#Social Media Life - by Sattwika Chatterjee

The title of #Social Media Life - by Sattwika Chatterjee with social media illustrations and logo of Peaceful Writers International


Not just an entertainment or some recreation,
Not just we watch it rarely for some moment or occasion,
Not just it is limited to the hands of elders,
Not just it is needed for communicating with people living so far.

It has become an indispensable and prominent part of our lives,
Without whom we, all can barely survive,
To each one, it is really private and personal,
Where they express their information which is very confidential.

It is the communal interaction among people in which they create,
Exchange and share information and ideas in the form of love and hate.
It is a prevalent medium in today's scenario for ---
Its ability to transfer information and connect all people using the internet connection.
The spectacular and astonishing developments in communications,
Its innovative and astounding kinds of entertainment and functions,
Have given access to information and facts,
And an ability to give a voice to people who would never have been heard, till they have been given an opportunity to react.

Over the past few years, it has developed tremendously,
And has captured millions of users worldwide very instantly and rapidly.

The entire busy world is now folded deep inside it,
It is as essential and crucial as the oxygen we breathe in to live,
Nowadays people are so dependent on it that they even forget,
Their daily work, even to sleep and eat,
We are just walking blind behind it unknowingly to different unknown places,
As we are unaware and ignorant of the change in the different phases.

Not only the elders but all the people of various ages around the world,
Are very much addicted to it, no matter what,
We all are drowned in it without any specific reason,
As it has become our best friend for all different seasons.

It has become a source of  our  livelihood,
And has become a daily routine for us to go through,
Though it is a simple and uncomplicated tool to handle,
But has innumerous and wonderful advantages and benefits,
Which brings the whole infinite world to our fingertips.

It can be actually claimed as a helper and companion for the newly learning students,
As it helps them venture through the educational system of prospects.
Furthermore, as more and more people are distancing themselves from newspapers,
They are fully dependent on it for the latest and upcoming information and particulars,
By getting updated on the latest happenings of the world through it,
A person becomes more socially aware of the issues happening,
Distance is not a barrier ever since it is present there,
For instance, we are able to communicate with our friends and relatives living overseas, here and there.
It also provides a free platform to all unseen talents that have been growing inside us for a long time,
And can make us renown and famous as well without taking from us a dime,
The  sites are erasing differences in ages and class,
And spreading togetherness between people very rapidly and fast.

Though we are all into it, finding ourselves enthusiasm and stupefaction,
There are certain stumbling blocks that make it in society, one of the most dangerous ones.
For most of the students, it may sometimes cause  diversion and distraction,
From studies and education,
Sometimes, in a rush, it seems to be the first to put incorrect or inaccurate information,
Including a risk of false reporting and a loss of seclusion,
Which results in the lack of emotional and psychic connection.

It diminishes and decreases the process of understanding and thoughtfulness inside us,
Decreases the face to face communicating and interactive skills between us,
Leading to increased risk for depression,
anxiety, loneliness, and self-harm,
And sometimes even may destroy and demolish your professional farm.
It affects the socializing skills of children,
As they find it more comfortable to talk behind the phone rather than facing the person.

As a result, a human is not able to live without a phone,
Neither internet nor social media of his own.
The current  and modern generation is very​ much fortunate enough to witness,
Some of the most amazing technological developments,
Though we should be careful and wise enough to use them,
As using productively, it can be a tool of immense help and to earn name,
But over usage can become a silent enemy to destruct your long built fame,
Even though the effects of social media are questionable and debatable,
But one thing that everyone would agree with is that social media is certainly amusing and enjoyable.

As we know a coin has two sides to show,
So same as it, social media has advantages and disadvantages to follow,
So let us balance our beautiful life with both social media and our favorite chosen ologies,
And let not our state of living be handled by the modern technologies...


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