Quotes About Worship

Peaceful Writers International presents a collection of quotes. Today's theme is "Quotes About Worship". Worship is a human's connection of human with the Divine God, The Ultimate Power of the Universe. The writers of PWI Miraquill Club penned quotes about worship. Let's read and explore the writers' hearts.

Sukoon kisei kehte hain tab maaloom hua, jab main sajdon se waaqif hua!!
Khushnuma Parween

Ibaadat jo dil se ki jaaye toh deen aur duniya dono hi sanwar jaati hai!!
Khushnuma Parween

I believe that
I have to play a
part in bringing
forth the innate
potential lying
within me.
What I have learnt
in my life as a
sister, student,
educator and
above all, a seeker,
I am doing my BEST
to give to others.
And what other way
can I express it than
the work I do!
Work became worship
and gave me a sense
of fulfillment.
Afreen Fatima

"A Workship of Work Done Honestly Is More Efficient Than The Spiritual Workship"
Harman Singh

हर रोज़ उठ के सुबह का पहला काम है पूजा
दोनो हाथ जोड़ के उस ऊपरवाले की याद है पूजा,

जिसने भी अपना नित्य कर्म इसे बना लिया
उसके नज़दीक न आये कोई दुख किसी किस्म का,

पूजा से मिले ज्ञान
ज्ञान से मिले विद्या
विद्या से मिले संस्कार
संस्कार से मिले किरदार
किरदार से मिले इंसान
इंसान हर रोज़ उस ऊपरवाले का शुक्र करने को करे पूजा,

ले के थाल हाथों में नित्य करे आरती
कोई मांगे चीज़े कोई मांगे हाथी घोड़ा
कोई मांगे घर बहार कोई मांगे केवल उसकी पूजा मील जो करू नित रोज़
करने से पूजा दिल को सुकून मिले
न दुख न तकलीफ लगें
बस है ये कर्म एक पूजा का ही जो इंसान को हर एक चीज़ वो मिले जो चाहे वो अपने लिए।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

पूजा पूजा पूजा मेरे पास और काम नही दूजा
पूजा बिना में रह न पाऊ
पूजा बिन में सुकून न पाऊ
पूजा बिना में जी ने सकू
पूजा बिना मैं किसी से न मिलू
रखना इतना ही कर्म ए परवरदिगार
मुझ पर सदा हाथ जोड़ में पूजा में सदा तेरे आगे खड़ा हो नतमस्तक होता राहू।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Carry the aura of worship inside you.
Ankita Mishra

पूजा करते करते तुझे पाया
पूजा करते करते तुझे मिल पाया
पूजा करते करते तेरा दीदार हुआ
पूजा करते करते मेने वो सब पाया
जो इच्छा कर के में तेरे दर पे आया।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Thanks for everything you've done to me,
And still doing,
For being here I adore and worship you.
Ankita Mishra

The worship in prayer push a believer inside us a little ahead to walk on path of righteous.
Ankita Mishra

My worship is helping me to worship you the more.
Ankita Mishra

Worship the lord who is your God, He is watching over you and protecting you.
Ankita Mishra

I worship him submitting myself under him.
Ankita Mishra

पूजा न जाने जात पात
पूजा न जाने अमीर गरीब
पूजा न जाने धनी
पूजा न जाने बात कैसे बानी

पूजा तो जाने बस इतना
की तेरी भक्ति हो केसी
पूजा कर कैसे तेरे नासिक आया जाय
पूजा तो जाने कैसे तेरा दर्शन पाया जाए
पूजा तो जाने कैसे भव सागर से तार के निकला जाए

पूजा करते रहना अपना धर्म बनाया
पूजा करते रहूंगा जब तक सुकून दिल मे रहेगा तब तक
पूजा को दिल मे बसाया पूजा को सदा के लिए अपनाया।।।
सुखमिंदर सिंह खालसा

Worship gives you positiveness and assurance that you're safe and comfort.
Ankita Mishra

Worship comes after respect.
Ankita Mishra

We worship you Lord,
Gives your strength and your words,
May your blessing be remain in us always,
Only this we pray.
Ankita Mishra

The faith take its root from Worship only.
Ankita Mishra

I looked at the changing weather suddenly,
Its arrival of rainy,
I smile drenching under it,
While worshipping it wonderly.
Ankita Mishra

Worship takes you close to the almighty.
Ankita Mishra

Worshipness in you helps you find the answer of your question.
Ankita Mishra

Being in worship helps to relax the mind and deal with every kind.
Ankita Mishra

I worship the lord who is before me,
Keeping me safe and sound,
Though I can't see him around,
But he is here, smiling at me.
Ankita Mishra

My worship is not only for creator, but also for its creation.
Ankita Mishra

Worshipping him means you're thankful to him.
Ankita Mishra

When life is filled with darkness,
When everything looks gloomy and hopeless,
When the vision becomes vague and shoulders bog down with burden unknown,
Close your eyes and get close to the Almighty and ask Him for the path to shine,
I assure you, you will get tranquility of heart and vision will be clear and fine,
And slowly all the sufferings will vanish and so will your pain.

Let's join the hands to worship God,
Let's join the hands to worship Nature.
Let's join the hands to worship Humanity,
Let's join the hands to worship Unity.
Sakshi Jain

First of all one had to worship our work. Work only provides psychological needs.

We have to worship the Almighty for giving us an opportunity to live in this world peacefully.

We all to worship nature for providing land water, sky, fire, air at free of cost. Imagine if it charge something from us all our income goes to use the above.

Puja matlab ey nehi,
Sirf bhakti dikhao patthar ke murti ka,
Har ek jib mein Bhagban reheta hai,
Sanman karo har ek jib ka.

Jeene do har jiban ko,
Apne azadi se,
Bhagban hoga Khush,
Tumhare ey manusatya se.

Puja ke naam pe maat karo,
Jati, dharm ka bhed bhao,
Hum sab insaan hai,
Apne insaniyat Jagao.

God, Allah aur Bhagban,
Teeno ka hai ek hi maan,
Insaan hai inhi ka dan,
Sab milke kare inke pujan.
Bipasa Halder

उपरवाला मौज में आये तो...
सरताज बना देता है,
और जरा सी नजर फेर ले तो...मोहताज
बना देता है।
Sarah rida

A true worship nothing but not praying God, render best possible help to the needy one without any expectation serve them

Worship is way to connect soul to spiritual life.
- Ankita Mishra

Worship leads you and carry you to a world of spiritual.
Ankita Mishra

My worship for you is never going to fade away.
Ankita Mishra

I folded my hands before you,
My worship is only meant for you.
Ankita Mishra

The worship is leading you,
Soon you'll reach where you dream to be.
Ankita Mishra

My work is not my weakness, its worshipfulness.
Ankita Mishra

Work is worship. Do your task with utmost sincerity and you will be rewarded
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

Worship you, worship the supra-human being in you, believe your potential and march towards your destination; Blooming blossoms will welcome you with fragrance.
Dr Janatha Ramanathan

I worship my parents before starting my journey,
Their blessings is what I need the most in my life,
It's because of them that I'm healthy and alive,
And their feet is the ultimate option for me to reside,
Whenever I need them they've always been there,
And I know I'll always have their back without fear.
- ©Angarika

Meri Prarthana hai Bhagwan se ki sab khush rahe yahan,
Sabko khushi mile aur dard mit jaaye sabke rehte dauran,
Ek raasta wo bhi ho jahan har koi ek doosre ke liye rahe,
Meri prarthana hai ki ek gareeb kabhi khamosh na rahe,
Wo duniya hogi kitni khoobsurat jab sab honge ek saath,
Chahe raat ho ya subah sab samjhe sab ki baat.
- © Angarika

"Worship is not all about prayer to God it's a strong bond of belief you have on God that he stands by you at all times!!"
Keerthi Priya.M

"Worship is not confined to God, it can be applied to worship of our passions, and the work we do!!"
Keerthi Priya.M.

"Worship is an ecstatic feeling of refreshing our minds and a way of keeping our thoughts fresh and elegant!!"
Keerthi Priya.M.

We worship God to please him, to get their divine blessings as a gift..
Sattwika Chatterjee

शीर्षक -पूजा
पूजा सिर्फ एक शब्द नहीं, एक अहसास है।
जो हर किसी के दिल में होता खास है,
जो भी पूजा करता हैं, उसके दिल में होती ज़रूर एक आस हैं।
- प्रतिमा

शीर्षक -पूजा
पूजा के हैं रूप अनेक
मानो तो भगवान हैं एक,
ना मानो तो सब हैं फेक।
फिर क्यों जो भी हमें मिलता हैं उसके बाद भी बढ़ती जाती हमारी आस हैं,
क्यों हम ख़ुश नहीं होते उसमे जो हमारे पास है।
- प्रतिमा

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