BIZZARE NIGHT by Anuradha Gupta

It was time of midnight when the girl instead of sleeping she was weeping in the memory of her loved ones she lost & miss them always. She used to wonder fanticies for her crush to whom she never confessed her love for his happiness & he moved on with his life so their virtual communication stopped as well long back. As she was so much obsessed to have her babies, because they will be the only humans on whom she will have right to call them "MINE". She was living with her adopted twins kids one girl & one boy at Mumbai near Juhu beach. She used to grow her kids like real mother & a true mentor. Her aim was to always make her kids like her in the type of perception & grab all the opportunities which she missed at her childhood. The kids too loved their mom very much & they were a sweet small family though they always regretted to call someone their dad & the girl regretted to call someone her husband but she never married anyone else as her ultimate love was only one even if he was unaware of that fact & now it was too late to make things proper. 

She decided her life to pass with tears & lot of pain inside her heart with a true smile on her face to atleast have kids which she ever dreamt for the most important happiness according to her. The kids turned into teens & from teens to tycoons, known as one of the smartest business owners, cleverest humans & kindest personalities along with being the richest family in the universe who not only own property on earth but on moon too. No matter her kids were having the more than same mindset as their mother but they were the brilliant gems of the foolish flower who call herself an animal & not human. 

While she was thanking everything which made all things in reality as she wanted except her marriage, she was dreaming about her husband with open watery eyes & hands under her kids head making them sleep comfortably in her arms, the doorbell rang twice & she was confused whether to open the door or not at this time as it's not safe for her kids of some criminal would be there out to harm them but as usual her minds good & evil were arguing with each other & she listened to the good one because chances might be there that someone might be in need so she must atleast check once...

she wiped her eyes, took the scarf & locked the door of her bedroom where her childrens were relaxing and the person started knocking the door along with doorbell as he thought that whether they are able to hear the sound or not if sleeping tightly. The children's woke up & started giving voice to their mother, "Mom! Mom what happened...!? Why you locked us & who's there out at late night..."

She said them not to worry I'm safe so you people wait I'm checking who's there out but before she could open the door she asked "Hello, Who's this... How can I help you ?" but no answer was given back to her by that stranger except knocking again & again after every 2 minutes. Finally she slowly opened the door & saw someone by which she became blank & speechless. They both starred each other & she started crying by turning back & hiding her face with hands. She never expected this stranger to see again which was non other than the same person whom she loves wholeheartedly. He stepped forward towards her & hugged so tightly in his arms kissing on her forehead wispering in her ears "shall we move inside ...?" She laughed little & answered- "yes offcourse, welcome to your kingdom my king..." and her childrens asked again "Mom who is he ? please open the door you are in danger so we can help you. Don't worry just open the door" 

She opened the door & introduced that person to her kids saying he is their relative instead of speaking truth even when her kids know their past story when they both were together with the tag "just friends". 

By the time the man & her childrens were having talk inthe bedroom she prepared little dinner for him thinking about why destiny brought him again in her life...

but she was happy to see all three of them together atleast once as she knew he will be returning again to his place & has came to meet her after years as a friend only, but now she was having habit of living without him as she buried all the desires & dreams years ago when she lost all her hopes & adopted those childrens from orphanage. She served him his favourite dishes & after sometime it was to go to bed. She apologized her childrens for not sleeping that night with them as she has to be with than man & they both went in another room where the man talked alot with her about years of things happened in each other's absence with them. Slowly when he was tired because of his long journey, he asked to sleep together as they promised earlier while chatting on whatsapp to have romance whenever they'll meet. She agreed with him but said "the situation is different now..." he replied "I don't think it matters anyway & who knows whether we will meet again or not so let's fulfill our desires how much ever can be completed this night..." as always she couldn't say him a "no, so said yes" (with blushing & shy smile) 

He holded his hands & kissed on the palms & then cheeks, she hugged him tightly & they took blankets upon them to slowly move to the next step of their mysterious night romance. Cuddling so hard & the kisses reached to the lips & from lips to tounge & from tounge to the soul. His cunning eyes & hands when moves around the neck touching to the chest & pulling more closer as much as possible. Her heartbeat & blood stopped pumping & flowing, her breathe was not normal anymore & her fingers dared to unbutton his shirt & pant too. He as well removed her dress entirely & commanded her body from top to bottom, as the night became more darker they too became non-celibate birds who were ready to take off to the sky for their love to grow more beautifully by the soul's blessings residing in heaven. 

Their sensational romance gave unforgettable memories to remember with peace in future though it was impossible to heal the scars of their past which gave pain of being separated without any genuine reason.  

Before the sunrise next day when all were in deep sleep as it was just 3:45am, the man without informing anyone left the house with the letter in her hand in which only words were - "I'll return again in future, take care my love" 

she saw that note when her childrens wokeup at 4:00am sharp as per their routine & went to their mom to because the doors were opened of that room. She smiled looking at their childrens face & said "don't worry I'm fine because you both will never leave me & go anywhere I promise, I have complete rights on you so you both are my permanent soulmates" and the life continued like before again with the thought in their minds, He came like a stranger but went like a unknown who gave precious part destiny in her favour for atleast one night.

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