ANURADHA means Goddess of good luck, fortune & prosperity according to the world & Google. 


ANURADHA means Goddess of crime, demotivation & full of bad vibes according to herself. 

ANURADHA feels proud of herself for being Anuradha as it's not just a name/word but a flowing wind that passes from every phase of life experiencing & observing the functioning of this world by the combination of science & power of divine. 

Her name is the only thing she loves about herself & feels worth deserving it, because her name is her personality which defines her hidden potential, emotional heart & mental brain which is the reason of her craziness to do everything atleast once in her life before she stops breathing. 

She call herself Ms. Fool because it's the name of the word that world gives to the person like her but according to her the meaning of Ms. fool is An emotional genius by various reasons. (Elaborated in one of the article.) 

" Being ANURADHA is not a cup of tea for any individual in this universe, only she can be ANURADHA because she's born to be ANURADHA ! " 


She badly & madly wants to marry the king of death.

She wants to taste every vegetarian dish of this world.

She wants to visit every corner of the entire world.

She wants to see every beauty of nature.

She wants to touch every soul of this world.

She wants to read every word of every book of every liabrary.

She wants to feel every treasure of Love & Life !

No one can tolerate her nor no one can understand her. She's the combination of Animal's heart + Humans Mind & sometimes vice-versa as per the situation demands.

She often feel awkward when happiness greet her with surprises because mostly it's something that will destroy hers or others happiness. 

She often feel offended when success want to bring smile on her face because mostly she had to pay it back with lots of tears again.

She often feel uncomfortable when humans give attention to her because she has the habit of being always ignored.

She's the one who defeats rain by her tears, she's the one who defeats time by her memories, she's the one who defeats night by her dark desires, she's the one who defeats evil by her counter attack with more bad vibes than itself.   

So she often hurt herself so that anyone else could not get the chance to do anything with her which she don't wants. She don't want anyone else to do what Anuradha can do to herself. Only she can make her happy & only she's allowed to make her happy. No third person is entertained in her life except she & her life with lots of fantasies for herself & her future dreams.

"She's been beated, broken, betrayed, ignored, excluded by this so called Society but still she shines every night with those scars to recover with the stars & sparkle more brighter than moon even if she's brainless creation of the brilliant mind known as the former & ruler of the universe..."


Kisne socha hoga ki wo maasoom si bachhi, 

ek din khatarnak sherni ban jayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo cheekh cheekh kr rone wali ladki, ek din kaali raat ko apna saathi banayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo andhere se darne wali roshni, ek din akelepan ko apnayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo sabkuch sach kehne wali ladki, ek din apne dil mein hi gehre raaz chupayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo hoshiyar ladki, ek din apne guno ko mann mein hi dafnayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo padhayi se door bhagne wali kalam, ek din kitabon mein hi simat kr reh jayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo baat baat pr rone wali ladki, ek din sadma lagne pr bhi muskurayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo gaaliya sunne wali ghadi, ek din duniya ko tareef karna sikhayegi...

Kisne socha hoga ki wo bekaar kahi jane a

wali pari, ek din chamakta chand kehlayegi

and most importantly, she wants to introduce herself & expects others to do the same with the word- THE ANURADHA, An Indian also called as Ms.Fool which means An emotional genius.

She don't want to use her surname as a suffix after her name not because she's ashamed of it but because she wants to create her own identity by only her name & work which makes her stand out of the crowd, in front of the crowd to also respect everyone in the crowd. 

My surname will give a hint of her caste, religion, native place & my ancestors deeds good or bad, which will come as a distraction as social judgement in my way to progress in the aim to live life like a legend for being the only rarest fool with unique mindset & craziness to discover herself & find the reason to be born & known as a human.

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