today's sun too,
Why so rush?
My Sunday wants me to woke early.

Ankita Mishra

Refuel self with positivity
To reflect happiness....
Recreate memories
To capture happiness...

- R Muskan Bothra Jain

The day to allure the beauty around
Which we left unseen
The day to allure the calmness
Which our souls needed the most ...

- R Muskan Bothra Jain


Let the pleasant vibes just get inside those vessels,
Oh Sunday! You're finally here in my chambers,
I welcome you wholeheartedly to help me further,
As the week ahead is going to long and cumbersome,
So why not have this me time for once with you,
O Sunday! I can rejuvenate myself only with you!

- ©Angarika


Thik waise hi jaise Prakriti ko kuch samay chahiye apne liye,
Wo Ravivaar ka din bhi milna chahiye har kisi ko jeene ke liye,
Jab khushiyan ho doguni aur sab apne saath baithe wahan,
Log mile jule aur hasi mazak kare har doosri jagah,
Wo sirf Ravivaar ke saath hi ho sakta hai aur mile kahan,
Saare dino ki thakaan se mukti mil jaaye us ek Ravivaar!

- © Angarika

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