An adventurous trip: Leh Ladakh - By Ankita Mishra

The cool breeze was blowing hard, fanning against my ears, I slow down my bike speed a bit to have a look at the rising sun. It looked alluring and fascinating. Turning off the key, I took off my helmet and strolled towards the Shanti Stupa. The Stupa was placed amidst the stunning place of nature. Admiring the scenic view of Leh, the rising sun between the hilly areas adds charm and makes me feel lively and alive. Letting go the backpack off the shoulder, I opened my arms under the dark blue sky and stretched, a relaxing moan escaped from me feeling refreshed. Slight back pain was there due to travel these long. But it's worthful, as I came to know so many enamor things of this world. It was a new feeling, mixed with this nature of arts. So, to explore it the whole heartily I planned this trip and traveled by bike. Feeling the pull of nature and adventure I excitedly started my bike to reach my destination soon. Its Leh-Ladakh.

I accelerated my speed causing the Royal Enfield to let a roar. It's still cold in the air, but my jacket is covering me. A constant smile was plastered on my face, seeing the beauty everywhere. Between this not so silent solitude it felt like I found myself. It feels heaven and a kind of feeling rushed into me to live my life again even if it had been snatched from me once. A positive aura I feel around me letting those tears wiped off through a force of invisibility. I felt to be good around them, it feels to me like wanted. These travels help me in many things. This Leh Ladakh trip is full of high-depth landscape, rugged mountains, snow-clad hills, soaking peaks, and dangerous routes. But its serene view has its charisma. The picturesque location of the river meeting the soothing blue sky at the end and walking over froze ice and enjoying a life of living in the valley, are the exhilarating thing if we consider. There are many more in those scenic vistas, like attending monarchy festival, doing prayer and exploring the history of the places, enjoying enthralling experiences in adventures activities include trekking, river rafting, camping, camel safari, and photography, etc.


This new solitary world is holding me in its arms,

Doing magic through their charm,

The world suddenly looks beautiful to me,

The scenic view has still had many sights to see,

The calm in surroundings is there,

Following me everywhere,

The atmosphere air is pure,

The environment holds a feeling of cure,

I don't hear anything,

Still listen to many things,

They do not talk to me,

But they allow me to speak as being used to be,

They're making things easy forcing me to feel,

I feel enchanted under and heal,

Traveling has gifted to give me my happiness,

I learned how to be myself with this friendliness.


Traveling is an experience that gives and fills us with positive warmth. It brought close to many passer-byes, shows many arts and culture of different people, lifestyle, language and has been a pleasurable experience. Taking about history, Royal Leh Palace, a gem in the heart of Ladakh, was built by the famous King Sengge Namgyal. Its monumental architecture, gigantic walls, and beautiful views are the natural beauty of Leh's whole town.

It teaches us many things and helps us to gain knowledge about the historical characters. Traveling has been our part of life, in many ways it helps our broad mind to think widely and connect us to others. The fascinating history and cultural richness come into the screen through traveling. A solace we found in covering a journey, that peace soothes our heart to relief from every pain.


Sometimes when we wanted to be ourselves and need space from everyone, we travel to place in search of something we can't spell but the soul inside us leads us a way of the path, it decides where our feet should be stopped, where should I let those tears flow, where should I can learn to fight. Being in silence and accepting the gift of the realness of the world sometimes helps a lot.

It too helps the writers like us, when it took us to the capturing sight and under the ambience of love to write or complete a story or poem. It gives the mind its time and made it work more reliably. It motivates us and inspires us to go ahead in life, crossing every boundary, border, and sea. We can name it as a therapy to help us to overcome our depression, anxieties, and prepare us mentally and physically. Psychologically it's very useful. As it gives a knowledge of lives more closely, we can experience it came as a new and reflect realness of life. 

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