Career as an actor - by Semina Himani


Acting a career involved more than just performing in movies.

Working actors performed in various shows like television shows, commercials, theme parks and serials and movies.
In acting travelling is often required and the competition extremely higher.
In acting actors spend hours and hours in audition and rehearsal.
In acting, rejection is constant as new people come into this industry.
Career requirements for acting are
Degree level not required but bachelor degree helpful in the craft.
There is no such formal education in acting but same time a bachelor degree in drama, performing and acting.
There are many institutions and universities
Top universities in the world are
Yale school of drama, Landon academy of music, dramatic art
Indian universities FTII Pune and school of drama Delhi
This University provides us with the education for acting.
You can also make Crouse and build the Career in acting
Courses are
Certificate course
Diploma Course in Performance art
There are roles and responsibilities and skills required for acting
Roles and responsibilities
You need to learn the lines
And you need to research and development
And prepare for the role and part
Skills you need are
Public speaking
Creative and motivation
Apart from this there some steps to become an actor are as follows
1 Take classes
There as such no training required to become an actor but most actor actively participate in college programs like drama, acting etc. even most professionals participate in college drama courses.
2 Gain professional experience
the actor has gained experience in whatever way they get to improve skills and gain recognition. So they can take part in college production this is an excellent way.

3 Acquisitions for additional skills
as there are endless roles are available in acting so additional skills like dance, singing, learning a foreign accent.

4 Finding or hiring agent
it is not mandatory, to have an agent but it will be better if you have it

5 Advance in the field
you need to update with changes in time and changes in environment demand. Social media and websites and advertising will be greatly beneficial for the acting field.

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