Quotes About The World

 "Cometh the hour, Cometh the man"

We had arrived at this station of the globe long before. Just taking out anything or everything without giving anything!!!!

The writers of PWI MIRAQUILL CLUB had written some quotes on the topic "WORLD". Let's read those and acknowledge our blessings on some souls who are expressing their gratitude by combining some graceful words.

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Our cosmos is our refuge, a haven for kinsfolk and a temple for believers
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

The world is too wide and vast to travel
So make your own world
Write your own story
To wanderlust
- R Muskan Bothra Jain

Ye duniya hai hi aisi ki kabhi bhi khatm ho jaye,
Jitne pal bache hain unhe to achche se jee lein,
Kyun ladna jhagadna hai rehkar kisi ek kone mein,
Kyun na lage lagkar sab gile shikwe door kar lein,
Aakhir ye duniya kab chali jaaye purani sadi pata nahi,
Kyun na bas apna samaj sab ke saath ek saath reh lein.

- ©Angarika

There are n number of people across this globe,
And they own thoughts and opinions varied,
You cannot put a full stop to someone's quotes,
And then say that the world is against me,
You also are a part of this tiny globe, my Dear!
And you also have a cent per cent rights to live happily!
- ©Angarika

Change your world
By exploring self
Change your world
By knowing self
Change your world
By enjoying the colours
And adding up a new spark in your life
- R Muskan Bothra Jain

In this beautiful world
No one will help you
So have the courage
To choose your own path
And shine like a pearl.
- Rahul B R

The world will be yours if you just care for your world.
- Ankita Mishra

Each and everything is beautiful
With cool and colourful
So feel blessed to be in this world
And look after it as much as you could.
Rahul B R

Our world has everything
Each and everything
So looking after it is our duty
Without making it dirty
Thanks to the creator
It's our mother nature.
Rahul B R

Think before deciding,
Listen before judging,
Be different from the world,
You have to be quiet and calm.
Ankita Mishra

The world has both good and bad
Know it before you shrink
Choosing the path is in your hand
If you choose well you will never bend
If you choose bad you will face the end.
Rahul B R

I want my life to take me into its arms; Embrace me and keep me safe in that world.
Ankita Mishra

What on the earth is it grown oneself and call it jealously?
- Maheshwar Esakhi E

The world is one large family, God had created if we all human beings dwell together in peace, unity, communion, harmony & happiness it would be heaven on earth. 
- Jawahar Lalla

It is vast
Yet small at the small-time...
It is beautiful,
It is fascinating,
It is enchanting,
Let's explore this world, Mother Earth!
Sindhu Srinath

"The world is as beautiful as nature but the odds and awful are present just like the dried leaves 🍂!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Don't u think our world is a beautiful place with its glorious beauty of mountains, hills, valleys, waterfalls, and nature!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Education and Knowledge are the 2 most important aspects in making the world 🌎 a better place!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Your small stride towards change can rectify the whole world 🌎!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"World is absolutely unknown to your inner battles and achievements,
So don't even get affected by the constant judgmental evaluations ensuing from its superficial outlook.."
Saachi S. Newaskar

Meri Duniya
Duniya to asal me bohat bare hai,
Hai lankhon cheeze usme,
Me nehi janti hoon ish bare duniya ko,
Khush hoon apne choti si asyian me.

Maa papa se milta hai
Jannat jaise pyar,
Mere meheboob dila ti hai
Zindagi ke ahesas.

Ehi log to duniya hai,
Hai jeene ke wajah,
Zindagi bhi ehi log hai,
Duniya bhi ehi hai mera.
Bipasa Halder

The world where you came from, the world that made you, the world that built you, the world that inherit you!
Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

शीर्षक (दुनिया )
दुनिया में जीने को सभी को ख़ुशी चाहिए होती हैं।
गम से तो सब का दूर -दूर का नाता हैं,
पर वह ये भूल जाता हैं, कि
जो भी दुनिया में आता हैं,
अगर ख़ुशी हैं तो थोड़े गम भी पाता हैं,
यही तो जीवन का महत्त्व सिखाता हैं।
- प्रतिमा

Title - It's you my love
You are my world
You are my life, my soul
I crave to be with you
and you only,
today and tomorrow...
Be mine always.
Never ever think
of leaving me..,
for life
wouldn't be same...,
without you,
my love...
Your smile I cherish
for you are my world,
bright and beautiful, and
my life revolves around
you and you only....!!
- Poetry Khakholia Mundra

शीर्षक -(दुनिया )
दुनिया में वैसे तो जीना मुश्किल हैं,
पर ढूंढो तो किसको नहीं मिलता हल हैं।
अगर आस हैं और मेहनत उसमे शामिल हैं
तो आगे बढ़ो तुम्हे सब हासिल हैं।
- प्रतिमा

शीर्षक -(दुनिया )
दुनिया रंगीन होती हैं
थोड़ी मीठी तो थोड़ी नमकीन होती हैं।
इसमें हर मुसाफिर आता -जाता हैं,
और लोगो को कुछ नया सिखला जाता हैं।
- प्रतिमा

When world will be cold to you,
Be a house of warmth to yourself.
Ankita Mishra

Let make this world heaven full of joy and peace so that God is also happy with our eyes and efforts
Neelaksh Ojha

I will build my world on my own,
And will let the things go to move on.
Ankita Mishra

The world is full of surprises,
Have patience and wait.
Ankita Mishra

Sing the symphony of life. Let melancholy outweigh mirth. Be positive. The whole world will celebrate you.
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

Everyone has their own fantasy world;
They are beautiful
Full of love and affection
And things we want to do
They are like our dream house
In which we are the stars
Neelaksh Ojha

After you, your word will be in this world.
Ankita Mishra

Face the world.
Ankita Mishra

My world can't come here,
So I'm going there.
Ankita Mishra

This world is nothing in front of my world.
Ankita Mishra

You are a small part of my small family in this world.
Ankita Mishra

My legs are giving up,
But my soul is not,
I look at the world in front of me,
And thought,
Will anyone be there for me?
Ankita Mishra

The world welcomed me,
And gave me my passion,
How can I not return it?
So, protecting it is my mission.
Ankita Mishra

Make your own world, but don't destroy others' while creating a world for yourself!
Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

There are certain things in the world we don't know but exist, buried under the depth inside that needs to be look and unfold.
Ankita Mishra

The Earth is a small piece of the milky way, that is also a small piece of the universe, so don't ever assume that you know everything of this never-ending universe!
Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

Wipe your tears,
Never let the negative come nears,
Be positive and kind,
And you will see your world to be shine.
Ankita Mishra

I accepted everything life throw on me,
I just walk forgetting my worries,
And at last,
The world gives a smile to me.
Ankita Mishra

You complete the world, just as it completes you!
So don't take yourself for granted, nor the world!
Aanushnaa Bandyopadhyay

The world is looking at you,
Have courage and go;
Firm your steps,
To mark with depths.
Ankita Mishra

I walk ahead on the path I was shown,
The world was unknown to me,
Stumbled and wounded,
I continued my journey.
Ankita Mishra

Protect your world as you have life and have to live in it.
Ankita Mishra

My world is here beside me,
My happiness doesn't have any boundaries,
I cry when I first took her in my arms,
My little boy can melt anyone with its charm.
Ankita Mishra

Ye duniya hai satrangi,
Ye duniya hai atrangi,
Rang birange logon se saji,
Duniya ye malangi ....
Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

वर्ल्ड बोले तो होता है विश्व सारा
वर्ल्ड में घूम के देख लो नही
मिलेगा जैसा देश है हमारा,

देश हमारे में है विविधताएं
कई धर्मो का संस्कारो का समावेश है देश हमारा
बोली जाती विभिन भाषाएं जहा
ऐसा देश है हमारा

वर्ल्ड के मान चित्र पे देख लेना
अलग दिखेगा देश हुमारा।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

खुदगर्ज बरा ही है ये जमाना और ज
बेमतलब करता प्यार नहीं
दिल में कुछ और जहऩ में कुछ
करना इनपर एतबार नहीं
खुदगर्ज यहां हर शख्स है बेहद
इस हकीकत से इनकार नहीं
और जो इस जमाने से मदद की रखले चाहत
हम इस हद को भी लाचार नहीं,,!
- Ashiya Suman

The World will be yours,
If you will be yours.
Ankita Mishra

The world is a big drama stage. We are all drama artist. Once our role play is over, without informing others, just leave.

The World is too much with us.
We the people are destroying it.
We the people are destroying the emotions.
We the people are becoming enemies of our own people.
We the people are killing harmony.
Aren't we the people same??
Sakshi Jain

Meri dunia hai tu shayad tujhe ye malum nhi ,

Basti hai meri ruh tujhme

shayad tujhe eshaas nahi ,

Kami teri har pal satati h,
judai teri pal pal rulati hain

Mohabbat tujhse be-intehaa hai shayad tujhe maloom nhi hain 
- Roshan

At present world is closed for repair and maintenance. This pandemic invited by six sense human beings For the past many decades' humans started behaving selfish way. Human lost focus and only pay attention to money and ignore helping nature

In this world people are different nature. Our outside is not to satisfy others and in practice not possible. It us better focus on our things and create an impression before we leave

The world is our small-time vacation spot. We are all pilgrimagers. We can't bring anything and we all have to leave abruptly without intimating others.

In this world full of completion. If you are not slightly ahead of others, others overtake you.

Now the entire world is in our hands. We can track and trace anything. Technology make us things are closer and dearer to all

In this world, nature is a big asset for all of us. We have to preserve it and always be thankful for air water fire land sky. They offer in this world at free of cost

In my life time, I wish to travel around the world to see the other continents people life style their cultural heritage etc

God has created a wonderful world. He takes care of each and everything. He never let anyone. All our actions based on Karma only

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