YES ! SHE IS ME... I'm Ms. Fool in this entire universe... Why ? Ok I'll explain nicely...

From the day one I've been noticing this that the world is very strange. Works by its own method & gives the name of law of nature. As every living being is different & Unique from each other, I'm too. I'm one of the rarest girl who hardly agrees with the words of this world no matter people failed to put their rules in my mind at my childhood stage. 


According to me I was smart enough to differentiate between right & wrong before anyone could teach me all this, obviously now as usual people will look at me as a fool talking this. 

Let me take an real example here- 

As I'm an animal lover & I don't mind in saying this that I love animals more than humans, BUT THIS IS NOT THE REASON I'M VEGETARIAN, BUT IT IS THE REASON I'M PROUD & LOVE TO BE VEGETARIAN. 

According to the world animals can be eaten to survive, But ! According to me, I have food & vegetation enough for me & for the world to survive, so killing a life for self satisfaction or survival is first of all not in human rules & does not allow according to the respect of any dharmas too. One side people create awareness to save animals with banners on their hand or through posts on social media & on the other hand inspite of having sufficient nutrition & protein giving other eatables they themselves satisfy their hunger by eggs, fishes, flesh, meat etc. Are they not animals or have rights to live like us ? 

Again people will look at me as a fool talking foolishness. 


What's wrong if I delete my posts on social media just because I felt like people are judging me by my writeups their. 

What's wrong if I get irritated by someone's wrong or unpleasant behaviour.

What's wrong if I punish myself for the mistakes I did knowingly or unknowingly.

What's wrong if I choose lonliness instead of fake gatherings of fake people hating her from back.

What's wrong if my just focus on my goals mor

"Before anyone else could do that, do it if it was your idea first !"


I don't know why these humans teach their kids to close the tap when the water is falling instead of teaching to close the tap before the water falls !?

I don't know why these humans teach their kids that it's garbage vehicle instead of teaching that it's a cleanliness vehicle because the vehicle is doing the work of cleaning wherein we were the one who threw it in the public space openly !

I don't know why these humans inspite of being in 21st century behave like uneducated ones...

But I'll clearly say this- I don't mind what people think or look at me like, because If according to the so called society if a person with this mentality is termed as fool then I'm happy to be a fool instead of introducing myself as smart youth of morden era. I'm happy to give myself a tag of Ms. Fool as it's meaning is different according to my perspective and it's something out of everyone's mind. So do look at me as a FOOL which means AN EMOTIONAL GENIUS.

"She's like a dumb who wants to deliver an enthusiastic speech of her victory over life's uncontrollable attacks, because she learnt; action speaks louder than words so being dumb is not an excuse to stay silent all the time..." 


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